New Assessment Scheme for Class 10, 12 Board Exam 2023 released by CBSE

CBSE has announced a new assessment scheme for class 10 and 12 Board Exam 2023. As per the report, from the next year i.e 2023, there will be one annual exam instead of 2 termwise exams for the class 10 and 12 students. For the academic year 2021-22, the board has divided the exam into 2 Terms with approximately 50% syllabus in each term due to the pandemic situation. Term 1 was conducted in the  month of November/ December 2021. The term 2 board exam of class 10 has already ended on 24th May, 2022, and the class 12 board exam is ongoing. 
Apart from this,  CBSE has made a lot of new changes in the assessment and evaluation process in the board exams, which will be applicable from academic session 2022-23.
According to the CBSE announcement, more weightage of marks will be given to competency-based questions, that will be assessing the application of concepts in real-life or unfamiliar conditions. 
From the next year, there will be 40% competitive questions in class 9 and 10 board exams, whereas this percentage was 30% in class 10 term 1 and term 2 board exams till this year. 
In class 10 board exam 2023, there will be 

i) 40% Multiple Choice Questions, 

ii) 20% competency-based questions, 

iii) and another 40% will be subjective, short and long answer type questions. 

For the class 12 board exam also, the board has devised new assessment rules, such as, there will be –

i) 20% objective type questions,

ii) 30% competency-based questions,

iii) 50% long answer type or short answer type questions.
In comparison to the previous year’s pattern of the class 12 board exam, the marks weightage on competency-based questions has increased by 10%.