Descriptive Writing Class 9


English Writing Skills- Descriptive Writing for Class 9 English Language and Literature 


Descriptive Writing for Class 9 is a scoring topic of writing skills which is in the syllabus of class 9 English Language and Literature. Students can score full marks with ease because the format is very simple. You need to know all important details of writing a factual description of a person or object. So, read further to get a detailed understanding of the topic, Samples and Examples of Descriptive writing.



What is Descriptive writing?


Descriptive paragraph writing as the name suggests, involves describing something. It is an easy composition writing exercise in the writing section in which we have to give a description or elaborate details of a person or object or event or place. One can employ imagery, details of appearance, other innate qualities, etc. to make the paragraph interesting. Students will be required to describe a person or event or situation based on visual or verbal cues given in the question. 


Types of Descriptive writing


We can classify descriptive writing as follows – 

  1. Description of a person
  2. Description of a place or event
  3. Description of an object


Weightage and marking scheme for class 9 English (Language and Literature)


Students must keep the following points in mind-


A perfect descriptive paragraph will be awarded 5 marks. 

The student will be given two questions out of which the student has to attempt one. 

The student will be judged on the basis of content, accuracy, organisation and grammar. 

The word limit of a descriptive paragraph is 100-120 words.



Descriptive Writing Format


Here is the detailed format of a descriptive paragraph-


Introduction (Introduce your topic in an interesting way so that the reader will become interested in reading the rest of your paragraph.)


Body (Dwell on the topic more by giving elaborate details.)


Conclusion (give an overall statement which ends your writing piece perfectly. Do not b abrupt in the ending.)



Tips to score full marks in Descriptive paragraphs


Descriptive writing requires beautiful vocabulary and the author’s ability to create an image of the person, place, object or event described in the reader’s mind. You can use the given tips when describing – 



  1. First impression
  2. Appearance (height, build, facial features, hair)
  3. Personality (kind, charming) Keep it rather positive.
  4. Mannerisms (greets people enthusiastically, loves to help others)
  5. Hobbies (gardening, cooking, singing, painting)
  6. Career (line of work, attitude towards their job i.e. whether they love their job)
  7. Where and when the writer was introduced to the person



  1. Name of event
  2. Nature and aim of event
  3. Place of event
  4. Time and duration of event
  5. Writer’s and other people’s experience
  6. Aftermath (what happened after the event ended)
  7. People involved



  1. Nature of situation
  2. Writer’s and other’s people’s experiences
  3. Outcome of situation (aftermath)
  4. Time, duration and place of situation
  5. People involved


The following are some useful tips for descriptive writing:

  1. Vocabulary (Wide vocabulary can impress the reader.)
  2. Imagery (The descriptive paragraph should paint vivid images of the person, event or situation so described.)
  3. Literary devices (Use of literary devices like simile, alliteration, imagery can make the writing sound more creative and beautiful.)
  4. Do not exceed the word limit.
  5. Make sure to avoid grammatical errors and maintain accuracy.



Descriptive Writing Topics


Here is a list of important topics for descriptive paragraph writing. Students must practise these questions for exams-


  1. Your parents gifted you a potted plant on your birthday. Describe it.
  2. You visited the annual crafts fair organised in your city. Describe the event.
  3. Describe your school principal. You may take help of the cues – 

Disciplinarian – strict – kind hearted – hard working – guides students in matters of career decisions – organises cultural events – promotes participation in debates and quizzes

  1. You are grateful to God for caring mother that you have. Describe your mother and her affection towards you.
  2. You bought a bag for your brother as a gift on Raksha Bandhan. Describe it.
  3. You got a book as a birthday gift. Describe it and how you felt after reading it.
  4. Describe your loving grandparents and how they care fpr you.
  5. Describe your best friend.
  6. The school took all students to a visit to the butterfly park in your city. Describe the place and what all you saw there.
  7. Your school organised a grand celebration on the occasion of Teacher’s day. Describe it.



Samples of Descriptive Paragraph Writing

Now let’s look at some samples to understand this topic better.


Q1. Describe your mother in 100-120 words.

