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Air Hostess Training, Courses, Salary, Fees

Air hostess training, courses, salary, fees

Air hostess – a dream job for the girls with wings – check out Air Hostess Training, Courses, Qualification, Salary

Becoming an Air hostess, is one of the jobs that a lot of graduates dream to have. Air hostess, are also known as stewardesses/stewards, cabin crew, cabin attendants or flight attendants in the industry and the world. Heinrick Kubis, a German, was the world’s first flight attendant in the year 1912, while Ellen Church was world’s first female flight attendant in the 1930’s. Since, then the profession on air hostesses has come a long way. The charm of being able to travel to different locations, meet abundant of people, travel with business magnate or super stars is attractive to anyone who knows about this career choice. In the airline career, air hostesses is considered to be a prime profession. No matter how tempting or lucrative the profession may sound it calls for ample amount of hard work. Air hostesses, have be impeccably groomed and well dressed for all the flights. They need to constantly greet the customer, look after the passengers on the flight and take care of the pilots and the other staff members of the flying crew. They need to maintain a calm and composed composure in difficult time and with difficult flyers. All of the tasks performed by the Air hostesses, call for good set of communication and interpersonal skills. Overall no one can deny the hard work and skills of an Air hostess, may it be in comforting a distressed passenger or ensuring the safety of the passengers, crew and pilots.


The job profile of an air hostess is what actually test the skills and learning of the air hostess. Though the needs and the demands of the flights may change, the basic job profile of an air hostess, broadly consist of the following:

  • Ensuring comfort of all the passengers and making them feel welcome.
  • Being responsible for demonstrating safety instructions to the passengers.
  • Responding to the calls of passengers during the flight.
  • Providing on flight meal services and meals.
  • Assisting with medical emergencies if required.
  • In case of turbulence, conveying the message of the pilot to the passengers.  


The responsibilities of an air hostess begins even before the flight on ground and ends way after the last passenger has gotten off the flight. The different set of duties and responsibilities assigned to an air hostess is to ensure the ease of flying for passengers. Some of the responsibilities on ground, in flight and landing are:



  • Ensuring the presence of emergency and medical kit in the aircraft.
  • Before the passengers start the boarding ensuring that the toilets are clean and hygienic.
  • Getting meals and beverages in the plane, depending on the number of people in flight.
  • Greeting boarding passengers, checking their tickets and helping them load their luggage safely in the overhead bin.
  • Making sure that all the passengers are seated with their seatbelts on, the windows are open and the eating tray is closed up, during takeoff.
  • Demonstrating the passengers about the usage of emergency equipment’s in the flight and emergency exit.
  • Informing the pilot when the plane is all set to take off.


  • Serving meals and beverages to the passengers, according to the fight.
  • Selling duty free good like watches, headphones and more by taking orders on board.
  • Making announcements on the behalf of the pilot.
  • Checking that all the passengers have fastened their seatbelts for the takeoff.  
  • Assisting the passengers vacate the plane in case of emergencies.
  • Being prepared for any medical emergencies during the flight.


  • Keeping a check on the stock of duty free good.
  • If any articles are lost and found, making a list for the same.
  • Forming a list of cash and stock left after the landing of each flight.


Becoming an air hostess requires specific set of skills to ensure that passengers receive the bets of the best during their fight time. The skill required include but are not limited to the following:

  • A positive attitude
  • Team player
  • Good appearance
  • Calm and composed
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Language proficiency
  • Pleasant voice and personality
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Working under stress

AIR HOSTESS – What are the Eligibility Conditions?

The candidate needs to have the following in order to be eligible to work with an airline:

  • Age Bar: Between the age group of 18 – 26 years.
  • Height requirements: A minimum height of 157.5centimeters is required with proportionate weight.
  • Marital status: Unmarried or married (depends on the airline)
  • Eye Sight: A normal vision of 6/6 or 6/24 is required in both the eyes
  • Language: Should have mastery in spoken English and other languages as required
  • Passport: Should be eligible for an Indian passport
  • Medical fitness: Should be medically fit
  • Complexion: Fair to clear complexion
  • Education: Any graduate degree or a 10+2 degree in hospitality


There are various institutes which offer certificate course, diploma and degree programs which can take one, a few steps further in becoming an airhostess. These course focus on imparting a vast number of skill in field including emergency management, catering training, navigations skills and more.


