Ly Suffix – Meaning, words with Suffix Anti

Ly suffix meaning

The suffix "ly" generally means ‘in this way’ or describes a manner of being.


Words with the suffix ‘ly’

Here are a few commonly used words which have suffix Ly. The meanings of the words are also given for the convenience of students.

  1. Actual + ly = Actually. As the truths or facts of a situation; really
  2. Adequate + ly = Adequately. To a satisfactory or acceptable extent
  3. Additional + ly = Additionally. As an extra factor or circumstance
  4. Adjacent + ly = Adjacently. Lying near or close; adjoining; neighboring
  5. Adorable + ly = Adorably. In a way that inspires great affection
  6. Adverse + ly = Adversely. In a way that prevents success or development
  7. Affordable + ly = Affordably. Believed to be within one’s financial means
  8. Aleeged + ly = Allegedly. used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or have taken place, although there is no proof.
  9. Alternative + ly = Alternatively. As another option or possibility
  10. Annual + ly = Annually. Once a year; every year
  11. Apparent + ly = Apparently. As far as one knows or can see
  12. Arguable + ly = Arguably. It may be argued
  13. Believable + ly = Believably. In a believable way
  14. Blissful + ly = Blissfully. In a manner characterised by extreme happiness or joy
  15. Brief + ly = Briefly. For a short time
  16. Calm + ly = Calmly. Without agitation or strong emotion
  17. Careful + ly = Carefully. in a way that deliberately avoids harm or errors
  18. Cautious + ly = Cautiously. In a way that deliberately avoids potential problems or dangers
  19. Collective + ly = Collectively. As a whole; as a group
  20. Comfortable + ly = Comfortably. On a physically relaxed way that is free from constraint
  21. Comparative + ly = Comparatively. To a moderate degree as compared to something else; relatively
  22. Convincing + ly = Convincingly. In a way that causes someone to believe that something is true or real
  23. Conscious + ly = Consciously. In a deliberate and intentional way
  24. Cute + ly = Cutely. In an attractive manner
  25. Dear + ly = Dearly. Something that is very much
  26. Decisive + ly = Decisively. In a way that shows the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively
  27. Definite + ly = Definitely. Without doubt
  28. Deliberate + ly = deliberately. Consciously and intentionally; or on purpose
  29. Diagonal + ly = Diagonally. In a diagonal direction
  30. Discreet + ly = Discreetly. in a careful and prudent manner, especially in order to keep something confidential or to avoid embarrassment
  31. Discrete + ly = Discretely. Separately and individually
  32. Divine + ly = Divinely. By the power of God
  33. Eager + ly = Eagerly. Used to emphasize a strong desire to do or have something
  34. Easy + ly = Easily. Without difficulty or effort
  35. Efficient +ly = Efficiently. In a way that achieves maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense
  36. Favourable + ly = Favourably. To the advantage of someone or something
  37. Firm + ly = Firmly. With little possibility of movement
  38. Gentle + ly = Gently. With a mild, kind or tender manner
  39. Glad + ly = Gladly. Willingly or eagerly
  40. Graceful + ly = Gracefully. In an attractively elegant way
  41. Happy + ly = Happily. In a happy way
  42. Habitual + ly = Habitually. A way of habit; customarily
  43. Impatient + ly = Impatiently. In a restlessly eager manner
  44. Incredible + ly = Incredibly. Impossible to believe


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