Ans. My mother’s name is Sohini Chugh. She is 46 years old. She is a plump, fair-complexioned woman with hazel eyes and blonde hair colour. I inherited my eye colour from her. Her height is 160 cm and weight is 84 kgs. She is kind, hard-working, strict and possesses a great sense of humour. She enjoys cooking, teaching and reading. Her favourite genres are comedy and detective novels. She is a teacher who teaches the subject mathematics to classes 6th to 8th at Sunshine High School, where I study as well. The students find her to be a strict teacher. My mother likes helping her students and guiding them, but does not tolerate disorderliness and bad mannerisms. 


Q2. You attended the Annual Function held at your sister’s school. Describe the event in 100-120 words.

Ans. On 16th December, I attended the Annual Function held at my sister’s school. The Annual Function was biblical-themed. Classes 6th to 11th were involved in the event. I attended the event with my mother and father. The event took place in the school auditorium at 4 p.m. The event started with a speech from the Principal and the choir’s performance. Then came the various plays, dance performances and musicals. None of us had read the bible before, but the narration was crystal clear, which enabled us to understand most of the context behind the plays and musicals. My sister acted as a saint. The function was fun and we learnt a lot about the Bible. 


Q3. You were giving an exam when the invigilator caught two of your classmates cheating. Describe the situation in 100-120 words.

Ans. On September 14th, I had my Physics exam, the subject the majority of us are scared of. Nevertheless, my classmates and I sat down to give our best. Cheating is performed expertly by my classmates. However, this time the invigilator was a harsh and sharp teacher. Everyone knew not to cheat, but of course two students were willing to take the risk. They were caught. Their papers were seized and were ordered to get up and move to the Principal’s room for further action. Upon hearing this, one of them got a panic attack. The invigilator called another invigilator, then the class teacher. Soon, it was chaos. Everyone was distracted by the situation.


Q4. Describe your best friend in 100-120 words.

Ans. My best friend’s name is Meena Goel. She is the same age as me. She has been studying in the same school, class and section as me for five years. We are in 9th class now. She is 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg. She is skinny and has a fair complexion. Her hair is wavy and brown in colour. She has dark brown eyes. She has a mischievous smile. She talks a lot and is frequently scolded for the same. However, despite that, she is good at keeping secrets. She is an extrovert. She likes indulging in parties and travelling. She loves watching Hollywood movies. I am grateful to have her as my best friend.



FAQs on Descriptive paragraph writing


Q. What is the weightage of marks for descriptive paragraph in class 9?
A. In class 9, descriptive paragraph writing is for 5 marks.

Q. What is the format of a descriptive paragraph?
A. The format of a descriptive paragraph is as follows-
Introduction (Introduce your topic in an interesting way so that the reader will become interested in reading the rest of your paragraph.)

Body (Dwell on the topic more by giving elaborate details.)

Conclusion (give an overall statement which ends your writing piece perfectly. Do not b abrupt in the ending.)

Q. List down 5 important topics for descriptive paragraph.
A. 5 topics for descriptive paragraph are as follows-

  1. Describe the potted plant that your friend gifted you.
  2. Describe the dress that you got as a birthday gift.
  3. You went on a pilgrimage to Haridwar with your family. Describe the trip.
  4. You met a friend after ten years. Describe her, what changes you noticed in her?
  5. Give a description of the new neighbour who lives next door.

Q. What is the word limit of a descriptive paragraph?
A. The word limit is 100 – 120 words.

Q. Give 5 tips to score well in descriptive paragraphs.
A. The tips are as follows-

  1. Give detailed description of the appearance and qualities.
  2. Add personal observations.
  3. Take care of spellings and grammatical errors.
  4. Do not exceed the prescribed word limit.
  5. Use creativity to make it interesting.

Q. Define a descriptive paragraph.
A. A descriptive paragraph is a paragraph in which we give a detailed description of something. It could be a person, place, event or a thing. The writer should express well and make the writing interesting. Use of various figures of speech like imagery, use of describing words is advised to gain a good score in descriptive paragraph writing.



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