Character Sketch of Aunt Jennifer and her Tigers from Class 12 English Flamingo book Poem 6 Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers


Character Sketch of Aunt Jennifer

Aunt Jennifer lives in a male-dominated society. She is a humble and restrained lady. She is shown to be a victim of her domineering spouse. She is lacks confidence and fears him. Aunt Jennifer spent her life in accordance with the rules laid down by her husband. Her life was overburdened by demands and duties and lacked self-expression. Aunt Jennifer’s ferocious personality, her need for independence, and her desire for self-expression are all represented by the freely prancing tigers in her embroidery, which serves as an outlet for her creativity. Aunt Jennifer’s character brings out the pathos of her situation, she is a woman who has lost her identity as an independent woman due to her marriage.


Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Overview – The battle for a woman’s individuality and self-expression in a patriarchal culture is the theme of the poem “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” from the Class 12 English Flamingo textbook. The poem depicts Jennifer, the speaker’s aunt, and the motif of tigers that she embroiders on a tapestry. The tiger motif is used to represent Aunt Jennifer’s ferocious personality and her need for freedom and self-expression. The poem also considers the limitations and restraints placed on women by society, especially in terms of gender roles and expectations. The speaker implies that although Aunt Jennifer struggles to fully express herself in her daily life, she is able to do so only through her embroidered art.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Aunt Jennifer

Q1. What are the difficulties faced by aunt Jennifer?
Q2. What is the status of aunt Jennifer in a family?
Q3. What makes aunt Jennifer’s character tragic and pathetic?


Character Sketch of the Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Aunt Jennifer’s tigers are part of an embroidery pattern that she is making. The tigers are proud, fearless, brave, and strong. They move around freely in a dashing style. They are elegant and fearless, and do not fear hunters. They live in a green realm, the forest and have a bright and shiny skin. In contrast to Aunt Jennifer, they move and spring with pride and freedom. They act as a counterbalance to Aunt Jennifer, who is terrified and confined.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Q1. How are Aunt Jennifer’s tigers different from her?
Q2. Describe the tigers embroidered by Aunt Jennifer.