CBSE releases new circular on leave for students – India’s one of the leading Boards, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently issued a new circular of those students who are studying in the schools affiliated under this board. It states that those students whose parents have passed away and if they have taken a long leave – then in such a case they need to produce the death certificate.

The Board was forced to issue such a kind of circular after many students took long breaks by stating this reason. It will also help them identify those truant students who use this reason to fool their schools as well as the Board. Apart from that, the Board also asked its schools to make such students produce the Medical Certificate if they have stated this reason for their prolonged absence.

Recently, the CBSE officials had conducted an analysis in its schools where they found that those students who were absent from their respective schools for a long term, they didn’t perform well in their exams, especially the Board Exams. Hence, they decided to come up with some mandatory practises to curb such issues.