Important Marketing Abbreviations for Competitive Exams

List of Marketing Abbreviations: Marketing Abbreviations is one of the topics from where the questions are asked in most of the Competitive Exams such as SSC RRB, Banks, etc in their
General Knowledge section. Here we have prepared the list of Important Marketing Abbreviations to help you to improve your general knowledge for competitive exams
List of Marketing Abbreviations

Abbreviation Full Form
ABC Always Be Closing
AIDA Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
AE Account Executive
AM Account Manager
ARPA Average Revenue Per Account
AOV Average Order Value
AR Augmented Reality
AS Article Submission
BANT Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline
BR Bounce Rate
B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Customer
BDR Business Development Representative
BH Black Hat
BL Backlink
CMO Chief Marketing Officer
COS Content Optimization System
CPA Cost Per Action
CPL Cost Per Lead
CASL Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation
CR Conversion Rate
CRO Conversion Rate Optimization
CTA Call to Action
CMS Content Management System
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CPC Cost Per Click
CTR Click Through Rate
CLTV Customer Lifetime Value
COB Close of Business
CX Customer Experience
CF Citation Flow
DM Direct Mail/Direct Message
DSP Demand Side Platform
DKI   Dynamic Keyword Insertion
DLR  Deep Link Ratio
DMoz Directory Mozilla
DMP Data Management Platform
DNS  Domain Name System
DR Domain Ranking
DMA Designated Market Area
DR Direct Response
DS Directory Submission
EPM Earning per Month
ESP Email Service Provider
FAB Features, Advantages, Benefits
FBML Facebook Markup Language
GA Google Analytics
GAS Guaranteed Article Submission
GIS Google Image Search
GWT Google Webmaster Tools
GYM Google Yahoo MSN
HREF Hypertext Reference
IAB Interactive Advertising Bureau
ICP Ideal Customer’s profile
ILV Inbound Lead Velocity
IBL Inbound Links
IM Internet Marketing
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KIss Keep It Simple Stupid
LB Link Building
LPO Landing Page Optimization
LTKW Long Tail Keywords
MAP Marketing Automation Platform
MOM Month over Month
MQL   Marketing Qualified Lead
MTO Meta Tags Optimization
NAP Name Address Phone Number
NSEO Negative SEO
OBL Outbound Link
OWBL One-way Backlink
PV Page Views
PPC Pay Per Click
PR Public Relations
PBN Private Blog Network
PFP Pay for Performance
QR Code Quick Response Barcode
QA Quality Assurance
QS Quality Score
RT Retweet
RSS Rich Site Summary
ROI Return on Investment
RTD Real-Time Data
RON Run of Network
RTB Real Time Bidding
SEO Search Engine Optimization
SM Social Media
SMM Social Media Marketing
SLA Service Level Agreement
SER Search Engine Ranking
SERPs Search Engine Result Pages
SNS Social Networking Service
SOV Share of Voice
TLD Top Level Domain
URL Uniform Resource Locator
UV Unique Visitor
UX User Experience
UI User Interface