How to Apply for SSC Combined Graduate level Exam 2016?

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Check out the video on how to apply for SSC Combined Graduate level Exam 2016. Steps to follow to fill the online application form for SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam 2016. Also See SSC CGL 2016 Application Dates and Schedule of Exam.

The application process for the SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination 2016 (SSC CGL 2016 Tier 1 Exam) has started from 13 February, 2016 onwards. According to the schedule, the SSC CGL Tier 1 exam is scheduled to be conducted on May 8 and May 22, 2016. The online application process for SSC CGL 2016 Tier 1 exam will end on 14 March 2016.

SSC CGL 2016 Tier 1 Exam Application procedure

The application procedure has been explained below in step by step manner. The candidates should read it carefully to enable them to fill up the registration part and application part without any difficulty.

1. Click on ‘Register’ button. Enter your details such as name, father’s name, date of birth, gender etc. If the candidate decides to proceed further, he should click on submit button.

2. On clicking submit button, the details filled in by the candidates will be matched by the Server with the data-base the Commission has prepared of candidates who have been debarred for appearing in examinations of SSC on account of indulging in unfair practices. The candidates who do not figure in the debarred list can proceed further.

3.A new window will appear with input box for filling in basic details such as category, nationality, whether ex-serviceman, whether PH etc. permanent address, State, mobile number, phone number and Aadhar Card No. also. The contact details will include permanent address, mobile number and email Id.

4. Once the candidate has filled in the above details correctly, he/she can click on ‘submit’ button. On clicking submit button, the data/ details entered so far will be saved in Commission’s server. If the candidate clicks ‘close’ button, the data/ details will not be saved and the candidate will be able to exit from the registration window/ process.

5. After clicking ‘submit’ button, the system will generate candidate’s registration Id and Password. Once the registration ID and password are generated, the candidate will be asked to upload his/her photograph and signature. he digital size of the file of the photographs must be more than 4 kb and less than 12 kb with resolution of 100 pixel width and 120 pixel height. The signature must be uploaded in jpg format.

6. If the candidate finds that he has made some mistake while entering details in the registration part, he/she has the option of editing the registration part. For making any correction, the candidate should click ‘edit’ button at the bottom and make the corrections accordingly. The candidates will be able to exercise ‘edit’ option for correction only twice. After these two attempts, data/ details will be ‘frozen’.

7. Once the registration part is complete, all the registration data filled in will be saved in Commission’s server.

8. On default page, on the right side, candidates will find application part. They should fill in their registration number ID and password which was generated for each candidate at the time of registration process. Below registration and password, there is a box indicating ‘enter text’ with a small window in front. After clicking on ‘submit button’, the candidate will get an online application form on his desktop.

9. The application part has 21 fields followed by photographs and signature of the candidate. The data/ details filled in by him earlier, at the time of registration process, will automatically be filled in the respective fields in the application form.

10. The remaining fields which have not been filled in automatically have to be filled in by the candidates. The candidates are advised to fill in the details very carefully.

11. Once the candidate has filled in all the required details in the application form, he /she will find there are three buttons at the bottom namely ‘partial save’ – ‘final submit’ – ‘close’. If the candidate uses the close button, he /she will exit from the application form.

12. Once the application form is completely filled in, the candidate should use the ‘final submit’ button which will save all the data/ details filled in by him and ‘payment’ window will appear.

13. After completion of payment procedure, candidate may take a print out of their filled application form by logging in Apply/ Print option on the default page.

SSC CGL exam 2016 postponed till August 2016

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