These course can be taken for a period of one year after finishing +2 in any recognized field. These include:

  • Aviation and Hospitality Services
  • Hospitality Travel and Customer Service
  • Night Rating
  • Aviation Management
  • Air Hostess/Flight Purser
  • Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management
  • International Airlines and Travel Management
  • Private Pilot Training
  • Commercial Pilot Training
  • Air Ticketing & Tourism
  • Airport Ground Management
  • Air RT / Radio Flight Officer
  • International Air Cargo
  • Certificate Course in Fare Ticketing Virgin Atlantic/ GTMC Courses
  • Certificate Courses in Personality Development
  • Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety


Degree programs are for a period of one years, which can be taken up after 12th standard done in any field. These include:

  • Aviation and Hospitality Management
  • Air Hostess Training
  • Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Professional Cabin Crew Services
  • Diploma in Professional Ground Staff Services
  • Diploma in Airport Management & Customer Care
  • Diploma in Airlines Management
  • Diploma in Airlines and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Ground handling And Cargo Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service
  • Diploma in Air Cargo Practices & Documentation
  • Diploma in Airport Ground Staff Training with On-job Training


These are the one which take up to three years after schooling, they include:

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Services
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Airport Ground Services
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Customer Service
  • BBA (Aviation)
  • MBA (Aviation)


There are plethora of colleges offering air hostesses and related courses to anyone who wants to join this primary field of airline work. Some of the best institutes that offer such courses are:

  • Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics, Jaipur
  • Air Hostess Academy, Pune
  • Avalon Academy, Dehradun
  • Air Hostess Academy, Delhi
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Delhi
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Mumbai
  • Universal Airhostess Academy, Chennai
  • Jet Airways Training Academy, Mumbai
  • Air Hostess Academy, Bangalore
  • PTC Aviation academy, Chennai and Bangalore
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad and Ghaziabad
  • Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai
  • Institute For Personality, Etiquette, & Grooming (IPEG India)
  • Wings Air Hostess & Hospitality Training, Gujarat


Every airline has its own examinations for selecting their air hostesses. The selection process can be divided into three main stages:

  • Written Examination: This exam tests the candidates reasoning and aptitude. It is similar to any other aptitude exam given in other fields.
  • Group Discussions: This will be a test for your patience, team work and communications skills.
  • Interview: The final and the most crucial stage is the interview with the airline, who will look for the adaptable personality.

Only after clearing the above round, the selected candidate will undergo a training of a period of six months (may vary according to airline), before beginning their job with the airline.


When it comes to an air hostess job, the international airlines tend to better than the domestic ones. In domestic airlines according to current salary standards, an airhostess, earn somewhere between Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 40,000. However, in senior level position, one can get paid up to, Rs. 50, \000 – Rs. 70,\000 in domestic fights. A private airline might also pay as high as Rs. 2 Lakh per month. The salary is directly proportional to how good and famous is the airline. Along with a good salary, some airlines also provide benefits like medical insurance, retirement plan, additional allowances and in house flight discounts to the employee (and their family members).


The market is filled with companies who are always on the outlook for a good air hostess. Some of the big names in the market are:

  • Indian Airlines
  • Air India
  • Alliance Air
  • Go Air
  • British Airways
  • Qantas Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Gulf Air
  • Singapore Airlines
  • United Air
  • Lufthansa
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Spicejet
  • Vistara

The growth and development in this job heavily depend upon the kind of experience that one gains through their career. After 10 years of a career as an air hostess, the airline might shift one to other positions like on ground crew or check hostess. The scope of the job is immense, but the job does call for a specific set of skills and personality. If one thinks that they fit the bill, then this is the profession to join and grow in.


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  1. KRISHNAVENI says:

    sir im dng my b.tech final year. can i eligible for this job?
    i have lot of interest to do this job n its also my dream job. please reply if possible to do job.
    tank you!!!!

  2. Anuja says:

    hey right now i am in 10th standard and i want to become an air hostess in my future .I know three languages i.e.hindi ,english and german and i m having all the qualities required to become an air hostess but the problem is that i m having spectacles actually i m suffering from myopia so will it be possible for me to join it in my future please do reply me
    thank you

  3. jogdand jyoti khandu says:

    sir i had passed out in 12th science of percntage 48.67% and i had passed diploma of enggi, can i apply for dis job i have lots of interest in airhostes job

  4. manasi says:

    i just passed ma ssc examination dis year….n i want 2 become an airhostess… i can speak english,hindi and french. i have all those qualities required 2 become an airhostess…bt i m having eye sight problem. so will it be possible for me to join it in future. also i need to know which stream should i select in my 11th n 12th std to become an airhostess. please reply me.

  5. mohini says:

    i am 20 yrs old .passed 12th with 50%.
    pls tell me all eligibility for air hostess? i.e.height,age,education,

  6. sonam says:

    I am 19 yrs old.I have passed 12th commerce with 64%.Presently I am doing B.Com.Am I eligible to apply for the post of air hostess?please reply.

