7 Tips and Tricks for PMP® Certification


Preparing for any PMP® exam could be a tough task for many candidates. A candidate needs hard work and passion to clear a PMP® exam and acquire the certification. PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is known all over the world and most organizations are looking for certified PMP individuals to handle complex projects. Having a PMP® certificate ensures that the person has the right skills and knowledge. PMP certification not only helps to improve a career but also helps an individual to get a high salary. People from all over the globe are in the race of completing a PMP course to get the certification.
PMP or Project Management Professional exam is indeed a difficult exam and it requires a proper preparation. Candidates have to understand the concepts in detail to clear the exam. 
Moreover, the number of candidates who want to take up the PMP® exam is increasing day by day. Thus, the competition is becoming more and more fierce. But, you can clear the exam with the right choice of the training program and systematic approach. 
Here are some best tips to help you boost your preparation and steer in the right direction.


Tips and Tricks to Prepare For the PMP® Exam

Candidates can follow the given tips and tricks to prepare for the PMP exam:

  • Analyze the Syllabus

Before you start planning to prepare for the exam you must analyze the syllabus that you have to cover for the PMP® certification exam. Review all the important topics given in the syllabus to prepare for the exam. You must make yourself familiar with the important topics that must be covered for a clear understanding of the PMP strategies. Knowing the syllabus will also help you to prepare a study plan for the exam. You can make a proper study plan according to the prescribed syllabus for the PMP® exam. You can divide the syllabus into different parts so that you can finish the entire syllabus properly before taking up the exam. You must select a suitable exam date so that you have enough time to prepare for the exam. 

  • Study the PMBOK® Guide

The questions asked in the PMP® exam are mostly based on the information given in the PMBOK® guide. Therefore, you must go through and study each topic given in the PMBOK guide. First, you must finish clearing your concepts from the PMBOK® guide before referring to any other study material. This will help in a clear and proper understanding of all topics. You must break down each topic into different parts and study each part separately. This will help you in achieving your study goals and finishing every topic. 

You must concentrate and focus on understanding the concepts rather than mugging the ideas. It is important to understand the concepts because the questions are based on your practical knowledge and how well you understand the principles and ideas given in the PMBOK guide. Many questions are based on real-life situations therefore you have to apply your understanding to solve a particular question. Once you finish reading the guide thoroughly you can take a break and then start reading other study material. You can also do the revision study of the PMBOK guide for creating a clear understanding of the topics. Remember to use the latest version of the PMBOK® guide.

  • Refer To Excellent Preparation Books for the PMP® Exam

Once you finish reading the official PMBOK guide you must choose the best possible preparation books for the PMP® exam. You need proper time to prepare for the PMP exam. Therefore, using the best preparation material is a key to achieving success in the exam.  You must understand the different tools and techniques used in the PMP exam. You must understand the basic concepts to apply the required formulas while solving real-life problems. You can ask your peers and other professionals who have already cleared the exam about the best study material to prepare for the PMP exam. 

  • Use Your Time Productively

When you are preparing for the PMP exam you must use your time productively. Wasting a single minute will not be good for your preparation. Therefore, you must spend your time fruitfully. You must make a smart study plan. You can make flow charts to understand different topics. Making flow charts will help in clear understanding and it will also help you to retain better. It is also easy to revise before the final exam from the flow charts. 

  • Practice Tests

You must solve practice tests to prepare for the PMP® exam. You will find many websites that offer practice tests. Solving tests will help you to find your weak points and mistakes. You will learn more and you can solve your mistakes to perform better in the final exam. You must create a similar environment when you have to sit for the real PMP® exam. This will help to boost your confidence and you will not get scared during the final exam. Giving tests regularly can help to improve your performance day by day. You can work more on your weak points to achieve better marks in the final exam. 

  • Join an Online PMP Certification Course

You can also join the PMP course online to prepare for the exam. It will help you to interact with the experts who have already given the exam and have years of experience in the field. The mentors who will teach you for the PMP exam can help to solve your problems. They can also answer your questions related to the syllabus or the exam. You can also join forums and groups on the internet to interact with like-minded people. When you come across people with the same goal you can discuss your problems and can get quick answers. Many people are experienced and they can help to solve your doubts easily and quickly. 

  • Stay Mentally Strong

Most people get nervous during an exam. You must stay mentally strong when preparing for the PMP exam. There is a tough competition but you can achieve success by using the right strategy to prepare for the exam. You must practice yoga and meditation to keep your mind cool and fresh. You can study properly if your mind is calm. It will help in a better understanding of the ideas and concepts of this exam. This will also help you think properly and solve the questions in the exam efficiently. 



In conclusion, it is not easy to prepare for the PMP exam. But, candidates can score well in the PMP exam by using the right steps. They must know the entire syllabus to prepare for the PMP exam. People who are passionate about receiving the PMP® certification can easily get the certificate by using the right approach for exam preparation. 
The PMP® exam will harness the necessary skills and knowledge of a candidate to work as a project manager. Certified candidates can get excellent job opportunities and a high salary after clearing the PMP exam. Most organizations are looking for certified and experienced project managers for their projects. They know that certified individuals can handle complex and bigger projects easily if their project managers have the requisite knowledge and skills. 
The PMP® certification proves your expertise to the organization that they are hiring the right people.