Landing your first job

landing your fist job

If anything, the notion of finding your first job and actually finding it can be pretty daunting. The process is not only time consuming but you need to be out and out dedicated to doing so. At a stage where your CV is at its possible lowest, you’ve not appeared for too many job interviews and you do not have any kind of industry exposure, you might think it would be difficult to find any job let alone your dream job.

All this will seem like things you were vexing over for nothing for, once you find that first job of yours. Have a glance at some pointers which will make it easier to get you that appointment letter for that first job:

Know thyself

There will be nothing more disappointing than not being able to showcase your strengths in an interview to your prospective employer. The point is to know your strengths and weaknesses by now. You are old enough to apply for jobs, so old enough at the very least to know about yourself. Before starting to apply for jobs, take out a little time for yourself. Do some soul searching and see what kind of things you excel at and where your weaknesses lie. This will not only be helping you out for that first job but also many that you will apply for in the future.

Perfect your CV

Your CV and the cover letter are the one of the few things which will be leaving its first and also a lasting impression on the recruiter. Know that while applying for a job, your CV will play a more important role than you think it might. Make sure to follow the correct format while preparing your CV. Be true and don’t lie at any cost about something you have not done or not been a part of. Since you do not have any older jobs to showcase your industry skills, make sure you highlight your education and activities and programmes you have been a part off during your student life. Spend time perfecting skills you have control over; IT skills, languages, presentation skills, writing skills, etc. Mention any volunteer work that you may have done and also lay emphasis on any activity that you might think will help you towards achieving the job you are applying for. Check out this article on Tips for designing an effective CV

Widen the horizon

You will be able to achieve a lot more when you have options. To reach that much desired result of landing a job, know this that applying for just one gig will not get you through. Talk to friends, alumni, peers, family and the placement cells at your college and know for sure that you are applying to the right kind of companies.

Prioritize your perspective

You need a job! That’s your priority, period. East, sleep and work ways in which you can get that job you want. A sugar coated CV and applying for a job will not be getting you that job. You will have to work towards it. Start reading newspapers, read research articles, attend industry events, and other such activities to set the goal in motion. You need to be aware of what is required of you in a job that you are applying for in order to start working for it.

Prepare for the interview

Don’t worry too much, someone who has gone through your CV will know that this is going to be your first job and will probably try and make you feel comfortable as well. You ought to be asked more questions about yourself and things you have been a part of in college. Also you should be able to answer questions about the company you are applying to. You are expected to research and go through the company’s website and the kind of things you will be expected to do. These are few of the most commonly asked questions from interviewees:

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself.
  • What interests you about this job?
  • What experience do you have doing _____?
  • What do you know about our company?

Be prepared for a no

Chances are that if you prepared really well for the interview then you will probably get the job. At the same time you should be prepared for no. Don’t take it to heart. It is just the beginning of your career and is not the end of the world if you don’t get this job.

You should never put all your eggs in one basket. That is probably why you should not be applying to only one company for a job and should never bank upon a single recruiter to offer you that job. There are plenty of other opportunities for candidates starting afresh which include internships, freelance jobs and starting your own business.