Important Finance Abbreviations for Competitive Exams

List of Finance Abbreviations: Finance Abbreviations is one of the topics from where the questions are asked in most of the Competitive Exams such as SSC RRB, Banks, etc in their
General Knowledge section. Here we have prepared the list of Important Finance Abbreviations to help you to improve your general knowledge for competitive exams

List of Finance Abbreviations


Abbreviations Full Form
ACH Automated Clearing House
AIR Assumed Interest Rate
APR Annual Percentage Rate
APT Asset Protection Trust
APY Annual Percentage Yield
ARM Adjustable Rate Mortgage
ATM Automated Teller Machine
ATR Ability to Repay
ADTV Average Daily Trading Volume
AMEX American Stock Exchange
AGI Adjusted Gross Income
AMT Alternate Minimum Tax
AFS Annual Financial Statement
BCP Business Continuity Plan
BTA Board of Tax Appeals
CAPEX Capital Expenditures
CF Company Finance
COB Close of Business
CRR Cash Reserve Ratio
CIT Corporate Income Tax
CGT    Capital Gains Tax
CTC Child Tax Credit
CB Current Bid
CMP Current Market Price
CAGR Compound annual growth rate
CAO Chief Account Officer
CFA Chartered Financial Analyst
CFM Certified Financial Manager
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CFP Certified Financial Planner
CIMA Certified Investment Management Analyst
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor
CMA Certified Management Accountant
CMO Chief Marketing Officer
COO Chief Operating Officer
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CPP Certified Payroll Professional
CSO Chief Security Officer
CTO Chief Technology Officer
DJIA Dow Jones Industrial Average
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
ETF Exchange Traded Funds
EIN Employee Identification Number
EPS Earnings Per Share
EIC Earned Income Credit
EITC Earned Income Tax Credit
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FED Federal Reserve Bank
FOREX Foreign Exchange
FRB Federal Reserve Board
FIFO First In, First Out
FICA Federal Insurance Contributions Act
HELOC Home Equity Line of Credit
HPML High Priced Mortgage Loan
HSA Health Savings Account
IRA Individual Retirement Account
ITC Investment Tax Credit
IRS Internal Revenue System
IPO Initial Public Offering
LOI Letter Of Intent
LIFO Last In, First Out
LLC Limited Liability Company
MBS Mortgage-Backed Securities
MTD Month-to-Date
MAGI Modified Adjusted Gross Income
MMKT Money Market
NSF Non-Sufficient Funds
NAV Net Asset Value
NWT Net Wealth Tax
NCND Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure
NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement
NOL Net Operating Loss
NPO Non-Profit Organization
NASDAQ          National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
NYSE  New York Stock Exchange
P&L Profit and Loss
PIN Personal Identification Number
P/E Price-to-Earnings ratio
PSP Profit Sharing Plan
PIT Personal Income Tax
PFD Preferred stock
QTD Quarter-to-Date
QTE Quote
ROA Return on Assets
REIT   Real Estate Investment Trust
ROE Return on Equity
ROI Return on Investment
RIA Registered Investment Advisor
ROCE Return On Capital Employed
ROIC Return on Invested Capital
RONA Return on Net Assets
ROS Return on Sales
SEC     Securities Exchange Commission
SIV     Structured Investment Vehicle
TSA    Tax-Sheltered Annuity
TSR     Total Shareholder Return
VAT Value Added Tax
WHT Withholding Tax
WC Working capital
YTD Year-to-date
YTM Yield To Maturity