A Thing of Beauty MCQ Question Answers Class 12 English Poem 4

A Thing of Beauty MCQ Question Answers


CBSE Class 12 English Poem 4 A Thing of Beauty MCQ Questions and Answers from Flamingo Book


A Thing of Beauty MCQ – CBSE Class 12 English Poem 4 A Thing of Beauty Summary by John Keats. Students of Class 12 can prepare the MCQs of Poem 4 from the Flamingo reader published by NCERT. Each question has four options followed by the correct answer. Students can also take a free test for Class 12.



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A Thing of Beauty MCQ Questions and Answers


Q1- What kind of a poet was John Keats?

A) a Realistic
B) Religious
C) Medieval
D) A romantic


Q2- Who is the poet of A thing Of Beauty?

A) John Donne
B) William Blakes
C) William Wordsworth
D) John Keats


Q3- From where has this poem A Thing Of Beauty been taken?

A) From Keats work- Endymion- A poetic Romance
B) Ode to a Nightingale
C) Ode on Melancholy
D) Ode on Indolenc


Q4- Who is Endymion?

A) a worker
B) an office boy
C) a young child
D) a young shepherd


Q5- Where did the poet and Endymion live?

A) in a hut
B) on a hill
C) in a tree house
D) on mount Latmos


Q6- Whom did the enchanted youth resolve to seek?

A) God
B) nature
C) mentor
D) Cynthia-the moon goddess


Q7- What are the things of beauty mentioned in the poem?

A) Sun and Moon
B) Young trees and streams
C) flowers
D) All these


Q8- Which things cause suffering to human beings?

A) lack of virtues and inhuman acts
B) withering flowers
C) blooming flowers
D) flowing streams


Q9- What does Endymion do to seek goddess?

A) dances
B) sings songs
C) reads scriptures
D) wanders through forests


Q10-How is a thing of beauty joy forever?

A) because it is beautiful
B) because it is nature
C) because it is joyful
D) because its beauty never ends and leaves a lasting impact


Q11- What is the message of the poem?

A) Beauty never fades
B) beauty lifts spirits high
C) beauty is a joy forever
D) All these


Q12- What does a thing of beauty do for us?

A) gives hope
B) gives happiness
C) removes pain and suffering
D) All these


Q13- What is the endless fountain and what is its effect?

A) Moving streams
B) The Sunlight
C) A thing of beauty is endless fountain and it gives happiness
D) None


Q14- What does a thing of beauty is a joy forever mean?

A) joy is in memory
B) joy is precious
C) joy is not sold
D) it will keep giving happiness for a longer time


Q15- What is Beauty in Keats’ opinion?

A) a suffering
B) a cause of suffering
C) a cause of pain
D) a joy forever


Q16- What is the concept of beauty?

A) Beauty is a pleasure
B) beauty is cause of all happiness
C) beauty is nothing
D) a quality which always gives happiness


Q17- Do we experience things of beauty only for a short time ?

A) yes they are short lived
B) yes beauty is a temporary thing
C) it never lasts forever
D) no, they make a lasting impression of happiness


Q18- Who said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever?

A) John Millet
B) Christopher
C)a young shepherd
D) John Keats


Q19- How does a thing of beauty provide shelter and comfort?

A) By giving a sense of joy and happiness
B) by removing pain and suffering
C) like a bower
D) All these




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Q20- Whose loveliness will keep on increasing?

A) of rivers
B) of mountains
C) of nature
D) of all beautiful things


Q21- Write the phrase which means ‘it is immortal’

A) it will never fade
B) it will never pass into nothingness
C) it will never cease
D) it will keep giving happiness for a longer time


Q22- What is a bower?

A) a river
B) a stream
C) a big tree
D) a shady tree


Q23- Why do we need sweet dreams , health and quiet breathing?

A) to have a healthy mind and body
B) to have sound sleep
C) to have peace and happiness
D) All these


Q24- What are ‘mighty dead’ in the poem?

A) dead people
B) dead relatives
C) dead plants
D) great respectworthy ancestors specially dead emperors


Q25- What is the endless fountain of immortal drink?

A) rivers
C) flowing streams
D) Sunlight
D) All the things of beauty


Q26- What does ‘brink’ mean?

A) roof top
B) a rocky space
C) mountain top
D) an edge at the top


Q27- What does immortal mean?

A) ever flowing
B) evergreen
C) forever beautiful
D) never ending or endless


Q28- What image does the poet use to convey that beauty is everlasting?

A) a bower quiet for us
B) Some shape of beauty
C) endless fountain of joy
D) sprouting a shady boon


Q29- What is the effect of immortal drink?

A) no one is thirsty
B) everyone is happy
C) immense joy and happiness
D) beauty never moves away


Q30- Pick the words from the poem which mean: stories, magnificence.

A) tales and grandeur
B) old,and young
C) green world and clear rills
D) sweet dreams and health


Q31- What removes pall from our life?

A) dark spirits
B) Trees old, and young
C) all the unhealthy things
D) Nature’s beauty


Q32- What is the meaning of gloomy?

A) all the unhealthy things
B) dark spirits
C) dull and depressive
D) none


Q33- How does beauty help us when we are grief stricken?

A) By giving a ray of hope
B) sprouting a shady boon
C) by giving daffodils
D) none


Q34- What does poet mean by Some shape of beauty?

A) beauty has no shape
B) beauty is abstract
C) beautiful object that gives happiness
D) All


Q35- Which figure of speech is used in the words-Some shape of beauty?

A) Alliteration
B) simile
C) metaphor
D) all


Q36- Why are our spirits referred as dark?

A) because of dark clouds
B) because of spirits around
C) because of shady trees
D) because of sadness and disappointments


Q37- What does morrow mean?

A) morning time
B) present time
C) noon time
D) the next day


Q38- Why do we need a flowery band?

A) to look beautiful
B) to smile
C) to be joyful
D) to have strength and joy inspite of all sadness


Q39- What is inhuman in life?

A) human inside a river
B) human inside caves
C) human on trees
D) selfcentred tendency and inacility to rise above shallow circles


Q40- What circumstances make man unhappy?

A) chilly cold waves on mountains
B) moisture of flowing rivers
C) crowded places
D) tendency of hopelessness


Q41. ‘Sheep’ could also be a reference to 

  1. mountainous animals
  2. human beings
  3. harmless creatures
  4. animals of prey
Q42. From our dark spirits’ is a reference to 

  1. our dampened and demoralized spirits
  2. dark coloured ghosts
  3. unhappy moments
  4. the happy side of our personality
Q43. ‘Spite of despondenc’ refers to –  not

  1. sadness and depression
  2. health and well-being
  3. suffering and pain
  4. hatred and greed
Q44. ‘Clear rills’ are the

  1. clean windows
  2. streams of clear water
  3. clear thoughts
  4. clear solutions



1 D 11 D 21 B 31 D
2 D 12 D 22 D 32 C
3 A 13 C 23 D 33 A
4 D 14 D 24 D 34 C
5 D 15 D 25 D 35 C
6 D 16 D 26 D 36 D
7 D 17 D 27 D 37 D
8 A 18 D 28 C 38 D
9 D 19 D 29 C 39 D
10 D 20 D 30 A 40 D
41 C 42 A 43 A 44 B



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