CBSE Class 11 English Chapter 6 The Browning Version Important Questions and Answers from Snapshots Book 




The Browning Version Important Questions – Multiple Choice Questions


Q.1. In which class does Taplow study in?

  1. Lower fifth
  2. seventh
  3. ninth
  4. lower tenth

Ans: (A)


Q.2. Why does Taplow have to do extra work?

  1. because he has missed his previous week due to illness
  2. because he didn’t performed well in his studies
  3. because he was there to help his teacher
  4. because he was called by his teacher

Ans: (A)


Q.3. Why does Taplow want Science as a remove?

  1. because he has no option
  2. because he finds the subject extremely interesting
  3. because he is confused
  4. Cant say

Ans: (B)


Q.4. Why did Taplow call Mr. Crocker – Harris ‘Hardly Human’?

  1. because he is a sadist
  2. he is all shrivelled up
  3. He is very rude to everyone
  4. he finds peace in failing students

Ans: (C)


Q.5. Why was Frank jealous of Mr. Crocker – Harris?

  1. because of the effect he has on students
  2. because of his fame
  3. because he was senior schoolmaster
  4. because he was paid well

Ans: (A)


Q.6. Why was Taplow worried that Mrs. Crocker – Harris might have heard what they were 


  1. as she had been standing for a few minutes when they were busy talking
  2. as she interrupted them talking about his husband
  3. as she heard them talking about Principal
  4. Don’t know

Ans: (A)


Q.7. What did Millie suggest to Taplow in her husband’s absence?

  1. to go to chemist to get her prescription filled
  2. to go to his home
  3. to play golf
  4. to wait

Ans: (A)


Q.8. Who was Agamemnon?

  1. He was American astrologer.
  2. He was an Egyptian king.
  3. He was the king of Mycenae in Greek mythology.
  4. Not mentioned in the play

Ans: (C)


Q.9. Who are the three characters of the play ‘The Browning Version’?

  1. Taplow, Alice and Mr. Harrow
  2. Taplow, Frank and Mrs. Harris
  3. Taplow, Frank, and Mr. Crocker – Harris
  4. Alice, Frank and Mr. Crocker – Harris

Ans: (B)


Q.10. What is the name of Mr. Crocker – Harris’s wife?

  1. Millie Crocker – Harris
  2. Miley Crocker – Harris
  3. Haley Crocker – Harris
  4. None of the above

Ans: (A)


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The Browning Version Important Subjective Question


Q.11. Comment on the attitude shown by Taplow towards Crocker-Harris.

Important Points-

– respectful towards Mr. Crocker-Harris

– likes him for his principles

– criticises him for being a feelingless person yet regards him an extraordinary master

– mortally afraid of him and dare not cut the extra work even on the last day of the term


Q.12. Does Frank seem to encourage Taplow’s comments on Crocker-Harris?

Important Points-

– seems to encourage Taplow’s comments on Crocker-Harris

– shows appreciation for Taplow’s imitation of Mr Crocker-Harris and asks him to repeat it

– On some other occasion, Frank tells Taplow not to keep a good joke (narrated in the style of Mr Crocker Harris) to himself but to tell it to others.


Q.13. What do you gather about Crocker-Harris from the play?

Important Points-

 – appears as a stern master who is a man of principles and stickler to the rules

– believes in fair assessment of his students and is not swayed by emotions, as the man is hardly human.

– not a sadist, but strict in performance of his duties

– Even on his last day at school, when he is over-busy in his own affairs, he does not neglect his duty towards his students.


Q.14. How, according to, Taplow is Mr. Crocker Harris unlike other masters?

Important Points-

– other masters would certainly given a chap, a form after taking his extra work

– but Mr. Crocker Harris is unlike them

– When Taplow asked him about his form, he told the boy  that he had given him exactly what he deserved: no less and certainly no more.

– Taplow is afraid that he might have marked him down rather than up for taking extra work.


Q.15. What impression do you get of Frank from the play?

