Commonly confusing words (Homophones) in English Meaning, Examples

Commonly confusing words (Homophones) in English Meaning, Examples

Meaning of Homophone words with example sentences. Read this post for the Meaning and difference between confusing words (Homophones)




What are Homophones?

The word Homophones is made of two words – ‘Homo’ + ‘phones’. Homo means the same and Phones means sound. So, Homophones means having the same sound. Words which have different spellings and meanings but similar pronunciation are called Homophones.



Examples of Homophones

In English language, there are many sets of words which are confusing words because they have the same sound but as the meanings are different, they have different usage. Students get confused over the right word to be used. Here is a list of commonly confusing words in English.


List of Lessons

Sore, soar
Principle, principal
Stationary, stationery
Accept, except
Weather, whether
Hair, here, heir, hare, hear
Hour, our, are
There, their, they’re
Now, know, no
Suit, suite
Boar, bore
Mettle, metal
Bear, beer
Born, borne
See, sea
Sun, son