Cases of Low attendance to be reported directly to CBSE

CBSE Schools to report cases of low attendance to board – The Central Board of Secondary Education has directed the schools affiliated with the board to report the cases of low attendance directly to the board compulsorily. The school officials will have to submit all the supporting documents regarding the same and Board will be the one to take the final decision.  


A Board source has stated that they had conducted an analysis of the attendance of its students in 2019. It found out that those who had low attendance performed poorly in this year’s Board exam. It also prompted the Board to form a Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) so that it can deal with the students having low attendance.


CBSE’s Rule 13 of Exam Bye-Laws of the Board specifies the rules regarding percentage of attendance required so that a student can appear in the Board exam. While Rule 14 specifies percentage of attendance upto which the Board can consider the grounds for granting permission to the students to appear for the Board Exam.


A CBSE Board Official has stated that in its attendance analysis, the Board found out that the schools, students and parents have not been following the rules seriously. In order to seek exemption in attendance, the students have not been submitting the asked documents as well as certificates. Even schools have not been sending all the required details to CBSE. After analysing 2019 board results, CBSE found out that the many poor performers had short attendance as well. 


The official further stated that the Board had prepared a SOP in order to deal with those students who have less attendance than that prescribed by the Board. It has also requested the schools to communicate the required data and rule this position to parents and their wards.

The CBSE norms states that if a student has prolonged illness or her any of the parents expires or they have participated in sports at national or international level – the school can grant exemption to students in such cases. The CBSE official stated that in all these cases, the parents need to submit a request letter, the concerned authorities need to issue certificate and the required school needs to issue the Proforma as well.


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