Distance learning Psychology courses in India- A study to analyse mind.

“Dreams are the royal road to unconscious”

                                                                          SIGMUND FREUD

Psychology is a study of behavior and mind embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought. It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases. Students can opt for this education. Mostly this subject was not so popular in India but most of the people in India are opting for this and they want to know or to study the conscious or unconscious state of a human mind. There are distance learning psychology courses in India. In this field, a professional practitioner or researcher is called a psychologist and can be classified as a social, behavioral or cognitive scientist, now  a Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior, while also exploring the psychological and biological processes that underlie cognitive functions and behaviors. Psychologists are engaged in practicing, teaching or researching on any of the several branches within applied or clinical psychology.

Students can opt for psychology as a subject in intermediate, graduation, post graduation and at the doctorate level in a distance education or online; candidates can get their online psychology degree also.

Objectives for opting Psychology

  • Understanding of mental problems and it’s solution

  • Assist and benefit humanities, the natural sciences and the social sciences

  • Estimate common sense knowledge about how people function

  • Psychology helps to understand both current situation and historical field.

Students can go through these objectives in mind while opting for correspondence courses in psychology. Candidates who want to have psychology as their main career can also go through the online psychology courses to which they can get the online psychology degree, for online psychology degree you can get a certified degree from the international universities only by sitting at your home and giving the online exams. The online psychology degree programme is unlike a traditional classroom-based program because classroom lectures will be mimicked by pre-recorded audio or video files or substituted entirely by readings. Professors in an online psychology degree program use Internet message boards to post readings from psychology journals, important passages from psychology textbooks and any other important writings about the field. They also give out assignment deadlines and details through online services, such as Blackboard and e-mail. Many professors will set up some kind of communication service between students and themselves to create simulated class discussions. This may take the form of a forum system or a more immediate real-time electronic chat system.


For the students who want to have distance learning psychology courses in India, can opt various courses in psychology in different open universities.

For students who want to have distance learning psychology courses in India
Undergraduate courses

  • Bachelor of Arts Honors in Applied Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology

Post graduate courses

  • Master of Arts in Applied Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Psychology
  • M.Sc. in Psychology
  • M. Sc. in Psychological Counseling (Self Financing Course)

Diploma courses

  • P.G. Diploma in Psychological Counseling (PGDPC)
  • PG and advanced diploma in psychology

The students who want to have distance learning psychology programme that offer the above courses can apply in these universities

  • Bangalore University
  • Mumbai University
  • Vinayaka Mission
  • Nalanda Open University
  • Andhra University
  • Bangalore University
  • Kuvempu University
  • Osmania University
  • Vinayaka Mission
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  • Nalanda Open University
  • Karnataka Open University

Psychology aims at understanding how people think, feel and act in different situations. Psychological research is empirically driven, which means that knowledge is constructed by examining how people actually think and behave. Several methods are used for this purpose, such as: experiments, interviews, observations and questionnaires. The methods may be qualitative in nature, but more often they use quantitative methods and statistics. Through distance learning course in psychology the candidates can specialize themselves in some of the fields after doing the masters in psychology

  • Clinical psychology

  • Educational psychology

  • Child psychology

  • Occupational psychology

  • Experimental psychology

  • Social psychology

As you can see, while psychology may be a very young science it also has a tremendous amount of both depth and breadth. Today, psychologists seek to understand many different aspects of the human mind and behavior, adding new knowledge to our understanding of how people think as well as developing practical applications that have an important impact on everyday human lives.