Class 9 English NCERT Solutions

CBSE Class 9 English Chapter 7 The Last Leaf Question Answers from Moments Book


The Last Leaf Question Answers: Here is the CBSE Class 9 English NCERT Solutions of Chapter 7 The Last Leaf Question Answers from Moments Beehive Book. Students can Practice the Important Questions and prepare well for the Exam. Also, to take a Free Online Test for Class 9 Click Here




NCERT Solutions of Chapter 7 The Last Leaf Subjective Questions


Q1. What can you interpret about Johnsy from her association with the falling of leaves?


Important Points-


Background – Johnsy was suffering from pneumonia. She was not recovering and it seemed that she had made up her mind that she would not get well. Medicines were not helping her.

Sue heard Johnsy’s whisper and realized that Johnsy was counting the remaining number of leaves on the ivy creeper hanging outside the window.

Johnsy had decided that she would die when the last leaf fell off the plant. 

Ridiculous belief. All leaves shed in autumn and it was not all related to her health.

Johnsy’s thoughts indicate that she was depressed. 

No desire to live.

No interest in things around her.

She wanted to die and that was the reason behind her thoughts.

When she saw that the last leaf did not fall despite the strong wind, she realized her fault. She was sorry for being depressed and gloomy. 

Realized that the desire to die was a sin.

Now the doctor could also see progress in her recovery as she had the will to live.


Q2. What saved the life of Johnsy – Sue’s care, Behrman’s sacrifice or change in her own attitude? Give reasons for your answer.


Important Points-

Behrman’s sacrifice.

He painted a leaf on the ivy plant.

This leaf did not fall despite the storm and strong winds.

When Johnsy saw that the leaf was so strong, it changed her attitude. She realized that she had been weak, depressed and gloomy. Her desire to live was restored.


Q3. Do you think that the feeling of depression Johnsy has is common among teenagers? Why?


Important Points-


Teenagers are neither children nor adults. Transformation phase.

Contributing factors – Social anxiety, adolescence, biological changes, physiological changes, generation gap with parents, negative thinking


Q4. Behrman’s dream comes true but in an unusual way. Comment.


Important Points-

Behrman – painter. Sixty years of age.

Desired to paint a masterpiece.

Saw Johnsy’s health condition and thought her to be foolish.

When he came to know that Johnsy had decided that she would die when the last leaf fell off the ivy plant, decides to help.

He remained out in the storm and painted a leaf just like the real one. This leaf did not fall in the storm and strong wind.

This saved Johnsy’s life by changing her attitude.

The leaf painted by him was a masterpiece.

He fulfilled his desire but as he had been out in the storm, he fell ill. He suffered pneumonia and could not fight it. 

Behrman lost his life in this process.


Q5. Johnsy could not get better despite the efforts made by the doctor and her friend Sue’s ministrations. Discuss the negative feelings that keep one ailing and also discuss the values which remove such feelings and infuse a person with a desire to live.


Important Points-

Johnsy was depressed and had no will to live. She was not responding to medications, Sue’s care.

Saw the ivy creeper outside the window shed leaves. Her negative feelings associated her life span with the falling leaves.

She decided that she would die at the time when the last leaf fell off.

When Behrman came to know of this, he painted an leaf just when the last one fell.

Johnsy saw that the last leaf did not fall, it withstood the storm and strong winds.

This changed her attitude and she got a positive outlook. Her desire to live was thus, restored.



The Last Leaf Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)


Q1. “Sue, her friend, became very worried. She sent for the doctor.”  Which of the following is the best meaning of ‘sent for’? 

  1. a) Sent a letter
  2. b) called
  3. c) Wrote a letter
  4. d) None of these

Ans : (b)


Q2. Which of the following did Sue not do to help Johnsy?

  1. a) Took care of her
  2. b) Talked about fashion
  3. c) Whistled to change her mind
  4. d) Sang songs for her

Ans : (d)


Q3. What was Sue making in order to fetch some money?

  1. a) Table cloth
  2. b) painting
  3. c) dress
  4. d) dish

Ans : (b)


Q4. What is the meaning of ‘tiptoed’?

  1. a) Walk quietly and carefully
  2. b) Walk fast on the toes
  3. c) Walk with high-heeled shoes
  4. d) Walk fast

Ans : (a)


Q5. Why was Sue nervous when she drew the curtains the next morning?

  1. a) She feared seeing Behrman outside the window
  2. b) She feared seeing the police car outside
  3. c) She feared that the last leaf would have fallen off
  4. d) All of these

Ans : (c)


Q6. Find the synonym of ‘flutter’.

  1. a) escape
  2. b) dance
  3. c) crevice
  4. d) quiver

Ans : (d)


Q7. Which of the following did Johnsy NOT do?

  1. a) Count the leaves as they fell
  2. b) Look out of the window
  3. c) paint
  4. d) Refused to eat or drink

Ans : (c)


Q8. Who found Behrman to be ill and suffering from pneumonia?

  1. a) Sue
  2. b) Johnsy
  3. c) doctor
  4. d) Janitor

Ans : (d)


Q9. Which of the following was not found in Behrman’s room?

  1. a) paint
  2. b) brushes
  3. c) ladder
  4. d) umbrella

Ans : (d)


Q10. Select facts and Opinions-

  1. Behrman was Johnsy’s uncle.
  2. Behrman wished to paint a masterpiece.
  3. Sue and Johnsy shared a small flat.
  4. They were artists.


  1. a) F – All are facts
  2. b) F – 2, 3, 4. O – 1.
  3. c) F – None, All are opinions
  4. d) F – 1, 2. O – 3, 4

Ans : (b)



English Chapter 7 The Last Leaf Extra Question Answers

1. What is Johnsy’s illness? What can cure her, the medicine or the willingness to live?

A. Johnsy’s illness is the lack of a deire to live. Her illness can be cured her desire to live.


2. Behrman has a dream. What is it? Does it come true?

A. Behrman had a dream of painting a masterpiece. It came true when he got a chance to paint a leaf.


3. What is Behrman’s masterpiece? What makes Sue say so?

A. The leaf painted by Behrman is his masterpiece. Sue said so because it looked as good as a real leaf. Also, it was a masterpiece because it brought back Johnsy’s desire to live.