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Descriptive Writing Examples (10) based on previous years question papers


Q1. You were organising your room today when you found an old Barbie toy. Describe the toy in 100-120 words.

Ans. Today, I found an old Barbie toy while cleaning the room. She used to be my favourite toy, and my best friend. I was introverted back then, and so I had difficulty in making friends. However, I had her so I never felt lonely. The toy is a blonde-haired Barbie with a baby pink-coloured frock and bright pink high heeled shoes. She has adorned a pink bracelet and a pink belt, topped with a beaded, silver necklace. Her rough, dirty hair is tied in a ponytail. Her body is a little dirty. She had white sunglasses too but I could not find them. I was overcome with nostalgia when I found her today. I remember how I used to carry her along wherever I went. My best friend Radhika and I would bring our dolls and play with them. We would serve tea to the dolls, make them study and play and even put them to bed. I will always cherish the memories I made with my Barbie doll.


Q2. Your class teacher is leaving the school and moving to another country. The next school day is their last school day. You made a card for them. Describe the card in 100-120 words. 

Ans. Tomorrow is the last day when I would see my class teacher, Ms. Shalini Malhotra. She is also my English teacher. So, I decided to write her a poem, and to decorate the poem, like a card. Finally, I ended up with a small card containing a short but sweet poem about me thanking her and reliving the fun memories we share together. The first page of the card is designed by using watercolours. Ms. Shalini loves roses and the colour blue. So, I drew roses on a blue shaded background made by using watercolours. On the last page, I wished her good luck for the new journey ahead. I have also bought a small bunch of multi-coloured roses that I plan to gift her tomorrow. She has enriched my vocabulary with many new words and also made me an avid reader. I will always be grateful to her. I hope she likes the card and she keeps it with her forever. 


Q3. You went to Paris with your friends. Describe the place in 100-120 words.

Ans. Last month i.e. October, I went to France or Paris to be specific, with my friends Jasmine, Maya, and Sarah. We had a blast exploring the city of lights. The weather was appropriate for venturing out and so, we did a lot of sight-seeing. True to its name, the streets of the city along with its most famous national monument, the Eiffel Tower, are lit with beautiful, glittering and shimmering lights. Paris is also called the Fashion Capital, and we could clearly see the evidence of that. The stores offered racks and racks of the most trendy and latest designs and fabrics. We shopped to our hearts’ content. The cuisine was unique and scrumptious. We also explored the history of France’s capital by visiting Notre Dame. We shopped quiet a few things like dresses, fragrances and souvenirs for our loved ones. I am waiting for another opportunity to visit the splendid place.


Q4. You go to the local library everyday. Describe the place in 100-120 words.

Ans. Recently, I got a membership to the local library. The name of the library is – ReadMore Library. It is located two blocks away from my house. It is a brightly coloured building on the ground floor only. In the window, it has books of the latest and popular writers to catch the eye of ongoing cars and pedestrians. When I take the first step inside the building, I am greeted with neatly piled stacks of books, the sight of people immersed in books, and the pleasant smell of coffee, tea, and books. It provides beverages like coffee and tea but if a person ruins a book then the membership is suspended for two weeks and he or she has to pay fees of 50 rupees. The aroma of coffee mixes up with the fragrance of paper and creates a cosy vibe. The dim yellow lights, a cup of my favourite vanilla latte and my favourite read is my idea of a perfect time. I am immensely relaxed and rejuvenated after a visit here.


Q5. You spent an entire day without electricity. Describe the experience in 100-120 words.

Ans. I cannot imagine life without electricity. It is a necessity these days. During my summer vacations, we experienced a nightmare when we had to spend almost 30 hours without electricity. I had gone to Delhi to my grandparents’ house for summer holidays. It was a hot day of the month of June. We woke up in the middle of the night, our throats dry with thirst and the body was full of sweat. We realized that the electricity supply was disrupted and our parents assured us that it would resume by morning. My grandmother suggested that we could sleep on the roof which was airy but to our dismay, we were greeted by a host of mosquitoes! We could not get peace there too so we returned to the rooms which were like a hot oven. In the morning there was no water supply and so we could not even bathe. Everyone was just worried about the resumption of the supply. My aunt and my mother cooked some food for us but no one wanted to eat due to the heat. My uncle took us for some kulfi which gave some relief. By evening, we were drained out and prayed to god to bring the fans to life. However, it was not so and we had to go to bed without it. We were so exhausted and just fell on the bed lifelessly. It was the most tormenting day of my life.


