What is Instructional Design?


Instructional design involves the application of learning and instructional theory to ensure quality in education. It is a systematic process of translating general principles of learning and instruction into realistic plans for creation of instructional materials and learning results. There are many other definitions for Instructional Design.
What are the career prospects for Instructional Designers ?

For good instructional designers, the future is very promising. The field of Instructional Design is emerging in India. Most jobs in India are currently in large IT or KPO organizations.

Some of the employers in India are Wipro Technologies, Sify, NIIT, Tata Interactive Systems, Lionbridge, APTECH, ElementK, Mentorware, IBM, Accenture, Convergys, Aditya Birla Group, Reliance Industries, etc. Salaries in India range from Rs15,000 to Rs135,000 per month for the junior and the senior most.

Senior Instructional Designers are promoted as project managers in most e-learning organizations. Jobs are also available in Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, Canada, USA, UK, Australia and in New Zealand among several other countries.

Who is Instructional Design career most suited?

Can you speak reasonably clearly in English? Are you a good listener? Can you write correctly in English? Can you comprehend different subject matters of written material written in different styles? Can you explain things in a concise, clear way that flows smoothly? Do you love expressing yourself in writing? Do you put extra effort to understand people with various levels of communication? Do you put effort to explain complex ideas in a simple way?

Are you an observant person? Do you pay attention to detail? Are you open to ideas that could be completely contradictive to your own thinking or belief? Are you analytical? Do you like to solve problems? Are you accommodative in nature? Do you like to travel and explore things? Do you respect all culture, race and religion? Do you have basic computer skills and MS Office Skills?

If answers to most of these questions are a “Yes”, you may do well as an Instructional Designer.