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the hack driver important questions

CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 8 “The Hack Driver Important Question Answers” from Footprints without Feet Book




NCERT Solutions of Chapter 8 The Hack Driver Important Questions and Answers 


The Hack Driver Important Question Answers – Multiple Choice Questions

Q1. What was the writer’s main job in the law firm?

  1. a) Preparing legal briefs
  2. b) Appearing in court
  3. c) Serving summons
  4. d) None of these


Q2. Why was he happy when he was sent out forty miles in the country?

  1. a) He loved hills
  2. b) He hated city life
  3. c) His parents lived there
  4. d) His friend lived close by



Q3. Why did Bill go in first at all the  places where they went to look for Oliver?

  1. a) To ask for their assistance in the fun
  2. b) He could recognize Oliver
  3. c) They were friends
  4. d) He also wanted Oliver



Q4. According to Bill, how much money did Oliver owe him?

  1. a) 1 dollar
  2. b) 1 dollar 50 cents
  3. c) 50 cents
  4. d) Nothing



Q5. Why did Bill suggest that the lawyer should not look for Oliver?

  1. a) He won’t recognize him
  2. b) His fancy clothes will make Oliver suspicious
  3. c) Both a and b
  4. d) None of these



Q6. Pick the option that correctly 

classifies fact (F) and opinions (O).

  1. Gustaff’s and Gray’s were barber shops.
  2. Oliver’s mother was with him in the fun.
  3. The lawyer belonged to New Mullion.
  4. Wherever they went, they missed Oliver by a margin of a few minutes.


  1. a) All are opinions
  2. b) All are facts
  3. c) F – 1, 3, 4; O – 2.
  4. d) O – 3; F – 1, 2, 4



Q7. From where did they get lunch?

  1. a) cafe
  2. b) restaurant
  3. c) Bill’s home
  4. d) Not mentioned



Q8. As per Bill, Oliver’s mother was good at _________?

  1. a) swearing
  2. b) cooking
  3. c) farming
  4. d) All of these



Q9. The lawyer was not able to deliver the summons. How did the boss react?

  1. a) He was not bothered
  2. b) He understood his situation
  3. c) He was about to remove him from the job
  4. d) None of these



Q10. When they served the summons, how did Lutkins react?

  1. a) He was serious
  2. b) He was sad
  3. c) He was laughing
  4. d) Not mentioned



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NCERT Solutions of Chapter 8 The Hack Driver Important – Subjective Questions

Q1. The lawyer had education but lacked experience of life. What lesson did he learn during his visit to New Mullion?

Important Points-

Experience is a better teacher than a college degree.

The young lawyer lacked experience.

A simple villager Oliver Lutkins took him for a ride.

The lawyer was sent there to serve summons on Oliver Lutkins. He met a delivery man at the station and shared this with the man. 

The man offered to help the lawyer.

They pursued Lutkins but never could catch him. Reached his home. They ran away from there because Bill’s mother threatened them.

The lawyer returned without serving the summons and was sent back with a man who was familiar with Lutkins.

There the lawyer was shocked to see Bill with Oliver’s mother and was informed that Bill was Oliver Lutkins.

The way in which Oliver and his mother laughed at the lawyer made him feel embarrassed and he learnt a lesson.


Q2. Why did Oliver Lutkin’s mother laugh as she chased him and Bill away?

Important Points-

She knew that her son was pretending to be Bill. She found it amusing to see the narrator in such a situation. His predicament amused her.


Q3. What did the hack driver tell the narrator about Lutkin’s mother?

Important Points-

The hack driver said that  Lutkins’ mother was a terror. He once took a trunk out for her and she almost took off his skin because he didn’t treat it like a box of eggs. She was about nine feet tall and four feet thick and as quick as a cat. She could talk for hours. 

She treated the narrator badly. She didn’t tell him anything about Lutkins. Later, when she got to know that about the narrator’s visit, she came to attack him with an iron road.


Q4. What attitude did the lawyer have to the country life? How did his experience at New Mullion change it?

Important Points-

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the people in the country led a pleasant, simple, honest, helpful and peaceful life. 

His experience in New Mullion with the smart hack driver – who humiliated and befooled him with his clever tricks and quick thinking, made the lawyer change his overview towards country life.


