8 Steps to ensure your selection in top B-Schools

If pursuing MBA from a reputed B-School or university has been your lifelong dream, then congratulations – you have just landed on the right part of the Web! In today’s special, we are going to have a closer look at  8 most crucial steps to find yourself a place in India’s premium B-Schools and universities offering MBA programs. In fact, why just India – you can use these tactics to get admission in any global B-School of your choice.

1. List all the B-Schools and universities that you would probably want to be a part of. Choose at least 5 or so such institutions based on several factors including your geography, budget, and so on.

2. After you make a list of your favorite institutes, conduct an in-depth research on each of them. Try and learn as much you can about key aspects such as educational qualification required, work experience (if any). Also find out score card from which entrance exam they accept, what is the average score required, if they need any resume or recommendation and other such info.

3. Mark the deadlines of submission of application forms and other important dates – keep them available for easy access.

4. If you have enough time in your hand – for example 6 months or so, then go on enhancing your profile by pursuing certain extracurricular activities. In case you are already employed, volunteering for non-profit work or community work would be a great start.

5. Identify the resources required in each step of the admission process and then make sure that they are available whenever the need arises. For studies, collect all the study materials, essays and other important resources much before the exam.

6. Evaluate yourself on regular basis – especially when it comes to the written test and personal interviews. It’s important to assess your preparation through regular mock tests.

7. Craft a professional resume – this is indeed one of the most important steps to focus on. Include anything and everything that could play a vital role in getting your through the selection process – but make sure not to fill it up with unnecessary and irrelevant information.

8. Essays and Recommendations can both play an instrumental role in your selection. There, you must work hard on your essays and try hard to get recommendations from anyone who is qualified to comment on your skills and eligibility.