Anti Prefix Words, Meaning of words with Prefix Anti

Anti prefix meaning

The “anti-” prefix in English is derived from the Greek word meaning “against” or “opposite.”


Anti Prefix Words

Here are a few commonly used words which have prefix anti. The meanings of the words are also given for the convenience of students.

  1. Anti + thesis = Antithesis. Something that is an exact opposite.
  2. Anti + biotic = Antibiotic. A substance that cures infections.
  3. Anti + climax = Anticlimax. A disappointing decline after a previous rise.
  4. Anti + social = Antisocial. A person who shuns contact with others.
  5. Anti + freeze = Antifreeze. Something that stops the action of freezing.
  6. Anti + depressant = Antidepressant. Something that cures depression.
  7. Anti + clockwise = Anticlockwise. Something that moves in a direction opposite to the hands of a clock.
  8. Anti + bacterial = Antibacterial. Something that is active against bacteria.
  9. Anti + septic = Antiseptic.Something which prevents the formation of a septic.
  10. Anti + skid = Antiskid. Something designed to prevent skidding.
  11. Anti + gravity = Antigravity. Something that opposes gravity.
  12. Anti + aging = Antiaging. Something that works against the effects of aging.
  13. Anti + dandruff = Antidandruff. Something that works to prevent dandruff.
  14. Anti + Hero = Antihero: A protagonist who lacks traditional heroic qualities.
  15. Anti + War = Antiwar: Opposed to war or a specific war.
  16. Anti + Aircraft = Antiaircraft: Against aircraft.
  17. Anti + coagulant = Anticoagulant: Preventing blood clotting.
  18. Anti + fungal = Antifungal: Against fungi.


A few other words wit Prefix “anti” include:

Anticonvulsant: Preventing or alleviating convulsions.
Antidote: A substance that counteracts the effects of a poison or disease.
Antigen: A substance that stimulates an immune response.
Antihistamine: A drug that counteracts the effects of histamine, often used to relieve allergy symptoms.
Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation.
Antiknock: Reducing knocking in internal combustion engines.
Antimicrobial: Destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.
Antioxidant: Preventing oxidation and damage to cells.
Antipathy: Strong dislike or aversion.
Antiperspirant: A substance that prevents or reduces sweating.
Antiphonal: Alternating or responsive, especially in singing.
Antipodal: On the opposite side of the Earth.
Antipyretic: Reducing fever.
Antiquarian: Pertaining to the study or collection of antiques.
Antisocial: Hostile or harmful to society.
Antispasmodic: Relieving or preventing spasms or convulsions.
Antithesis: The direct opposite.
Antitrust: Opposing or designed to prevent monopoly or restraint of trade.
Antiviral: Acting against viruses.


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This above list of words with prefix ANTI is not exhaustive, but it provides a variety of words with the “anti-” prefix and their meanings. Keep in mind that language evolves, and new words may be coined over time.

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