cbse launched aryabhat ganit challenge


Aryabhat Ganit’ challenge launched by CBSE 

CBSE launched Aryabhat Ganit Challenge – The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced to launch ‘Aryabhat Ganit’ challenge in order to promote creativity and innovation in the subject of Maths among the students studying in its affiliated schools. This nation wide contest is a first of its kind initiative by the CBSE
It will be a computer based test where the focus will be regarding how children apply the concept of Maths in their daily lives. With the feedback obtained from this test, the Board will be able to analyse the students and school for the Maths application. 
This test will encourage the students to apply the facts, concepts, reasoning and procedure of Maths in order to solve the problems. As the students apply the concepts of Maths in their daily lives, they will develop competencies related to subject needed for mathematisation. The top 10 schools with highest number of participation from each region would be awarded appreciation certificate after first round gets over. 
The ‘Aryabhat Ganit’ Test will be having three sections – each of 20 marks. The first section is ‘application of mathematics in daily life,’ second one is ‘joy of mathematics learning’ and third one is ‘mathematical ability.’