Q5. Who was Oliver Lutkins? How did he try to fool the young lawyer?

Important Points-

middle-aged person from New Mullion town. 

He was the prime witness in a law case. When the lawyer was sent to his town to serve the summons, he fooled him by befriending him as a hack driver who was willing to help him. He took him all around the town and befooled him.


Q6. Do you think Lutkins was right in befooling the lawyer and earning money by using unfair means? What precautions should be taken to avoid a situation like the one in which the lawyer was placed?

Important Points-


He befooled the lawyer just to have some fun and earn money.

He played with the lawyer’s emotions and trust.

He was insensitive and hurt the lawyer. 

The lawyer was quick in placing trust in strangers. He did not ask any questions, did not check Bill’s ID card, and did not ask any cross-questions. This made him an easy victim.

One should be cautious while entrusting strangers.


Q7. ‘Appearances are often deceptive’. Comment on the statement in the light of your reading of the story. 

Important Points-

Things are not always what they seem to be. Appearances are often deceptive. The narrator reaches a village in the search of Oliver Lutkins. He meets a hack driver at the station. The driver warns him about Lutkins. He takes him on a tour of the entire village in search of Lutkins. 

He tells the narrator about his experiences and about the village and its people. The narrator likes him for his helpful and kind nature.

He even forgets all about Lutkins. But, the next day he finds out that the hack driver was Oliver Lutkins himself. He realizes that a simple and kind person was a trickster in reality. 

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English Chapter 8 The Hack Driver Extra Question Answers

Q1-When the lawyer reached New Mullion, did ‘Bill’ know that he was looking for Lutkins? When do you think Bill came up with his plan for fooling the lawyer?

A1- No, Bill didn’t know anything about the lawyer. It was a matter of chance that he went himself to Bill and enquired about Oliver Lutkins. Bill at once came up with the plan of fooling the lawyer when he was enquired by the lawyer about Lutkins because as per the story he was a very cunning man who had to pay off many people. Therefore, we can say that he was ready with a plan to befool him.

Q2-Lutkins openly takes the lawyer all over the village. How is it that no one lets out the secret? (Hint: Notice that the hack driver asks the lawyer to keep out of sight behind him when they go into Fritz’s.) Can you find other such subtle ways in which Lutkins manipulates the tour?

A2- Lutkins (Bill) was a very cunning man who cooked up a story for the lawyer that Lutkins would run away if he saw a man dressed like a lawyer enquiring about him. So, he suggested him to stay behind. It was Lutkins, who used to go into the various shops first, due to this no one could able to answer the truth as he would come up with another story for the villager or may take them in confidence. Even when they went to search for Lutkins at his mother’s place, he described his mother as very horrible and there also he introduced himself as bill the hack driver to his mother and informed her about the lawyer who was searching for Lutkins.

This made his mother to help him out as she knew that she was not supposed to disclose anything to the lawyer.



Q3- Why do you think Lutkins’ neighbours were anxious to meet the lawyer?

A3-Lutkins took the lawyer all across the town in search of Lutkins himself. He was able to fool a lawyer with his cooked up stories about Lutkins and other villagers.  All this must have become the talk of the town as how a man could fool the other man in his own search. Everyone had seen this happening. So, Lutkins’ neighbours were keen to see him as they missed seeing him that day.


Q4-After his first day’s experience with the hack driver the lawyer thinks of returning to New Mullion to practise law. Do you think he would have reconsidered this idea after his second visit?

A4- Yes, he may have reconsidered his idea of practicing law at New Mullions. He had taken this decision because he was impressed by the noble and friendly nature of Bill. He found that the villagers were nice, innocent and kind. They were far better than the city people who were not so simple and humble. But on the second visit when he realized that Lutkins had fooled him, he would rethink over his idea and would decide not to settle in New Mullion.


Q5- Do you think the lawyer was gullible? How could he have avoided being taken for a ride?

A5- Yes, the lawyer was very gullible as he was taken away with whatever he was told by the hack driver. He never thought of cross checking it. The lawyer could have checked everything himself by going to the people himself but he let Bill to do this. He was so impressed by Bill’s friendliness and cheerfulness that he never cross checked with what he was told by the Bill and made it easy for the hack driver to fool him.


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