Q6. Today was the first day of college. You made a companion today. Describe the companion in 100-120 words.

Ans. I was nervous, it being my first day of college. I was aware of the ragging done by the seniors in the garb of introduction. I was sad because none of my school friends had enrolled in the same college. So I was solitary and keen on making new buddies. As I entered the class a boy wearing spectacles looked at me. He was sitting alone so I sat next to him. We exchanged pleasantries and as both were solitary, we clicked a new bond. Rajat and I exchanged our numbers and chatted about our previous school, hobbies and career goals. After classes we went to the canteen and had juice and sandwiches. Rajat was a jovial and kind person. He complimented me on my positive attitude and friendly nature. I liked him and we talked endlessly. We did not know that this was the start of a lifelong bond.


Q7. Describe your childhood friend in 100-120 words.

Ans. When I was 5 years old, I went to LKG Class. I had a friend named Bani who lived some houses away. We went to school by the same bus and shared the bus stop. I admired Bani for her intelligence, warmth and kind heart. Her birthday parties were fun and I looked forward to being a part of them. We would play musical chairs, statue games, hopscotch and pass the parcel. His pet dogs would keep us entertained all through the party. I loved getting the return gifts which used to be very attractively packed. I would get nice gifts for Bani like posters, music cassettes and sprays. She would also attend my birthday parties and we both were a part of our growing up years. Just like childhood is the best part of one’s life, childhood friends are the truest buddies one can have.


Q8. You attended a Halloween costume party. Describe the event in 100-120 words.

Ans. Yesterday was 31st October, the day of my favourite festival, Halloween. However, in India, no one celebrates this occasion. So, one of my friend’s mother decided to organise a Halloween costume party for our entertainment. I made a pretty witch costume using scrap cloth material. It had patches of black and different shades of grey sewn together. I made a hat with an old chart paper and tied a black ribbon on it. I also made a prop with an old broom and attached a stick to it. This made my outfit look authentic. The hosts had decorated their house with various lights and spooky decorations. The Halloween-themed decorations, games, stories, movies, ambience music, and snacks created the perfect Halloween atmosphere. All of my friends attended the party in different, creative costumes. The game I loved the most was Solve the Mystery, in which we had to solve the mystery behind a haunting before the time ran out. When time ran out, my friend’s father, who was dressed as a monster, chased us down. We had a blast. 


Q9. You had been living in the same house for 15 years. Now you are shifting to another house. Describe the old house in 100-120 words.

Ans. I had been living in the same house for 15 years. The house located at number 325, Sector-15, Chandigarh, was not perfect in design and not at all my dream house, but it was still my home. I have some very amazing memories of the time spent there. It comprised six bedrooms, one guest room, one lobby, one dining room, one drawing room, one entrance hall, a wide verandah at both back and front, one kitchen, pantry, store room, attic, six bathrooms, and three floors. I spent my entire childhood and majority of my teenage years there. I had spent the most precious and joyous time in the house that had yellow but slightly stained and dirty walls, and a brick-red roof. We would have amazing birthday parties with all my school friends surrounding me. My cousins would smear the cake on my cheeks and we would all enjoy a lot. I can still feel the memories flooding into my brain. I will miss the old house very much. Thank you for giving me shelter and a space for making memories with my family.


Q10. Your best friend organised a surprise birthday party for you. Describe the experience in 100-120 words.

Ans. It was my birthday on the 14th of December, but I had been so overloaded with work that I did not realise that it had arrived. To my utter surprise, My best friend Janice organised a surprise birthday party for me. When I went to my apartment and opened the door with my keys, I stepped into the room. I tried to turn on the lights but the switch would not work. Then suddenly, lights were lit and all my friends screamed and wished me “happy birthday”. The sound filled the room. I almost shrieked. I looked around the room. The room was so dark before that I had not noticed the balloons, festoons and hangings all around. My friends were wearing birthday hats and had wide, bright smiles on their faces. There was a black forest cake on the living room table. I started laughing. I gave my friends a group hug and thanked them for such a thoughtful gesture. Then, we put on music, danced, played games, ate tasty food and watched movies. I love my friends so much!

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