CBSE Class 11 English Chapter 5 Mother’s Day Important Questions and Answers From Snapshots Book


Mother’s Day Important Questions – Subjective Questions

Q.1. If you were to write about the issues discussed in the play today, what are some of the incidents, examples and problems that you would think of as relevant?
Important Points-
– Women are taken for granted by their families. 
– Women, both working and housewives, are expected to manage everything single handed. 
-They look after the comforts of the husband, raise their  children with love and care and sacrifice their own interests.  
– They get no recognition or gratitude for their continuous efforts. 
– They are still taken for granted and are not given any due respect or status. 
– Gender bias still exists and women are still expected to fulfil all their duties as a housewife, even if they are working.
Q.2. Why does George get annoyed with Mrs Fitzgerald when she comes in?

Important Points-

– Mrs Fitzgerald, the real Mrs Pearson, gets upset at what has happened in her house. 

– This annoys George and he tells her that it had nothing to do with her because it was a family matter and she, as an outsider, shouldn’t interfere.


Q.3. How does Mrs Pearson stop Mrs Fitzgerald from giving away the truth?

Important Points-

 – The fake Mrs Pearson cuts short the fake Mrs Fitzgerald by shouting at her husband and asking him to be polite to her friend and neighbour and not behave badly.


Q.4. Mrs Fitzgerald bewilders everyone by suddenly stating decisively ‘That’s enough-quite enough.’ What does she do now?

Important Points-

– Mrs Fitzgerald, who is Mrs Pearson, cannot bear to see her husband and children suffer from the treatment given to them by the fake Mrs Pearson. 

– She wants to change places now and be her real self.  

– Therefore, she demands a private talk with her neighbour. 

– The family cannot understand her interference in their family affair as they do not know about the change.


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Q.5. Do you think Mrs Pearson was herself responsible for spoiling her family? Give reasons for your answer.

Important Points-

– Yet, it is true. Mrs Pearson succumbed to the undue demands of her family members. 

– She waited on hand and foot on them, and they enjoyed their own interests, never bothering about her. 

– She never asserted her rights. Moreover, she sacrificed her own pleasures to keep her family happy.


Q.6. What do you think of George Pearson’s attitude towards his wife?

Important Points-

– George Pearson is a dominating husband who always took his wife for granted and never bothered about her comforts. 

– He always wanted her to keep his things ready before going to club and left her alone at night. 

– He never cared about his wife’s interests and placed his hobbies ahead of everything.


Q.7. Compare and contrast the personalities of Mrs Pearson and Mrs Fitzgerald. 

Important Points-

– They are two contrasting characters. Mrs Pearson is timid,   mild, caring and loving wife and mother. 

– Her excessive love and her self-effacing attitude have spoilt her husband and children. 

– She does not demand her rights. 

– She sacrifices her own pleasures to keep her family happy.

– The result is that they take her for granted, do not bother  about her comfort or interest and act selfishly. 

– They are never grateful to her for everything she does for them.  

– She exchanges places with Mrs Pearson to teach a lesson to her family.

– On the other hand, Mrs Fitzgerald is aggressive, authoritative and a dominating woman. 

– She is more practical. 

– She judges correctly that Mrs Pearson could never boss her family unless she takes some drastic steps.  

– She exchanges places with Mrs Pearson to teach a lesson to her family.


Q.8. Discuss how Mrs Fitzgerald tamed Mrs Pearson’s family.

Important Points-

– Mrs Fitzgerald was a fortune teller and was Mrs Pearson’s neighbour. 

– She did not like the way Mrs Pearson, a timid, mild, caring and loving woman, was being treated by her husband and children.  

– Mrs Fitzgerald was an aggressive and a dominating woman. 

– She realised that Mrs Pearson could never boss over her family unless she took some drastic steps. 

– She exchanged places with Mrs Pearson to teach her family a lesson.  

– After that Mrs Pearson who was actually Mrs Fitzgerald acquired a dominating personality and asserted her rights. 

– She refused to do household chores without any help from her husband and family and declared that from now onwards she would not do any work on Saturdays and Sundays.  

– The family suddenly realised her importance and their own selfish acts towards her. 

– They all decided to forgo their own pleasures and stay at home to please Mrs Pearson.  

– They all played cards with her, and the children decided to make supper while Mrs Pearson talked to her husband. 

– Thus Mrs Fitzgerald helped Mrs Pearson to tame the latter’s family.


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Mother’s Day Important Question Answers – MCQs

Q.9. What does the play “Mother’s Day” talk about?

  1. Status of the mother in the family
  2. Status of the father in the family
  3. Status of the children in the family
  4. Status of the family in the society

Ans : (A)


Q.10. When do Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Fitzgerald get back to their original selves?

  1. When Mrs. Pearson’s family gets to know about them
  2. When they both get bored
  3. When the situation goes out of hand
  4. None of the above

Ans : (C)


Q.11. “It’s wonderful having a real _____ living next door.” Complete the dialogue.

  1. doctor
  2. writer
  3. fortune-teller
  4. chef

Ans : (C)


Q.12. Where did Mrs. Fitzgerald learn to tell the future?

  1. The West
  2. The East
  3. The Middle-East
  4. Not mentioned in the play

Ans : (B)


Q.13. How does Mrs. Pearson describe her family members?

  1. Thoughtless and selfish
  2. Pleasant and helpful
  3. Hardworking
  4. Mindful

Ans : (A)


Q.14. What is the first thing that Dorris does as soon as she enters the house?

  1. Asks her mother to give her tea
  2. Asks her mother to cook something for her
  3. Asks her mother about her day
  4. Asks her mother to iron her yellow silk

Ans : (D)


Q.15. What makes Dorris astounded as soon as she enters the house?

  1. The sight of her mother smoking
  2. Because the tea was not ready
  3. Because her mother was not there
  4. None of the above

Ans : (A)


Q.16. What are the ‘changes’ that Mrs. Pearson referred to Cyril?

  1. Change in the way she is treated by the family
  2. Changes in her daily routine
  3. Changes related to her work
  4. None of the above

Ans : (A)


Q.17. “Well, she’s suddenly all different.” Who said this and for whom?

  1. Cyril for Dorris
  2. Dorris for her mother
  3. Cyril for her mother
  4. George for Dorris

Ans : (B)


Q.18. What does George mean when he says ‘we’re at sixes and sevens here’?

  1. In a state of confusion and disorder
  2. In a middle of a conflict
  3. In a middle of taking a decision
  4. In a state of agony

Ans : (A)


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