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B.Sc Biotechnology, Subjects, Syllabus, Top Colleges


BSc Biotechnology

BSc Biotechnology - Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology or B.Sc. Biotechnology is a 3- year undergraduate Biotechnology course. Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that involves the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields requiring by-products. The course covers 6-semesters and the duration of each semester is 6 months. The minimum educational qualification required to apply for the course is 10+2 in the science stream completed from a recognized educational board. The average fee of the course in India is ranging between INR 1 - 3 lacs, varying across institutes.

B.Sc Biotechnology Subjects

Following are the detailed list of subjects that are taught in B.Sc Biotechnology.

Semester - I
1          English (Compulsory)
2          Microbiology - 1       Fundamentals of Microbiology
3          Biotechnology - 1     Introduction to Biotechnology & Cell Biology
4          Biochemistry - 1      Physical and Chemical aspects of Biochemistry

Semester - II
1          English (Compulsory)
2          Microbiology - 2      Microbial Chemistry and Physiology
3          Biotechnology - 2    Funda. of Biochemistry, Biocomputing & Biostatistics
4          Biochemistry - 2      Biomolecules

Semester - III
1          English (Compulsory)
2          Microbiology - 3      Microbial Diversity
3          Biotechnology - 3    Basic Aspect of Cellular Metabolism
4          Biochemistry - 3     

Semester - IV
1          English (Compulsory)
2          Microbiology - 4      Analytical Techniques and Bioinformatics
3          Biotechnology - 4    Environmental Biotechnology
4          Biochemistry - 4     

Semester - V
1          Biotechnology - 5    Bioprocess & Biochemical Engineering
2          Biotechnology - 6    Genetics & Molecular Biotechnology
3          Biotechnology - 7    Immunology

Semester - VI
1          Biotechnology - 8    Prin. of Biotechnology applied to plants and animals
2          Biotechnology - 9    Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology
3          Biotechnology - 10  Advanced Molecular Techniques & Bioinformatics


B.Sc Biotechnology Syllabus

We can see a semester-wise breakup of the course syllabus as below

Semester 1

Semester 2

Macromolecular Structure and Analysis

Organic Mechanisms in Biology

Biophysics & Instrumentation

Principles of Transmission Genetics

Cell Structure & Dynamics

Principles of Microbiology

Biomathematics – I

Biomathematics – II


Introduction to C-Programming & Digital Logic

Semester 3

Semester 4

Microbial Genetics

Molecular Genetics

Principles of Immunology

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Plant and Animal Tissue Culture Techniques and applications

Biodiversity & Taxonomy

Plant Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology

Introduction to Data Structure & Computer Organization

Introduction to DBMS, Computer Network & Numerical Analysis

Semester 5

Semester 6

DNA Typing, Proteomics & Beyond

Model Organisms in Human Genome Project

Recombinant DNA Technology

Elements of Management Introduction and Entrepreneurship

Environmental Biotechnology

Medical Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology

Biotechnology- Social, Legal and Ethical issues


B.Sc Biotechnology Top Colleges

The course is offered by various institutes in India, here we have listed some of the top institutes in different cities for your reference.

College Name


Average Annual Fees

Loyola College


INR 48,000

ST. Xavier’s College


INR 22,380

Suresh Gyan Vihar Institute


INR 87,000

Christ University


INR 16,667

The Oxford College of Science


INR 19,319

Madras Christian College (MCC)


INR 19,319

Stella Maris College


INR 3,460

Ramjas College

New Delhi

INR 12,000

Fergusson College


INR 3,420

Hans Raj College (HRC)

New Delhi

INR 16,000

Presidency College


INR 1,265

Miranda College

New Delhi

INR 17,800

Mount Carmel College (MCC)


INR 35,600

ST. Xavier’s College


INR 27,700

Sri Venkateswara College

New Delhi

INR 11,540

Gargi College

New Delhi

INR 8,305

ST Joseph’s College Devagiri


INR 3,075

Elphinstone College           


INR 23,188

Hindu College

New Delhi

INR 16,173

ST. Xavier’s College


INR 12,000

We hope the above information on the list of top colleges will help the students in deciding their admission choice. Best of Luck.