Hospitality & Tourism Industry Best Growing Career Path

Amber Sodhi Dhillon


Hospital & Tourism Jobs – Here is why you should opt for it

Hospitality & Tourism as a career is serious business these days, and not just constantly being on holiday-hanging out in hotels, bars and restaurant, doing a bit of work here and there, or simply jetting off around the world.

Career is Hospitality and Tourism can be exciting, adventurous and varied, at the same time it require immense hard work and dedication. Generally people in this career have immense passion for it. Hospitality management is unlocking doors to a wide range of careers opportunities each year, as it represents one of the fastest growing industries all across the globe.


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Here are some reasons to consider as to why hospitality management is gaining attention as one of the best career paths in the world.

  • Hospitality Industry is all about making people happy, whether you are in support staff or management.
  • This industry involves creativity. Just like being a part of any people-oriented industry, hospitality jobs demand creativity. It could be a cuisine, a drink, or an experience, you are creating a product.
  • It is world of opportunities. Very few actually realize how much staff is required to operate a large hotel-chain. From IT workers who are familiar with how the hospitality industry works, to event and conference planners, to managers who can deliver unique gaming experience in casinos, the opportunities are virtually never-ending. At every level it is requirement for the industry and an opportunity for the aspirant.
  • Travel. Each bit of skill you acquire in this industry are readily transferable, which means that a career in hospitality can easily be your key to exploring new countries, culture and people.
  • No monotony. This industry provides exciting and huge scope. one does not have to stuck in a particular niche for too long.
  • No Need to settle for low pay anymore. Although entry level in the hospitality jobs may not pay much above the minimum wage, but as said earlier, it’s pretty seamless to advance from your first position to one with greater responsibility, naturally grater salary
  • Ample perks: Depending on your position and employer, these perks can range from free meals and hotel rooms to even discounted airfare, hard-to-get reservations at the world’s most posh restaurants, entry tickets to popular shows and events, and a whole lot more.
  • No Fixed desks/ 9 to 5 – It provides a great deal of variety, not only in terms of the hours you work but also the work you do during those hours. Besides, the world opens up with the scope of the hospitality industry. According to a report by STR Global, there are over 187,000 hotels in the world with 17.5 million rooms to be serviced. Therefore, you can literally move to any city or town of your choice, looking for a job that suits your experience.
  • Good atmosphere to work in – At  any given workplace there will be certain people or things you don’t like. But in the this industry there is scope for rotation and people selected here are on foremost criterion politeness and friendliness, which is the top requirement in Hospitality jobs.
  • Appreciation on Job: Who doesn’t adore that amazing feeling when random strangers come up to thank them for a job well done? Well, working in hospitality gives you ample opportunities like this. You will always savour that lovely feeling that you get from knowing that you just made someone’s day.
  • World’s fastest-growing industry– by opting for a career in hospital management you enroll for one of the largest career-families in the world today.

Hospitality and Tourism is a dynamic and diverse Industry. Be a part of it and grow with it!