The Full form of DIET is District Institute for Education and Training. The DIETs are district-level educational institutes which have been established by the Indian government in each district of India. They help in implementing and coordinating government policies at district level. Around 3 million elementary and primary teachers need recurrent orientation to innovations in learning and teaching at the school level. The DIET has been charged with this responsibility. DIETs have been established as centers of guidance for schools and educational institutes of a district.

They also work as a platform for experimental and research work in the educational domain. It also organizes training programs to train teachers in new innovation. The various departments in DIET are; PSTE (Pre-service Teacher Education), DRU (District Resource Unit), IFIC (In-service programs Field interaction, Innovation and Co-ordination), P&M (Planning and Management), ET (Educational Technology), CMDE (Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation), WE (Work Experience), and Administrative Branch.