What is the job profile of a web content developer? What are the skills required?


A web content developer or creator prepares information, articles and features that are posted on the website, as per the requirement of the client. Close on the heels of the BPO industry, outsourced web content development industry is emerging as one of the biggest employers in the field of off-shored work.

Depending on the nature of the website or portal, specialist knowledge of a field/subject may be required but some of the common key skills required are –

The ability to write and edit well, re-write or polish contributions from other writers, and the ability to think of new and innovative features and columns for the website.

A few general guidelines for all budding web writers are:

▪ Writing on the web is somewhat different from writing for print. It’s best to present the information in easy-to-digest chunks that allow browsers to locate what they require

▪ A content developer co-ordinates with the web designer and other members of the editorial team, meets people and stays updated with relevant news and developments

▪ Plenty of such opportunities exist in media, web development and online publishing firms. Check out some of the leading jobsites.

There is no tested specialist course for becoming a content developer. A college degree with a flair for writing and preferably some experience at the copydesk or reporting in any media would suffice.

This field is booming and job opportunities abound. You can start out as a content writer or ID and be promoted to the post of a senior ID, analyst and finally, specialist.