CBSE Class 9 English Poems Important Question Answers from Beehive Book 


Class 9 English Poems Important Questions: Here is the CBSE Class 9 English Poems.  Important Question Answers for poems (No Men are Foreign, On Killing a Tree, The Snake Trying) from Beehive Book. Students can Practice the Important Questions and Prepare Well for the Exam. Also, to take a Free Online Test for Class 9 Click Here


Class 9 English Poems Important Question & Answers


Q1. Which of these is the most suitable meaning of ‘defile’?

  1. a) To pollute
  2. b) To spend
  3. c) To earn
  4. d) None of these

Ans : (a)



Q2. “Remember, we who take arms against each other”. What is the meaning of arms here?

  1. a) limbs
  2. b) weapons
  3. c) None of these
  4. d) Both a and b

Ans : (b)


Q3. In no men are Foreign, How are people starved?

  1. a) By wars
  2. b) By long winters
  3. c) Both a and b
  4. d) None of these

Ans : (c)


Q4. Which poetic device has been used in ‘leprous hide’?

  1. a) simile
  2. b) metaphor
  3. c) alliteration
  4. d) personification

Ans : (b)


Q5. Which of these alone won’t kill a tree?

  1. a) hack
  2. b) chop
  3. c) acid
  4. d) a and b

Ans : (d)


Q6. Which of these has to be done in order to kill a tree?

  1. a) Hack tree
  2. b) Chop trunk
  3. c) uproot
  4. d) acid

Ans : (c)


Q7. Which poetic device has been used in the snake trying?

  1. a) Alliteration
  2. b) metaphor
  3. c) personification
  4. d) simile

Ans : (c)


Q8. What is the rhyme scheme of the snake trying?

  1. a) Free verse
  2. b) aabb
  3. c) abcd
  4. d) abcb

Ans : (a)


Q9. In the snake trying, what is beautiful and graceful?

  1. a) snake’s shapes
  2. b) snake’s face
  3. c) The stick
  4. d) All of these

Ans : (a)


Q10. What did the snake do when the stick chased it?

  1. a) Vanished 
  2. b) attacked
  3. c) flew
  4. d) All of these

Ans : (a)


Class 9 English Poems Subjective Questions


Q1. Hatred, jealousy and misdeeds are the dangerous pollutants of our own earth. Discuss with reference to ‘No Men are Foreign’.

Important Points-

When we hate another human, we dispossess, betray and condemn our own self.

Universal brotherhood and equality irrespective of religions, regions, castes, colour.

Practice fraternity

Hatred, jealousy and misdeed lead to unrest and unhappiness.


Q2. How can you say that we all are the same? Discuss on the basis of the poem No Men are Foreign.

Important Points-

Breathe in same way

Same earth to walk upon and lie on

Same sun, air and water

Fed by harvests

Starved by winters and wars

Similar eyes to see

Hands work in same way, do lot of work


Q3. What is meaning of ‘bleeding bark’? What makes it bleed?

Important Points-

Twigs are cut, leave a liquid substance

When human body is cut, it bleeds, bloods oozes.

Poet has equated both.

Human action of hack and chop makes the tree bleed.


Q4. What is the meaning of ‘anchoring earth’ and ‘earth cave’?

Important Points-

Anchoring earth

Earth is an anchor which gives support, firmness, nutrition to the tree

Earth cave 

The pit in the earth where the tree’s root binds itself to the earth is the strength of the tree.


Q5. What does ‘the strength of the tree exposed’ mean?

Important Points-

roots of the tree being exposed to sunlight and air after being removed from the ground. 

This would eventually lead the tree to die. 

white and damp due to moisture that they get from the soil 

hidden part of the tree.


Q6. The snake is harmless, then why does the stick chase it?

Important Points-

Poet says – snake is harmless (even to children)

The pursuing stick is held by such a person who has preconceived notion that snake’s are deadly, poisonous.

So, it detects a snake and chases it away as it can be a potential threat.