Character Sketch of the Bishop, Persome, Marie, Convict and Sergeant of Gendarmes from class 9 Communicative English Drama 2 The Bishop’s Candlesticks


Character Sketch of the Bishop


He is a very noble and simple person, who is always ready to help anyone in distress. He has all the characteristics of a good human being. He follows Jesus Christ’s teachings of love, charity, benevolence, and forgiveness in true spirit. When he hears the story of the convict, he shows his sympathy for him. He comes to know that the attitude of the convict turned inhuman due to bad treatment in the prison. He treats him like a friend even after the convict stole his candlestick. He also freed him from the Sergeant by telling a lie. He gives his candlestick to the convict and helps him to get to Paris.


The Bishop’s Candlesticks Overview – The plot of the play revolves around a story that brings forth the themes of religious virtues like love and redemption. The play dramatically depicts how the love and the sympathy of the Bishop changed a convict and turned him into a good man. The Bishop was a kind-hearted man. He was ready to sacrifice everything to help the needy people.

One night, a convict enters his home and steals his only possession, the candlesticks given to him by his mother. The Bishop is upset but like a true Christian, he feels that he was responsible for the convict’s behaviour. By keeping them before him, he had led him into temptation. He told the police that the accused was his friend and that he himself had given the candlesticks to him. The convict was amazed at the kindness of the Bishop. He was sorry that he had stolen the candlesticks. Due to the Bishop, the convict was a changed man.



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Some Questions on Character Sketch of the Bishop

Q1. Why were the doors in the Bishop’s house never bolted?
Q2. How can we say that the bishop was a helpful man? Whom did he help?


Character Sketch of the Persome 

Persome is the sister of Bishop. She was not as generous and kind as her brother. She has been portrayed as an ordinary human being who is insensitive to the spiritual values of mercy, charity, benevolence, forbearance, and sympathy. She is non-believer in the general goodness of humanity. She feels that the simplicity and nobility of the bishop has been misused by the people. She shows rude behaviour against oppressed people. 


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Persome 

Q1. Why does Persome feel people pretend to be sick?


Character Sketch of Marie

Marie was the cook at the Bishop’s house. She was a very well-behaved girl. She gets rudely treated by Persome. Her mother was ill and the Bishop had gone to her house to see her mother and pray for her. The Bishop trusted her a lot. She also ran errands for the Bishop. The Bishop sent her to Monseigneur Gervais to sell silver salt cellars to him to help Mere Gringoire. She was a grateful girl. She revered the Bishop quite sincerely.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Marie

Q1. Marie was disobedient towards Persome while she respected the bishop. What could be the cause behind such behaviour? Elucidate.


Character Sketch of Convict

The convict was not born into a life of crime. He was leading a common life with a loving wife before he became a hard-hearted criminal. He has no faith in religion. The apathetic people of the society compelled him to steal food for his starving and sick wife. He was treated like a beast for such a minor and pardonable offense. He was beaten, fed on filth, and tortured. The police arrested him and tried him in a court. The judge passed a harsh sentence against him. His wife died in his absence that turned him into a criminal. The severe punishment given to him made him heartless and soulless, but the bishop’s noble behaviour changed his mind. He promised the Bishop to start his life in a new way.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Convict

Q1. Why was the convict sent to prison? What was the punishment given to him?
Q2. Why is the convict eager to reach Paris?


Character Sketch of Sergeant of Gendarmes

Sergeant of Gendarmes, the sub-inspector of the French police team apprehended the convict in the middle of the night as he was slinking around suspiciously. He had a good memory since he was able to identify the bishop’s candlesticks and bring it to the bishop for confirmation. He respected the Bishop a lot. Despite his suspicions that the convict was a real criminal, he was released at the Bishop’s request.