Can video lectures replace traditional lectures?

In this era of technology, video lectures have gained a very big ground on the internet. YouTube has now videos for every single imaginable question in one’s mind. Now, what will be the future of education? Can video lectures completely replace or at least be equivalent to the traditional classroom lectures? Some people may find traditional lectures suitable for them while others would prefer video lectures. Every coin has two sides, so does video lectures and traditional lectures have. They have their own pros and cons. Let us have a look at some aspects for both the modes of education: –


Video Lectures


They have bombed the internet

Of course, who would not love all the interesting animations and methodologies used to attract a lot of students with really valuable content?  There is plenty of teachers are available on the internet with a huge amount of quality videos.

The Internet has even the resources available for higher educations. No matter you want to do research on any particular topic of your interest or just want to skim some good content to upgrade yourself; you will get everything on this great thing called “the Internet”.


EdTech industry is growing by leaps and bounds

Every other day you will find a new website or application on the internet expecting to help students in their studies. Some sites are there to help you with the entrance exams pattern and career guidance while others may help you with your academic curriculum. This development in the EdTech industry is certainly a boon for today’s student generation. There is a whole bunch of resources available for all kinds of studies.


YouTube has revolutionized the concept of Education

With times, the preferences of students have also been changed. Now, no one would like to sit in the class and relying only on notes provided by a single teacher. YouTube is no less than a god now for all those students keening to learn.

Moreover, every student has their own pace of learning which would definitely benefit him or her. This makes video lectures a step ahead in the competition with traditional lectures. One student can grasp a thing easily while some others can find it challenging to get the same. In case of video lectures, the student can rewatch it, pause it, rewind it and give time to his brain to process the information an infinite number of times to get the concept right in his mind which is not feasible with the traditional classroom lectures.


3 Cs of video lectures – convenient, cost-effective, customized

This is the 21st century and there would be hardly anyone who doesn’t have a mobile or computer. So, a student sitting in a corner of the world can learn from the top-notch teachers from the opposite corner without spending even a single penny.

The best part of a video lecture is that it is convenient and can be delivered asynchronously. A student has to choose by himself when to start

Further, there is a variety of teachers which can be accessed through the internet; making it easy for the learner to customize and choose the one he is finding more suitable for the subject.

The time; precisely, the valuable time, of the student is saved to a great extent. All the time consumed in traveling can be utilized in learning now, thanks to E-learning.


Traditional lectures

Traditional lectures are important to teach social values

The social nature of traditional classes is really valuable. A whole lot of students with different varieties when interacting with each other gets to know much more about this “tough world”. Students learn a lot by effective engagement and social interaction, which he or she can’t get through his phone or PC screen. A classroom environment is crucial for promoting collaborative learning and triggering the social values of a future team leader.


What videos can’t replicate is maintaining the consistency in students to attend the lecture on a specific time teaching them personal discipline.  


More linked with the real world

Without a small group activity or without problem-based learning, a simple “I talk, you listen” concept of video lectures is nothing. It will become more effective when some group activity is associated with it and the traditional class teachers are more proficient in the same.

Furthermore, when a whole group of ignited minds is sitting together, then the outcome can even be an unimaginable discovery. One of the minds can get some incredible question which can be profitable for others in the same bunch. This is really a very big plus point of traditional group lectures.

There would be an instantaneous response to your queries in this real-world scenario and eventually, all your doubts will be clear immediately.

A “good recorded lecture” can be as great as a “good traditional lecture” or vice versa, we can say.

As a conclusion, what should be said is that Video lectures cannot entirely replace the traditional teaching methodology, but it is a worthy ‘Complement’ to the same. After all, it is all about Choices. Someone may find it difficult to see the screen continuously for an hour in complete isolation and on the other hand, some other may find it disturbing to sit in a group of 50 people and get what a teacher is trying to describe. So, as a final note, it can be said that they are like two sides of a coin. Both can’t be separated yet both are quintessential for everyone.