  7. akhila says:

    Sir, i am graduate of diploma. Can i eligible for the post i was so interested to do this job i am 19 years old. i passed my diploma with 85% if eligible plz giv me rply .
    Thanking you sir,

  8. anupama.m says:

    I am in 10th standared only, and i want to become an air hostes in my future, i know malayalam, english, hindi and tamil also,,so pls give me a solution sir,,

  9. riya says:

    sir,i am 25 years hight 5’7,weight 54kg,graduate,can speak hindi,english…i m divorced..am i eligible for air hostess…?

  10. Alisha Garg says:

    sir, i m 15 yrs old in class 9.my height is 5.11
    i know english & hindi and i have no spects.
    my dream is to become an air hostess am i eligible for dis. please also tell me that which stream should choose 11.reply must pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.:-)

  11. Alisha Garg says:

    sir please give me your advice i m waiting

  12. SANSKRUTI says:


  13. ramyasree says:

    wat stream should i choose in courses of airhostes.i am 19 years old.i completed my intermediate..my height is 5’1.weight 45

  14. neha says:

    Hisir…i have completed my intermidiate with 59%.now i am doing b.com computers 2yr.im so much intrested to do diz air hostess job.i know english n hindi.i m 19 yrs old with wheatish complexion.my height is 5’4 n weight 42kgs…am i eligible for diz job?? plz suggest….

  15. jot says:

    ryt now m persuing b.tech.in ece branch. this is my finel year. my degree is going on 72%, ryt now industrial training. am i eligible for this job???
    i’ll do my best. hving alot of intrst. can i???
    please reply…..

  16. jenni says:

    i done my graduation n i hv an interest in this field. my height, weight n communication skills are also gud but my colour is not fair, my complexion is dark………… am i eligible 4 this job?????
    plz suggest me vit ur opinion…. n i’ll b vry greatful…….

  17. swapnita says:

    hello sir i have completed my 12 with 72% and now im doing graduation,i know hindi and english,im 17 years old with wheatish complex,my hight 5’5,i have intrest in this field….am i eligible for this job or i have to w8 some year????plzz suggest

  18. nitika says:

    how to apply for airhostess ?

  19. akhilram says:


    iam paseed +2 in 60% (science)mark i wish to study airhostes i can study this course

  20. sindhuri says:

    can u plz explain the required qualities and the fee structure

  21. sindhuri says:

    am vry much crazy abt this job….but the problem is am nt gifted with 157cm of height …..am jst 152….and nt with a g8 personality….will i b eligible to apply…!!! 🙁 plz replyyy

  22. Monika says:

    Hello sir,I m Monika studying in 10 class my height is 165 cm nd weight is also proportionate..i can speak hindi,english nd french fluently..bt the problem is that i wear lenses..air hostess is my dream,my aim..pls tell would it be able fr me to become an air hostess…

  23. shivani says:

    hello sir, i am in 1st year and my height is 5’5 and weight 50kg…..am i eligible for dis…plz reply

  24. sraddha says:

    sir, i m very much crazy of this job,……. nw im just pass +2 with 75%. i wnt to get a job immediately….. i m 161cms, 53kg weight….. is a right choice for me…???? plz rpy ……..

  25. sindhu bhargavi says:

    Respected sir/madam,
    I had completed my Bachelors degree(B.Tech) and I am interested to be an Air Hostess…My height is 5.6′ and my weight is correct to it..I am clear to vision without eyesight..Can you please tell me how can I approach..?(institute,period of course,will the course starts in every month,amount of course,eligibility)..Please reply e as soon as possible..

  26. Nidhi Rai says:

    sir i m 12th science student apearing for board exam.sir i hv great interest in air hostess.my height is 5.8 and my vision is 6/6.i know hindi and english.sir plz tell am i eligible for this.sir also tell me the pakage of this job..i will be very much thankful to u sir..
    plzz reply as soon as possible..

  27. Pradeepti Shrivastava says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I had completed my 12th with PCM (67.4%), I want to become an air hostess. My height is 5.5, my eye sightness is absolutely correct and I have a knowlegde of hindi and english language.Please tell me which courses I have to do,each and every thing required for air hostess?PLZZ REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE…

  28. manaswi says:

    respectd sir/ madam
    my self manaswi sir i have completed my 10th with 60% and i can speak telugu hindi english tamil malayalam and now am learing french also and my height is 5’5 and weight is also proportionate.And i have no specticles sir.I want to know that can i be a airhostress ??? can you plz plz inform that am i aligible for airhostress??
    thank you

  29. Priyanka Rathod says:

    i am commerce background. I am intersted in this job and i am elgible to this job please reply i am waiting

  30. NATASHA PATEL says:

    hello sir,

    myself NATASHA , myself NATASHA , am at present of 18 years , not much but up to a certain extent somewhere intrested in becoming an “AIR HOSTESS” I can converse very well in english , hindi , marathi and gujrati and a good flow of english as well . Bt i dont fit in your criteria cause am a commerce student pursueing my FY’bcom .my height is somewat 5.4. if you think am eligible plz plz do reply . no forcement . bt would be a pleasure and if nooooo then too its ookk.

