Perks of Speed Reading

If you do not know what speed reading is, you can first go through this *(Hyperlink) before starting with this before starting to read ahead. The thing with speed reading is that it not only is about to the ability to read faster but also being able to comprehend what you are reading at the same time. Speed reading has the ability to stimulate your brain and enables to read faster, better and also retain it for much longer.  If one can develop the ability, then the probability of being able to integrate faster becomes more.

While there may be reasons why you would like to develop this skill, I personally feel that everyone needs to be able to at the least give speed reading a try and see if they are able to improve their skill at reading. Apart from being able to read much quicker and comprehend things better, there are other benefits of speed reading as well. Like I said, irrespective of the industry you belong to, you will reap the benefits of the skill.
Among other advantages of speed reading the ones that I’m going to discuss here are improved memory, higher level of self-confidence, improved logic, better focus, being able to solve problems, higher levels of motivation and also a better sense of emotional well being.


Speed reading has the ability to challenge the brain to perform at a much higher level. They say that the brain functions quite like a muscle; the more you train your brain the better are its chances towards performing better and growing stronger. When we allow the brain to take the information faster than it can, the brain in turn forces the other areas to improve; hence the memory is forced to become better with time.


While a majority of people have the skill to read at 600 words per minute (wpm), but still the actual reading speed lies somewhere in between 200-250 wpm. This is huge difference between what should be and what actually is can be credited to two things; our traditional reading style and our focus. While the former we have no control on the latter can be tweaked to any level we want. So while speed reading builds focus it also has the ability to control our mind and keep it from wandering.

Self confidence

It is human nature to be able to instill a sense of pride in things we are able to answer and know. It is the simplest of human tricks that allows you to be self confidence. It is obvious that the more you read, the more you will know of the things that surround you or make a difference in your life. When you have the skill to read and comprehend better it is bound to open more and more doors to bigger and better avenues and it also give you a head start over others. Regardless of what you read, it is bound to give you more information and a head start over someone.

Better logic

It is just how reading more gives your brain the ability to be able to comprehend stuff better and it turn will make your memory stronger. Similarly, the more you read and the better you become at it, it becomes more and more efficient and it start sorting through the information and find a correlation between the previously stored information. So the more you are able to read and the faster the pace, the better your chances are of improving your logic.

Emotional well being

When one thinks or reading, it is generally a relaxed state of body, mind and soul. Reading is most often doe to relax of out of inquisitiveness. It will never be in a state of panic and so more often than not it will induce the sense of calm and will get your mind to drop other worries on it. On developing the ability to speed read you will become better at concentrating at the reading material at hand and so drop other worries or any tension and thus the increase of one’s emotional well being.

Problem solving

The thing with problem solving if that one needs to able to first be very clear about the problem at hand and also be able to step by step be able to solve the problem. Speed reading is like an exercise for your brain and you. It allows you to be able to understand stuff better so that you are able to derive the solutions to those problems faster as well. One can also start the reading of educational material to take the habit of speed reading further. This will not only bring in the benefits of speed racing but also be able to solve the educational material you are reading.

So, in the end I’ll just like to add that speed reading is not only the ability to read things at a fast pace but much more than that. The ability to flex your brain and to solve things better or to improve your focus, or instill a sense of emotional well being will motivate you to do better in the work at hand and also your life.