Hottest jobs in India

The economy has been showing signs of bouncing back and seems to be just doing well enough. Most experts have predicted a stable economy and nothing which would shake the market too much. A stable economy and market conditions directly results the growth of different sectors which somewhere increases the need of skillful assets for their trade.

Here is a sneak peek into some of the jobs or sectors which are expected to boom and do well under the current economic conditions:

Event Management

event management

The subcontinent seems to be catching up to the worldwide craze of events, conferences and meetings that take place globally on an everyday basis. The numerable events that take place everyday are in a constant need of organizers and administrators. Someone who can plan from the get go and deliver a good result. This is not only making the profession the ‘it’ place to be in but also creates a plethora of opportunities asking for more and more skilled man-force. The field is apt for those pursuing their career in hospitality, public relations, communication and the likes of the same.

Annual Salary – 1.50 to 8.00 lakhs per annum

Interior Designer

interior designer

Gone are the days of self designing the house all by yourself. In a world where aesthetics are of the utmost importance, self designing is more of a cliché and the need to have some professional doing it for you- the ‘thing’.  People employ Interior Designers and pay them well to come up with new ways of making the same old space look different. One can work under someone to begin with and learn or just freelance. Once you gain enough experience you can consult on your own or open your own form.

Annual Salary– greatly varies for this field



An Analytics professional in the Indian economy is someone who is highly required and is thought to have a steady run. The profession as a whole is one of the few interdisciplinary jobs as it pans out to e-commerce, banks, healthcare, marketing, information technology and biotechnology. The profile involves analyzing business strategies, devising and streamlining/ organizing the organizational structure. An analytical professional is the need of the hour of most jobs and sectors. With tremendous amounts of competition, no one wants to be lagging behind.  Mostly professionals from business or finance background end up in the analytical profession.

Annual salary – 1.79 to 9.80 lakhs per annum



The World Health Organisation states that a minimum of ratio of 1:1,000 of doctors to patients needs to followed in order to have an efficient and smooth system and with the same hovering at 1:1700 in India, one can hardly argue the need of skilled professionals in the field of medicine in the country. There is a perpetual need for doctors and specialized ones in our country. Not only is the trade in constant need but also the veterans and specialists in the field are some of the highest paid professionals all around the world.

Annual Salary– 2.30 to 20 lakhs per annum

Research and Development

research and development

Research and development professionals of any developing country are its backbone and the ones to take it to the developed nation mark. Research and development is again an interdisciplinary job and professionals can range from being technicians to scientists. Such individuals are required create, design and construct new products or equipments that will be then marketed and sold to the consumers or specific industries. The R&D professionals are not only responsible for creating and testing but also bringing together data and recording outcomes. All this is done in order to spot if the product is operational or would it be profitable.

Annual Salary– 3 to 30 lakhs per annum

Civil Services

civil services

India, more than ever, seems to be driven to make the changes in its systems and employ people who are not only honest and apt for their jobs but also deserving enough. The country is on the edge of a transformation and one can only hope that the next and young generation is the one to take the country through the most important drive ever. Not only does this sector require driven individuals but it also required them to be alert and responsible to make important administrative decisions and carry them through. The field is also considered as one of the most well paying jobs in India. In order to get a job in this field, one must appear and crack the All India Examination for Civil Services, which is  no easy task.

Choosing a career is a big task and one not to be taken lightly. You should always look at your aptitude and skills before finalizing any field. Hope this article guides you in the right direction and you are able to make the correct decision.