Important Points-

– suffers from envy against Crocker Harris

– suffers from envy against Crocker Harris

– provokes Taplow to comment on Harris and enjoys the latter’s imitation of him

– finds Taplow is in awe of Mr. Harris and cannot think of displeasing him

– can’t hide his feelings and admits that he feels envy of him

– has no love for science which he teaches


Q.16. Crocker Harris does not appear on the scene yet we know much of him. Explain.

Important Points-

– the main character of the play ‘Browning Version’

– does not make a physical entry throughout the play

– crystal clear picture of Crocker Harris

– is totally different from the other teachers

– Harris is a man of principles and sticks to rules without   getting emotional, angry and prejudiced.

– Harris is not a sadist and does not punish students physically, yet students are afraid of him.

– We feel the presence of Crocker Harris, a middle aged teacher who is cool and calm: He is a morally high placed person.


Q.17. What do you learn about the system of education in old, British schools from the play, “The Browning Version”?

Important Points-

– stress was laid on the study of classical language – Latin and Greek

– Students of the lower fifth were made to learn a classic play like the ‘Agamemnon’.

– stress was on the acquisition of language

– students found it uninteresting and very unpleasant

– could specialize only after completing fifth form students were ‘kept in’ or called for ‘extra work

– were mortally afraid of a teacher like Mr. Crocker Harris who would abide by rules and show no human feelings

– school had teachers who were sadist and others who would break the rules and tell results to the students




Q. What is the message conveyed in the chapter The Browning Version?

A. The play brings to light the generation gap, especially between the young and the old. We find this gap between the attitudes of Mr Crocker-Harris, a middle-aged teacher and Frank, a young teacher, and also between the teachers and the students, i.e. Mr Crocker-Harris and Taplow. The senior teacher is a stickler for the rules and regulations. He is rigid and uncompromising. He does not allow a student to become too friendly. He is just and gives only what a student deserves. On the other hand, Frank is a new young teacher who does not mind breaking rules, being friendly with students, allowing them to talk against a fellow teacher Taplow’s attitude towards his teachers shows how the children are quick to find out the weaknesses of their teachers.


Q. Give a character sketch of Taplow.

A. Taplow is a fifth grader. Just as it is students’ prerogative to talk about their teachers, laugh at their mannerism, irritate them and give them nicknames. Taplow does the same for Mr Crocker, who taught them the classics. He disclosed to his Science teacher, Mr Frank, that Mr Harris was like a shrivelled up nut with no feeling, and Taplow was afraid of him. But there was another side of Taplow. In his heart, he liked Mr Harris’ mannerism, and strictness. He is a dutiful, obedient student. In spite of Mr Frank’s coaxing that he should go to play golf, when Taplow was asked to wait after school, Taplow did not budge even though Mr Harris was late. He very dutifully waited for Mr Harris’ arrival.


Q. Write about the character of Crocker Harris.

A. Crocker Harris was a stickler for rules and kept his students in suspense till the end. He would not let his students know the results before time. He would make students stay back to do extra work and did not pay much heed to the problems of others. He was not punctual and arrived ten minutes late. Students were scared of him. Taplow could not even think of cutting his class to play golf or do anything else during the waiting period. But Crocker-Harris was not a sadist, he was a man whose feelings and emotions had dried up.


Q. What do you get to know about Millie Harris from the lesson The Browning Version?

A. Millie is Mr. Crocker-Harris’s wife. She is a thin woman and is in her late thirties. She dresses herself well in smart clothes. She sees Taplow imitating her husband’s voice. But she takes it lightly. She finds Taplow waiting for her husband. She knows that Taplow wants to go and play golf like other boys. She tells him that her husband is at the Bursars. It could take him a lot of time there. She tells Taplow that he could go and play. Even then Taplow does not go. Then she sends Taplow to a chemist to get some medicine. Her chief purpose is not to get the medicine. She only wants to help the poor boy enjoy his freedom for some time at least. Thus we can say that Millie is a loving and intelligent woman with a helping attitude.


Q. What qualities make Crocker Harris different from other teachers?

A. Mr Crocker-Harries is not a sadist like some other masters. He does not get pleasure out of giving pain. If he were a sadist, he would not be so frightening. It would show he has some feelings, but he hasn’t any. He’s all dry like a nut. He seems to hate people who like him, but other masters like being liked.


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