NCERT Solution for Class 7 English Honeycomb Book Poem 1  The Squirrel Summary, Explanation, and Question Answer

The Squirrel Poem Class 7 English Honeycomb book Poem 1 The Squirrel Poem Summary and detailed explanation of the poem along with the meanings of difficult words. Also, the explanation is followed by a Summary of the poem. All the exercises and Questions and Answers given at the back of the lesson have been covered. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 7 Click Here

The Squirrel Introduction

The poem is about a squirrel sitting on a tree.

The Squirrel Poem Class 7 Video Explanation

The Squirrel Poem Summary

The poem tells us about a squirrel which is sitting on the tree. It depicts the appearance of the squirrel and tells us how it eats the nuts. It tells us how the squirrel acts when one goes closer to it.



The Squirrel Summary in Hindi

कविता हमें एक गिलहरी के बारे में बताती है जो पेड़ पर बैठी है। यह गिलहरी की उपस्थिति को दर्शाता है और हमें बताता है कि यह कैसे नट्स खाती है। यह हमें बताता है कि जब कोई गिलहरी के करीब जाता है तो वह कैसे व्यवहार करती है।




The Squirrel Poem Explanation

He wore a question mark for tail,
An overcoat of gray,
He sat up straight to eat a nut.
He liked to tease and play,
And if we ran around his tree,
He went the other way. 

Word Meaning
a long warm coat, a top, final layer of paint or a similar covering.

Explanation of the Poem – He, that is the squirrel, had a tail which was in the shape of a question mark. It means that his tail was huge and curled at the end of it, which gave it a question mark-like appearance. He also had an overcoat of gray, meaning that the final layer of the squirrel’s body was warm, gray in colour, and was so long that it covered its whole body. Whenever he would feel like eating a nut, he would sit up straight and eat the nut. The squirrel had a jovial and mischievous personality. He likes to tease and play with us. He motivates us to chase him. And when we go around his tree to catch him, he quickly escapes by going the other way.

The Squirrel Poem Class 7 Questions Answers

Working with the Poem

Q1. Why does the poet say the squirrel “wore a question mark for tail”? Draw a squirrel, or find a picture of a squirrel sitting on the ground. How would you describe its tail? 

Ans. The poet says that the squirrel “wore a question mark for tail” as the shape of the tail was of a question mark. A squirrel’s tail is curled in such a way that it appears as a question mark.


The tail of a squirrel when it is sitting is also in the shape of a question mark. It is, however, slightly different. If you look closely at the picture given above, you will see that the tail is less curled than it is when it is standing up. According to the poem, the tail is curled in such a way that it looks like a question mark, and that is when the squirrel is standing on a tree branch. However, now that the squirrel is sitting, the tail is less curled and so it doesn’t look like a proper question mark.

Q2. Do we usually say that an animal ‘wears’ a tail? What do we say? (Think: Does an animal wear a coat? Consult a dictionary if you like, and find out how ‘wear’ is used in different ways.)

Ans. No, we do not usually say that an animal ‘wears’ a tail. We say that an animal ‘has’ a tail.
Yes, an animal does wear a coat. We say this as ‘wear’ here as another meaning. With reference to a coat, wear is a verb meaning that something or someone has something on his or her body for clothing, decoration, or protection. Therefore, here, an animal wearing a coat means that an animal has a layer on his body which is so warm and so thick that it resembles a coat. The layer of fur on the squirrel which is the outermost layer of the squirrel’s body is similar to a coat.

Q3.  “He liked to tease and play”. Who is teasing whom? How ?

Ans. In the sentence  “He liked to tease and play”, the squirrel is the one who is teasing the poet.
The squirrel likes to draw the poet’s attention towards it. Then, the poet tries to catch the squirrel. However, the squirrel does not get caught easily. It likes to dodge the poet. For example when the squirrel would be standing on the left side of a tree, the poet would run there to catch the squirrel but the squirrel would quickly go to the other side of the tree and when the poet would run to the other side, the squirrel would again go to the left side of the tree. In this way, the squirrel would tease and play with the poet.


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