Sambalpur University Burla

(State University)


The Sambalpur University Act was passed by the Orissa Legislature on 10th December, 1966 to fulfill long cherished dream of the people of Western Orissa for establishment of a University.  The University started functioning from 1st January, 1967 with Prof.Parsuram Mishra as the first Vice-Chancellor. 

The University was inaugurated on 4th January, 1967 by Hon’ble Chancellor A.N.Khosla. The University started functioning in 1967 in a rented private building at Dhanupali, Sambalpur and in Government building at Ainthapali, Sambalpur from 1968 – 72.  In the year 1973 the University was shifted to the present campus named Jyoti Vihar at Burla.


Courses Offered

 Department of Anthropology

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D.

Department Of Business Administration

  1. MBA

Department of Chemistry

  1. M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D.

Department of Computer Science & Applications

  1. M.Sc
  2. MCA
  3. M. Phil
  4. Ph.D.

Department of Earth Sciences

  1. M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D

Department of Economics

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D.

Department of English

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D.

Department of Environmental Sciences

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D.

Department of History

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D.

Department of Home Science

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D.

Department of Law

  1. L.L.B/L.L.M
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D.

Department of Library and Information Science

  1. M.lib
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D.

Department of Mathematics

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D

Department  Of Oriya

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D


Department of Physics

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D

Department of Political Science & Public Administration

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D

Dept. of School of Life Science

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D

Department of Sociology

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D

Graduate Department of Statistics

  1. M.A/M.Sc
  2. M. Phil
  3. Ph.D

Self Financing Courses

(1) M.Sc. in Computer Science (2001)
(2) M.Sc. in Bio-Technology ( 2002)
(3) M.C.A. under Self-Financing Courses (2002)
(4) Executive M.B.A. (2004)
(5)  P.G. Diploma in Business Economics. (2005)
(6) Master of Population Studies (2004)
(7) Master of Social Work(2007)
(8)M.Sc. in Bio-Informatics(2006)

Admission Process

Admission is any course would be made on the basis of candidate’s performance in the admission test; if and where, no test in conducted, admission would be made on the basis of aggregate total marks secured by the candidate in / at the qualifying examination and marks obtained by the candidate in eligibility subject
For latest information regarding Courses duration ,eligibility, and fee structure visit University/college website

