Students from 262 Higher Education Institutions to be involved in the process of implementation of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020


The University Grants Commission (UGC) has announced the selection of 721 students from 262 higher education institutions across the country as National Education Policy student ambassador for academic reforms in transforming higher education in India (NEP SAARATHIs). The list of students will be available on the UGC website from tomorrow onwards. SAARATHI is an initiative of UGC to provide student participation in NEP 2020 implementation. In May 2023, the commission issued the nominations invitation. The chosen SAARATHIs will carry out their duties in accordance with the NEP SAARATHI guidelines, available on the official website at Each SAARATHI is being intimated through a letter by the secretary, UGC.

The UGC introduced SAARATHI in line with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) in May 2023 in order to highlight the role of students on shaping educational policy. The commission claims that it is an unusual attempt to use students’ unique opinions, innovative thinking, and leadership potential in national policy-making at the national level

“Students are the cornerstones of any education policy. Acknowledging this, NEP SAARATHI is a first-time attempt that promotes student engagement in policy implementation to nurture leadership and civic sensibilities,” said UGC chairperson, M Jagadesh Kumar.

The selected SAARATHIs will work to raise awareness and promote NEP 2020 initiatives among students on campus, inspire and motivate students to actively participate in implementing the policy, and establish a feedback mechanism so that the UGC can comprehend how NEP 2020 initiatives are affecting students and address their concerns. The NEP SAARATHIs will direct a series of initiatives on their campuses and in local neighbourhoods, promoting face-to-face contact with decision-makers and regulatory leadership.