Bi Prefix Words in English – Meaning, words with Prefix ‘Bi’

Bi prefix meaning

The prefix “bi” means two or having two.


Bi prefix word list

Here are a few commonly used Bi prefix words list. The meanings of the words are also given for the convenience of students.

  1. Bi + angular = Biangular. Having two angles or corners
  2. Bi + annual = Biannual. An event that occurs twice a year
  3. Bi + cellular = Bicellular. Composed of two cells
  4. Bi + complex = Bicomplex. Composed of a pair of complex numbers having certain defined properties
  5. Bi + cycle = Bicycle. A vehicle consisting of two wheels held in a frame
  6. Bi + functional = Bifunctional. Having two functions
  7. Bi + lateral = Bilateral. Having two sides
  8. Bi + ocular = Biocular. In which the optical components are shared by both of the viewer’s eyes.
  9. Bi + sexual = Bisexual. Sexually attracted to both men and women
  10. Bi + weekly = Biweekly. Occurring twice a week
  11. Bi + verbal = Bi verbal. Of or pertaining to two words or expressions
  12. Bi + sect = Bisect. Divide into two parts
  13. Bi + lingual = Bilingual. Someone who can speak or something that is available in two languages
  14. Bi + monthly = Bimonthly. Something that occurs twice a month


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