Do you believe that you can succeed ?

When one sets out to reach his goal like cracking an examination the possible thing that he would want is to succeed.  However, it is important to see how many believe that they will succeed.  When I say believe, I do not mean by a student’s fluctuating thoughts of succeeding at one point of time and not being able to do it at the other point.  What I mean by belief is a constant sense of determination and of confidence of being able to reach your goal.  How many would now say that they believe they will succeed?

Many of us think that we have a positive attitude towards what we are doing but when negative thoughts creep in, one is not able to distinguish it from our other thoughts.  Most of the fear of exam and the fear of failing the exam bring negativity and in turn hamper our development towards our goal.

It becomes important for students to realize that they might be positive at certain times but they are negative just as many times, without even noticing it.  Even when the student is able to notice the negative trait, how many are actually able to turn the tide?  The fear creeps in so deep that it becomes hard to stop the mind from wandering.

This is where meditation helps.  I do not tell you to take one hour each day to meditate, though that is fruitful..  However, if you think that it is not worth that then just try to meditate whenever you feel negative or maybe before going to bed.  Just try to concentrate and count until ten, believe me it works.  This is the best meditation and has instant effect. 

If you think that your mind is wandering around then catch your mind in that act.  When you do that, you instantaneously become more alerted.  Your mind returns to what it should be doing.  You can always meditate and bring your mind to a calm state and that is when the mind works at its best.

Meditating will also bring in new positive energy and the belief that you can succeed.  When you believe yourself, then you give your 100% and that is how exams should be given.  So, believe in yourself and in your capabilities.

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