GATE Preparation Tips and why students fail to clear the GATE Exam

GATe Preparation tips for are  given in this post. As you are aware, Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a National Level Entrance Test for admission into M. Tech./M.E./PhD Programs in IITs, IISERs, IISc and other known Institutes of India. It is conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and Seven (07) Indian Institutes of Technology (at Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee) on behalf of the National Coordination Board (NCB)-GATE

Here we have provided you with the tips for preparation, how to keep yourself motivated, reasons for failure in the GATE exam and college role in cracking the GATE exam with good rank.


How much time should be allotted for studying while preparing for GATE and how should we keep our self motivated

Answer: There is no straight forward answer to this question since it totally depend on following

How strong are your basics?

How is your problem solving and analytical ability?

How much is your grasping power?

How much hard work you can put into?

Are you having correct material and guidance?

That’s the reason that someone can crack it just by studying 2-3 hrs daily while some may require 8-10 Hrs and that’s true for each and every competitive exam. But still for your reference I can put it in simpler form

  1. If you are an average student and never took your engineering seriously so far then it may take 10-12 Hrs daily since you need to work a lot on your basics first.
  2. If you are above average and started giving thought to GATE then you may require 6-8 Hrs daily
  3. If you are among top 10 of your batch then with SMART works and proper guidance you just need 3-4 Hrs daily


To keep you motivated

  1. Be in company of people who are seriously interested in GATE
  2. Take guidance from seniors who have clear it already
  3. Do group study to gauge your preparation level
  4. Join some test series/classes to be regular and competent enough


Why most students fail to clear the GATE examination?

Answer: There may be several reasons for that but I will highlight the most prominent one here

Take it easy approach: This is the common problem with most entrance /qualifier exams that students are not serious about it. First of all you have to be very clear in your mind that why you are giving GATE. There are various reasons for giving GATE now

  • To do Post graduation
  • To get entry into PSU recruitment
  • To get a good impressive score as a proof of your good technical background

Most of the students are just giving the exams as their friends are giving .They are also having this biggest misconception that they don’t need any specific preparation for that since they are studying all that since last 3-4 years of engineering.

Not Focusing on basics: GATE exam pattern is totally based on engineering basics and fundamentals. So you need to brush up all your basics since 2nd year of engineering.

No proper study plan and routine: Most of the students start preparing for GATE just before months which is not correct approach for this exam. Since syllabus is vast and you need to cover a lot which is not possible in months time, so better have a proper study plan and follow it too. If you can join some coaching classes/test series it will be beneficial for you.

No proper material/guidance: This homework has to be done long time back before one start preparing for GATE else will end up wasting time and efforts with wrong study material. Some good test materials are of Made Easy, Gate forum, etc

Not enough Practice: This is very common factor among all competitive exams that you have to go through a lot of mock test practice and increase your speed with accuracy.


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Are there any chances of cracking the GATE with a good rank even if we are from unknown private college?

Answer: Cracking any exam doesn’t depend on college. All it depends on is your focus, hard work and right preparation. In fact there is very few people from IITs, NITs who are interested in GATE. It’s mainly crowd form Tier-2, 3 colleges which attempt GATE for better opportunity in their career that they are not able to get from their college in terms of placement.

You will hardly find people, who are doing M.Tech in IITs, NITs are IITian or NITian. There are very few who are interested in research and go for M.Tech/P.hD. Since most of them get a very good package after their graduation so no need to go for M.Tech.

So your competition is only from your level of students only, just focus on studies, right approach and hard work to crack it with a good score.

Since GATE opens the door of IITs, NITs and PSUs too for them so it’s the only choice left to start a better career.


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