Affiliated Colleges

1.Degree College, Karlapada   
2.Women’s College Kantabanji           
3.AES College, Tarbha, Subarnapur
4.AWDI, Sec-6, Bastia Bhawan, RKl  
5.Agalpur PS College, Roth, Bolangir  
6.Ambedkar Memorial Institute of Information and Technology & Management Science, RKl.
7.Anchal College, Padampur    
8.Anchalik Mahavidyalaya,, Kusung, Bolangir
9.Anchalik Kishan College Bheden, Bargarh
10.Anchalik Sahayee Degree College, Subdega, Sundargarh    
11.Athamallick College, Athmallick      
12.Attabira College, Attabira
13.Balgangadhar Tilak Law College, Sonepur  
14.Bamra T.F. College, Bamra
15.Bargarh Law College, Bargarh
16.Barpali College, Barpali      
17.Basudev Godavari Degree Cllege, Kesaibahal, Sambalpur   
18.Belpahar College, Belpahar
19.Bhairabi College, Purunakatak, Boudh        
20.Bhima Bhoi College, Rairakhol        
21.Biju Pattnaik College, Boden, Nuapada
22.Bijepur College, Bijepur, Bargarh    
23.Biju Pattnaik Degree Womens College, Sonepur     
24.Birmaharajpur College, Birmaharajpur
25.Bolangir Law College, Bolangir       
26.Bonaigarh College, Bonaigarh         
27.Boudh Panchayat College, Boudh
28.Brajarajnagar College, Brajarajnagar           
29.Burla NAC College, Burla  
30.Chandrika Jain Degree College, Borda, Kalahandi
31.College of Arts, Sc., & Tech. Bandomunda, RKl.   
32.College of Teacher Education, Bolangir       
33.DAV College, Titilagarh
34.D.S. College, Laida, Sambalpur      
35.Dadhibaman College, Bhatli, Bargarh          
36.Dalmia College, Rajgangpur, Sundargarh
37.Deogarh College, Deogarh  
38.Women’s College, Dharamgarh, Kalahandi 
39.Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Law College, Dharamgarh
40.Dr. J.K.S. College, Parmanpur, SBP          
41.Dr. PMIAS for Teacher Education, Sambalpur       
42.Dunguripali College, Dunguripali, Sambalpur
43.Ekalabya P.S. College, Kansar, Deogarh    
44.G.M. College (Autonomous), Sambalpur    
45.G.M. Evening College, Sambalpur
46.GPR College, Kuntara, Sambalpur  
47.Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Deogaon, Rourkela
48.Gayatri College of Pharmacy, Sambalpur
49.Ghess College, Ghess, Bargarh       
50.Govt. Ayurvedic College, Bolangir  
51.Govt. Bolangir Evening College, Bolangir
52.Govt. College of Physical Education, Kulundi, Sambalpur    
53.Govt. College, Bhawanipatna          
54.Govt. College, Rourkela
55.Govt. College, Sundargarh-2          
56.Govt. Womens College, Bhawanipatna       
57.Govt. Womens College, Bolangir
58.Govt. Womens College, Sambalpur
59.Govt. Womens College, Sundargarh           
60.Gram Panchayat College, Lachhipur
61.H.K. Roy Mahavidyalaya, Cheend, Rourkela
62.Hiraud College, Hirkud       
63/Illa Memorial P.S Degree College, Kinjirma, Sundargarh
64.Indravati Mahavidyalaya, Jaipatna   
65.Ispat College, Rourkela      
66.J.P. Sandhya Degree Mahavidyalaya, Bhawanipatna
67.Jadupati +3 Degree College, Sihidia, Sundargarh     
68.Jagannath College, Sahahbahal, Bolangir     
69.Jagannath Degree College, Risida, Kalahandi
70.Jamankira College, Jamankira, SBP
71.Janata College, Boinda, Angul         
72.jashoda Bisnu College, Saradhapali, Sundargarh
73.Jawaharlal College, Patnagarh         
74.Jyoti vikash College, Bhainsa, Bolangir        
75.K.M. Degree College, Tukla, Nuapada
76.K.M.I. Pharma Science Chhend, RKL        
77.Kalahandi Law College, Bhawanipatna       
78.Kalahandi Training College, Bhawanipatna
79.Kalyani Roy Mahavidyalaya, Koel Nagar, RKL.     
80.Kantabanji College, Kantabanji       
81.Katapali College, Katapali, Bargarh
82.Kesinga Mahavidyalaya, Kesinga    
83.Khariar College, Khariar, Nuapada 
84.Kinjirkela College, Kinjirkela, Sundargarh
85.Kishorenagar College, Angul           
86.Kuchinda College, Kuchinda           
87.L.N. College, Jharsuguda
88.L.R. Law College, Sambalpur         
89.Lahuniada College, Lahunipada, Sundargarh           
90.Larambha College, Larambha
91.Lephirpada College, Lephripada     
92.Loisinga College, Loisinga, Bolangir
93.M. Rampur College, M.Rampur, Kalahandi
94.M.G. Degree College, Bhukta, Bargarh       
95.MKMD +3 Mahavidyalaya, Kalampur, Kalahandi  
