Important Marketing Abbreviations for Competitive Exams

List of Marketing Abbreviations: Marketing Abbreviations is one of the topics from where the questions are asked in most of the Competitive Exams such as SSC RRB, Banks, etc in their
General Knowledge section. Here we have prepared the list of Important Marketing Abbreviations to help you to improve your general knowledge for competitive exams
List of Marketing Abbreviations

AbbreviationFull Form
ABCAlways Be Closing
AIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, Action
AEAccount Executive
AMAccount Manager
ARPAAverage Revenue Per Account
AOVAverage Order Value
ARAugmented Reality
ASArticle Submission
BANTBudget, Authority, Need, Timeline
BRBounce Rate
B2BBusiness to Business
B2CBusiness to Customer
BDRBusiness Development Representative
BHBlack Hat
CMOChief Marketing Officer
COSContent Optimization System
CPACost Per Action
CPLCost Per Lead
CASLCanadian Anti-Spam Legislation
CRConversion Rate
CROConversion Rate Optimization
CTACall to Action
CMSContent Management System
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CPCCost Per Click
CTRClick Through Rate
CLTVCustomer Lifetime Value
COBClose of Business
CXCustomer Experience
CFCitation Flow
DMDirect Mail/Direct Message
DSPDemand Side Platform
DKI  Dynamic Keyword Insertion
DLR Deep Link Ratio
DMozDirectory Mozilla
DMPData Management Platform
DNS Domain Name System
DRDomain Ranking
DMADesignated Market Area
DRDirect Response
DSDirectory Submission
EPMEarning per Month
ESPEmail Service Provider
FABFeatures, Advantages, Benefits
FBMLFacebook Markup Language
GAGoogle Analytics
GASGuaranteed Article Submission
GISGoogle Image Search
GWTGoogle Webmaster Tools
GYMGoogle Yahoo MSN
HREFHypertext Reference
IABInteractive Advertising Bureau
ICPIdeal Customer’s profile
ILVInbound Lead Velocity
IBLInbound Links
IMInternet Marketing
KPIKey Performance Indicator
KIssKeep It Simple Stupid
LBLink Building
LPOLanding Page Optimization
LTKW Long Tail Keywords
MAPMarketing Automation Platform
MOMMonth over Month
MQL  Marketing Qualified Lead
MTOMeta Tags Optimization
NAPName Address Phone Number
NSEONegative SEO
OBLOutbound Link
OWBLOne-way Backlink
PVPage Views
PPCPay Per Click
PRPublic Relations
PBN Private Blog Network
PFPPay for Performance
QRCode Quick Response Barcode
QAQuality Assurance
QSQuality Score
RSSRich Site Summary
ROIReturn on Investment
RTDReal-Time Data
RONRun of Network
RTBReal Time Bidding
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SMSocial Media
SMMSocial Media Marketing
SLAService Level Agreement
SER Search Engine Ranking
SERPsSearch Engine Result Pages
SNSSocial Networking Service
SOVShare of Voice
TLDTop Level Domain
URLUniform Resource Locator
UVUnique Visitor
UXUser Experience
UIUser Interface