Character Sketch of Narrator Kathmandu


Give a Character Sketch of Narrator (Vikram Seth) from Class 9 English Beehive Book Chapter 10 Kathmandu


Character Sketch of the Narrator (Vikram Seth)

The Narrator (Vikram Seth) is a traveller who shares his experience of visiting the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. During his trip, he visits two temples where he notices stark differences. One temple was a pilgrimage for Hindus, the Pashupatinath temple where they have restricted the entry only for Hindus. Thus there was quite a chaos amongst the tourists, priests and the pilgrims. To top it all, people were polluting the River Bagmati by washing clothes in it, bathing in it and throwing away dry flowers in it.

The other was the Baudhnath temple which is for the Buddhists. The scenario here was completely different from what he saw at the Pashupatinath temple. Buddhist temple had a huge dome which is white in colour and the place was very calm and serene. Outside the temple, there was a Tibetan market and people were selling different kind of things like bags, clothes, ornaments, etc.

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Kathmandu city has a lot to offer, including both religious sites and popular tourist attractions. Additionally, it offers a variety of businesses selling things like chocolates, cameras, cosmetics, and more. However, the city is quite noisy, from the music and vendors to the car horns. Outside his hotel, he noticed an interesting flute vendor. He resembled a porcupine and had a pole with several flutes on it. The vendor of flutes continued to play them in various tunes. But his attentive flute playing was what distinguished him from the other vendors. He played it rather than screaming to draw customers. The author was drawn to this and wondered that flutes were so common everywhere. Then he claims that he is now noticing even the little things, like how a human voice sounds.

Kathmandu Overview – The Chapter “Kathmandu” by Vikram Seth, is an extract from his book “Heaven Lake”, is the city of Kathmandu and the author’s personal experiences and observations during his visit there. The passage describes the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the city, as well as the author’s reflections on the people and culture. The author also reflects on the idea of travel and the ways in which it can change one’s perspective on the world.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of the Narrator (Vikram Seth)

1. The narrator observes many finer details on his trip to Kathmandu. What can we infer about his character?
2. The author visits another famous tourist destination. Write diary entry on his behalf about the trip.


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