Hour, our and are – Meaning, Difference, Examples

Hour, our and are- These three words are homophones. They share the same pronunciation while the spellings and meanings differ. Here in this article, students can check out the difference between these three confusing words in English – Hour, our and are. Check out the meanings of homophones – hour, our and are. See example sentences on hour, our and are. Practise sentences on these homophones and check your answers from the answer key given at the end.



hour our are homophones


Meanings of hour, our and are


Hour is a unit for measuring time.

Example sentences with hour-

  1. You have to complete the test in three hours.
  2. I am late by half an hour.
  3. The train leaves at 12:00 hours.
  4. Your turn will come after two hours.
  5. The plane stops at Delhi for an hour.



Our is a possessive pronoun.

Example sentences with our-

  1. This is our school.
  2. We love our country.
  3. Our station has arrived.
  4. Let us wait for our turn.
  5. We must respect our elders.


Are is used as a Verb/Helping Verb in the Plural Form

Example sentences with are-

  1. We are playing.
  2. They are teaching well.
  3. Are you studying hard?
  4. Are you appearing for CAT this year?
  5. The staff members are having lunch.


Practice sentences

Fill in the blanks with a suitable word out of hour / our / are. You can check the answers from the answer key given at the end of the exercise.

  1. ___ children ___ playing football for two ___ everyday.
  2. ___ teachers ___ teaching us for half an ____ each day.
  3. They ___ ___ mentors who guided us for ___.
  4. We ___ ___ best critics.
  5. ____ you returning ___ car that you had borrowed a couple of _____ ago?
  6. __ you coming to ___ party for a few ____?
  7. Why ___ they not responding to ___ calls?
  8. These books ___ mine.
  9. ___ you coming to ___ house in the evening?
  10. ___ school students ___ hosting the event.


Answer key


Our, are, hours


Are, our, hours


Our, are, hour


Are, our


Are, our, hours




Are, our


Are, our


Are, our, hours


Our, are