Rise of new MBA career paths

Today we live in a world where there is no dearth of opportunities for those who would want to succeed in life. There are a number of avenues where students today can venture in to; depending on their aptitude and interest.

MBA is one such field where there have been a number of developments in the past some years leaving students with a number of options in so many different and new fields, apart from the usual HR, Marketing, Finance, IT etc. So today we will discuss the new avenues which have paved their way in to the MBA stream. Although there are many specializations apart from the ones mentioned above but we will be discussing the newer and the more opted ones.

MBA in Cyber and Data Security

Daily we come across tens and thousands of cases of hacking. Cyber criminals are today a much bigger threat to most industry giants than any other possibility. As per a report by Cisco, the cyber attacks rose by 14 per cent last year, with criminals targeting intellectual property-rich industries such as pharmaceuticals, mining and electronics. Corporations’ have realized the importance of data specialists. Keeping the same in minds Business schools have begun educating MBA and master students in big data and cyber security, while various IT sector careers have traditionally been popular options. Although at the moment there is a need of such professionals, there are not many institutes in India providing such opportunities.

MBA in Consultancy

Consultancy is now one of the most popular career choices for MBAs and it is also one of the fastest growing sectors in the business world. Although the boundaries have become blurred over the past some years but it is still possible to divide the consultancy sector into three: Strategy Consulting, General Management Consulting and IT Consulting. Strategy Consultancy mostly deals with providing advice to senior management in large organisations on the future direction of their business; analysing growth opportunities, cost reduction exercises or benchmarking products, services or structure against competitors. The General Management Consulting field covers a wide variety of services from the consultancy arms of the major accounting firms, concentrating on operational and organisational issues, through to corporate identity specialists and executive search companies. IT Consultancy ranges across all areas of strategy and general management consultancy, from advising clients on how to take best advantage of new technologies, to change management, to systems implementation and new product development on developing basic skills and competencies.

MBA in Real Estate Property Management

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Real Estate Management program trains students to oversee the operations of real estate and property management organizations. The two year MBA program in real estate management is ideal for real estate professionals who are looking to move up the ladder in the industry or for business students who are looking to start a career in real estate. Students enrolled in such a program learn the basics of real estate property appraisals, commercial transactions, residential sales, property development and property management.

MBA in Sports Management

The requirement of trained and quality professionals possessing an MBA turning out to be business leaders in sports management is a dire necessity at the moment, which is why there are a myriad opportunities up for grabs. While most might still think of the career path to be more of a passion rather than the career it is, the mindset is changing. There are a number of accredited courses that offer sports management in India, but there are new ones mushrooming keeping the necessity of sports in mind. This is also because of the underlying belief in the sports fraternity and the management that the person managing or a higher position ought to be someone who has played the sports and that too at a high level.

MBA in Online Retail Management

Some of the biggest e-commerce companies have stepped up their hiring of MBAs as most of them are either expanding or would be doing so some time soon. Companies are in constant need of MBAs who can integrate cutting edge technologies with traditional business functions such as marketing and finance. A Masters in Online Retail Management involves processing and managing retail outlets online or ecommerce of the company. There are set processes and functions that dominate the retail industry and when these functions are working smoothly, one can assure a successful functioning of that particular company. An MBA in Online Retail Management teaches students to manage all these aspects to ensure a hurdle-free operation of any online product. The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, announced that it saw major rise in hiring of students by e-commerce companies in 2014.


These are only some of the courses which one can choose from althrough there are many more out there. For more information on MBA Admissions, check out our Latest MBA Admission Notifications