96.Maa HiraNila Degree Mahavidyalaya, Biswanathpur Kalahandi
97.Maaa Jhadeswari College, Dhama  
98.maharshi Dayanand Mahavidyalaya, Garamahulpali,            
99.Mahima College, Bijapali, Panchgaon, Jharsuguda
100.Mahimunda College, Mahimunda, Bolangir
101.Mandosil College, Mandosil, Bargarh        
102.Manikeswari College, Garhtumulia, Sundargarh
103.NSCB College, Sambalpur           
104.National College, Nuapada           
105.National Inst. of Computer Science, Rourkela
106.National Inst. of Technology, RKl.
107.Neelasaila Mahavidyalaya, Jhirpani, RKL. 
108.Orissa Medical College of Homeopathy, Sambalpur
109.PKSS College, Hamsamunda, Katapali, Jharsuguda
110.PS +3 Degree College, Budhapal, Deogarh           
111.PS College, Muribahal, Bolangir
112.PS Snatak Mahavidyalaya, Danra, Deogarh          
113.Padmanava College of Engineering Rourkela         
114.Palishree College, Chichinda, Bargarh
115.Palsama Science College, Palsama, Deogarh         
116.Panchayat Anchalik Mahavidyalaya Kobharbandh, Jharsuguda      
117.Panchayat College Bargarh
118.Panchayat College Dharamgarh     
119.Panchayat College, Kala, Deogarh
120.Panchayat Degree College, Ghasian, Bolangir
121.Panchayat Mahavidyalaya, Belkhandi        
122.PS +3 Degree College, Komna     
123.PS +3 Mahavidyalaya, Deogaon
124.PS College, Belpada, Bolangir      
125.PS College, Gaisilat          
126.PS College, Jharbandh, Bargarh
127.PS College, Kantamal       
128.PS College, Kolabira        
129.PS ollege, Laikera
130.PS College, Saintala         
131.PS Degree College, Bargaon, Sundargarh 
132.PS Degree College, Naktideol
133.PS Degree College, Narla 
134.PS Degree College, Ulunda, Subarnapur   
135.PS Mahavidyalaya, Kolsara, Kalahandi
136.Parbati Giri College, Mahulpali, Phuljharan
137.Pharmaceutical College, Barpali    
138.Priyadarshini Indira Mahavidyalaya, Junagarh
139.Priyadarshini Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jalda, Rourkela        
140.Purusottam Institute of Engg. & Tech., Rourkela    
141.Rajendra College, Bolangir
142.Reamal College, Reamal, Deogarh
143.Regional Engineering College, Rourkela     
144.Regional Inst. of Mangement Studies, Chhend, Rourkela
145.Rourkela Ayurvedic Medical College, Rourkela    
146.Rourkela College of Educational Training, Rourkela           
147.Rourkela College, Rourkela
148.Rourkela Institute of Technology, Kulunga, Sundargarh     
149.Rourkela Law College, Rourkela  
150.Rourkela Municipal College, Rourkela
151.S. Govt. Womens College, (M.S) Sec – 4 Rourkela          
152.S. Govt. Womens College, Rajgangpur     
153.S. Govt. Womens College, Sec-2 Rourkela
154.SD Womens College, Rajgangpur 
155.SRDMN Panchayat College, Sargipali      
156.Saraswat Mahavidyalaya, Godbhaga, Bargarh
157      Saraswat Mahavidyalaya, Jarasingha, Bolangir 
158.Sarbamangala Degree College, Golamunda, Kalahandi      
159.Sharma Shakti College, Biramitrapur
160.Shree Ram College, S. Rampur, Subarnapur         
161.Sinapali College, Sinapali, Nuapada          
162.Sobhan Memorial PS College, Kirmira
163.Sohela College, Sohela, Bargarh   
164.Solapada +3 Degree Mahavidyalaya, Thakurgarh, Angul   
165.Sonepur College, Subarnapur
166.Sri Nrusinghanath Ayurvedic College, Paikmal, Bargarh    
167.Sudam Charan Degree College, Chandan Bhati, Bolangir  
168.Surajmal College, Rampela, Rengali
169.T.F. College, Bargarh       
170.Tapaswini Inst. of Information Technology, Kansbahal, Sundargarh           
171.Tushra Degree College, Tushra, Bolangir
172.University College of Engineering, Burla    
173.Utkalmani Homeo Medical College, Rourkela       
174.VSS Medical College, Burla
175.Vedvyas Mahavidyalaya, Rourkela           
176.Vesaj Patel College, Duduka, Sundargarh 
177.Windhya Vasini College, Nrusinghanath, Paikmal, Bargarh
178.Womens College, Jharsuguda       
179.Womens College, Padmpur.                



Sambalpur University
(State University)

Jyoti Vihar Burla,
Dist Sambalpur,
Burla 768 019,

Tel : 0663-2430158, 2430170, 2430157, 2430159
Fax : 0663-2430158
Email : chairman@sambalpuruniversity
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VC: Prof Arun K Pujari
Reg: Shri Ramani Ranjan Padhee