  31. Prasad says:

    Sir,I am doing B.tech final year can i eligible for this job?
    i have lot of interest to do this job n its also my dream job. please reply if possible to do job.

  32. anishma says:

    sir,i am dng my 9th,wat group should i take in my 11th std…the groups available in our schl is :bio with maths,computer science,commerce

  33. aakashi ky says:

    sir/madame i am doing my 9th class which stream should i take to be eligible for this post. i really want to becam an air hostess. i know 4 language english, hindi,assamese and japanese . i am 152 inch now.lease help me

  34. Daxa says:

    Sir\madam i am12 th pass i intrested this job plz how to apply air hostes and details for air hostes job and how many year corses time plz rep

  35. krishna sowjanya says:

    may i know how the air hostess salary vary

  36. ako loucu says:

    im going to appear my 12th standard
    im currently working in renaissance mumbai as in guest relation and i highly dream to become air hostess.

  37. nizamuddeen s says:

    I hv cmpltd my 2puc …statistics…&3 years bbm..m efficient height& weight ..m handsome…i hv eligible for this job… ???

  38. selvamurugan says:

    hello sir, my name is selvamurugan, i am sutuding Bsc zoology final year, height :170,weight :55, age :20, i like that the job please reply me,,,

  39. mohammadi.begum says:

    dear sir

    thanks for all the details above but can you please provide us the detail address to reach you for the job application…

    n Aldo I have all the features above except the degree or diploma in hotel management so kindly help me out to reach my goal…. to be a. air hostess

  40. cyril says:

    sir, i have passed +2 commerce with 56% am i eligible for this job and i am a male 22 yrs old

  41. supraja says:

    hellow sir,
    am, a student of 3rd b.tech, intrested in the field of airhostess.
    but never know the way of approaching.i hav required eligibility. what should i do after my pass out in b.tech? plz rply.

  42. rajat thakur says:

    i am in 11student so what i study for this careiour

  43. Ruhi says:

    sir im dng M.A & My Height is 5’1 inch. can i eligible for this job? i have lot of interest to do this job n its also my dream job. please reply if possible to do job. Thank you!!!!

  44. ami says:

    i am in std.9 and i wanted know that what courses should i do after class-12 and how much time will it take?plz reply

  45. sonam pohurkar says:

    sir i had passed out in 10th of percentage 70.13% and i had passed diploma of engineering of percentage 60%, can i apply for this job i have lots of interest in air hostess job.

  46. Hansdeep kaur says:

    I’m graduate in art and I’m 21years
    I’m very interested in this course and how can I get in this course I want to be a air hostess please reply. …..

  47. rinky garg says:

    Hello sir i m 22 year old i have 5.4 height my eyeside are weak means less than one no. Can i apply for airhostess job

  48. nandini vishwakarma says:

    Respected sir/ madam…
    Myself Nandini… I hve completed my 10th with 63% from icse board..
    And this year going to complete my 12.. My height is 5.4.. Plzz tel which course I have to du… I really want to du this job…

  49. respected sir/mam,
    i am in class 11th and i am a commerce student and i wanted to know that what courses should i do after class-12 and how much time will it take?plz reply.. but there is a problm tht i am quite short highted … so if there is any possibility of applyng this job plzz reply my on my e-mail adress….. plz plz rply soon…
    thank you.

  50. Anupama says:

    Hello sir,
    I m Anupama studying in 10 class. my height is 165 cm nd weight is also proportionate..i can speak hindi,english nd marathi fluently.Air hostess is my dream,my aim..pls tell me what is d process of entrance exam an air hostess…

  51. Aishwarya lakshmi singh says:

    Hello sir
    i have just passed my 11th standard and do have all the qualities which is required for being an air hoistess but i have a problem,i am suffering from far sightedness still have a keen interest in this job please reply me soon with a positive remark would be highly obliged to you

  52. mourvika says:

    hello sir/ma’am
    i passed my 12th science with 49% in the year 2014. im in first year b.sc now.i have a deep desire to be an air hostess. i have a normal vision.my height is 5’6”.i can speak English,Hindi,Marathi,Punjabi,Gujarati,Konkani fluently.
    is the degree of diploma necessary to take choice in this carrier?
    is it not enough for a person to be 12th pass to take air hostess as a carrier?
    please reply

  53. Aptech Academy says:

    Its really an informative article. thanks for sharing this nice information. Aptech academy is leading air hostess training chandigarh. Feel free to contact us:

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