Integrated M.Sc Courses | Benefits of Integrated MSc programs


M.Sc. and Integrated M.Sc. courses are related in some way but they are different in their level of studies.


Integrated M.Sc. is different from this and is a course that can be done after 12th. There are a number of universities and colleges which offer M.Sc. as well as Integrated M.Sc. in India. Aspirants can choose the branch of study according to their area of interest. Integrated M.Sc. is a long term course compared to M.Sc. courses. M.Sc. is a higher option study after B.Sc. degree in related subjects.


An overview

Master of Science is a post graduate degree that can be pursued after the graduation in related subjects. The B.Sc. degree usually covers the science subjects including social sciences. The candidates who wish to study these subjects on a wider level can opt for M.Sc. in related subjects. This post graduation cannot be pursued if one does not have a basic knowledge of related fields in Bachelors degree. M.Sc. is a 2 year programme that is offered by many universities. The various branches in this study are Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Electronics, Computer Science, etc.


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Am I eligible for integrated M.Sc

Integrated Master of Science is also a degree course equivalent to M.Sc. This integrated degree course is offered by many Universities in India nowadays. It is getting popularity among many youngsters. The minimum educational qualification needed for this course is a pass in 12th or equivalent from any reputed institutes in related subjects. The minimum percentage required in qualifying examination will vary according to the universities and subject of study.


Career prospects

The career after Integrated M.Sc. seems to be very high. A number of industries recruit the candidates who have pursued their degree in Integrated M.Sc. The career opportunities after M.Sc. are also huge. One can perform in various roles such as scientist, researcher, lecturer or a consultant. These job profiles offer high remunerations compared to other jobs of the same kind.

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Time duration

Integrated M.Sc. is a five year program that includes theoretical and practical sessions.


Key differentiations

Only graduates can pursue M.Sc. whereas an intermediate student can study the integrated course.

M.Sc. is a 2 or 3 year programme while Integrated M.Sc. is a five year programme.

The aspirants who have pursued B.Sc. have to study M.Sc. as a separate course for acquiring a post graduation whereas the students opting for integrated M.Sc. can pass out with a post graduate degree.

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Integrated MSc FAQs

Q: Which is the best Integrated MSc. course?

Ans – Some of the popular integrated MSc courses in India are 

  1. i) Integrated MSc. in Computer Science.
  2. ii) Integrated MSc. in Physics.

iii) Integrated MSc. in Biomedical Science.

  1. iv) Integrated MSc. in Biotechnology.
  2. v) Integrated MSc. in Chemistry.
  3. vi) Integrated MSc. in Applied Geology.

vii) Integrated MSc. in Cell and Molecular Biology.

viii) Integrated MSc. in Economics.

  1. ix) Integrated MSc. in Statistics.
  2. x) Integrated MSc. in Earth Sciences.
  3. xi) Integrated MSc. in Medical Biotechnology.

xii) Integrated MSc. in Mathematics.
Q: Between MSc and Integrated MSc, which is better?
Ans – It depends on your future interests. If you are willing to complete your BSc first, and then you want to decide whether you want to go for MSc or not, then doing BSc and MSc separately is better. But if you have a research mindset, and want to focus immediately after passing class 12, then you should definitely go for Integrated MSc studies, thus saving time to apply separately for a postgraduation degree.
Q: What are the career scopes in Integrated MSc?
Ans – After acquiring your postgraduation degree, you can easily apply for jobs for various prestigious roles such as Research Assistant, Lab Technician, Field Officer, Scientist, Researcher, Accountant, Professor, Manager, Quantitative Developer, Assistant Professor, Junior Software Engineer, Statistician.
Q: Between BSc and MSc, which is better?
Ans – Both have their own values. For doing MSc, you need to do BSc first. BSc degree itself offers you various opportunities, but having an MSc degree in addition to it, increases your value further. So, in terms of the job market, both have the same demand, but having a higher degree always adds value. 
Q: What is meant by Integrated MSc course?
Ans – Integrated MSc course is a course of a duration of 4 to 5 years, for which the class 12 passed students are eligible to apply. This course offers BSc and MSc degree in a combined form.