Finding your Career Path

Top ways to landing to your dream career. Tips and suggestions to help you find your career path. How to choose the right career for you ?

Finding your Career Path

Sometimes it is not possible to decide the direction we want to follow in order to pursue that career dream we have and we are just not happy with the kind of work that we are doing at present. It can be time to change your career path or it could be just that little push you needed to be surer of the path you’ve already chosen.

Most of us are brought up to know and have a plan of what we want to achieve in life. But it’s not always that it happens and we are able to achieve our dream target. That also doesn’t mean that you settle for something else.

In a society like ours the probability of finding a career based on our parents’ wishes or due to peer pressure is very high. In order to be able to find a career path that is right for you, let’s go through some options.

Top ways to landing to your dream career:

Happy is right

You need to be able to know of things that excite you and make you happy. The things that make you happy will most probably result in making you more energetic when you choose them as a career option. You need to be able to enjoy the work that you do and not dread waking up in the morning for it. Your passion for your job will not strive to make you work harder but also get better results.


When choosing a career path that makes you happy make sure that you’re good at it too. It would be pointless to settle for a career that you will not be able to cope up with. The probability of something that you’re not good at to create stress in your life is very high. Things will take a toll at you with time.

Career Assessment Tests

With everything said and done to be able to find out th-+e things that you are good at is not something one can do so easily and on their own. There are many aptitude tests in the market that one can take to find out one’s capabilities and aptitude to be able to excel in things of their potential. Career assessment tests can be taken at college levels or even earlier on the brink of their education options.


There is no better test to what you will enjoy doing than actually doing it. You can always apply for an internship in a company or a field that you think you will enjoy working for. There is not much you have to worry about when doing this, the worst possible situation that can be a result of this is that you’d be able to find out that you are not too keen on continuing in the same sector. The advantages of interning are far greater.

Ask for advice

It is not easy sometimes to be able to figure out what is in our best interest on your always. It is better to listen to someone who has more experience or can guide us in the right direction. A mentor, a guide, a teacher, your senior, counsellor, your parents or anyone who has experience and knowledge for to guide you towards the right thing.  Remember while asking for advice and listening to it is important, it is also important to make decisions on your own.


Once you choose a career, you will have to start from scratch to make your way into that industry and to be able to be successful. In order to be able to do that make sure you can pick someone from the same field as a mentor to guide you towards making the right decisions in the career of your choice. The thing of sticking with a mentor is that there is career advice along with steps of how to achieve the things you’d like to.

Put together a plan

Once you know what you need to be working with and on, make sure that you have a career plan to back it up. A career when unplanned will lead you nowhere. It is as difficult to continue towards the making the career growth in the right path as it is to choose one. Make sure that you are sure of what you wish to achieve and in what time period. Set up goals which will be easy to achieve and not unrealistic ones.

In the end I’ll just like to add that while having a plan and asking for advice is important along with having the passion to work in it, there will be no substitute for hard work and intelligent work. Make sure that once you make the final decision you stick to it and try to be successful in achieving what will be best for you.