Selecting the B. School


Most students tend to give more than one MBA admission exams rather than sitting for just one and waiting for the results. So most of the times students are flushed with offers, there are institutes within your own state and if done better than other states. At this time, most students remain confused about the College they would want. This article shall provide an insight into choosing the best.

When selecting a B-school, one needs to look for various aspects of the university like infrastructure, area of specialisation, faculty, placement record, alumni networks, and foreign affiliations, among others. It is important for students to realize that most of the stuff mentioned here might clash like infrastructure and faculty but one should bear in mind to choose what is best for him.

One factor that plays an important role in choosing a B-school is location. This location is with respect to student’s home. Not many would opt for a college in Mumbai when Delhi suits them better. The other part of this location factor is its location with respect to interaction it provides with the corporate world. Even though most of the colleges are situated in places that are free from all the noise and utterances of a city but there are colleges like JBIMS which because of its prime location offers a better interaction option for the students.

The next factor is area of specialization, this shall depend upon the student. This is an easier option to look for as usually colleges have built a reputation in a particular field.

Placement records are in fact a very important factor to look out for. A better placement in a particular area suggests that specialization in that area is good which in turn suggests a good faculty. Though, companies offer placements in almost all colleges but the number of placements they offer in a college says it all.

Alumni networks, industry linkages, and international linkages are also important. Good international linkages suggest good opportunities with international companies. Alumni networks speak a lot about the college and its reputation.

All these factors should be kept in mind while choosing a B-school. If you are wondering where you can get all this information, then looking at the top 10 or 25 institutes is a good option. You can avail of that facility here in SuccessCDs itself. There are magazines like Business World that provide an annual report on B-schools.

So, when you choose a B-school remember to follow the guidelines