Value addition through Executive MBA – Why to Join?

Executive MBA

While engaged in the pursuit of your career, how often have you felt disgruntled with your job or the day to day pressure of targets?

The daily routine appears to be dull and boring, the day seems too long, the salary not sufficient to keep up with the inflation.

The new young trainees and the fresh recruits, with their enthusiasm and spring in their gait seem to have the boss’s attention and their pay packet appears to be very close to yours, after all those years of hard work.

Some of you are not able to understand the relevance of the sales graphs, demographic projections, marketing plans to get more eye-balls and foot-falls, activity based costing etc. and keep wondering if you are suddenly too old or outdated at the age of 28 or 30 years, while some of you may not even be married.

Some of you are battling the middle age blues at the age of 40 and cannot figure out ways to balance your budget and pay for your children’s education.

Despite continuous media coverage, you do not understand terms like financial meltdown, double-dip recession, growth projections etc. and feel out of place, not having studied economics.

The engineering graduates find themselves stuck on the shop floor or even in the shifts, feeling envious of the smart girls and boys of the marketing team, the commerce and arts graduates cannot figure out a way to go forward and the doctors despite working 12-14 hours envy the neighbors who seem to making more money through their investments, while they have to console themselves that they lack all ‘this’ commercial sense.

 A front line hotel management executive has lost the charm of the initial glamour and feels frustrated on not being able to afford anything being offered to the hotel guests as his/her salary does not allow such indulgences. The efficient office manager and the receptionist do not seem to have any clue regarding what their professional future holds for them.

May be you have taken pre-mature retirement or VRS and are not able to figure out the next move.

Surely you cannot give up. There has to be a way forward. While there can be different alternatives for each person, but higher education is possibly the best option. Again each person can study further or specialize in one’s chosen area or discipline of work, yet a ‘Business management’ program provides a comprehensive and holistic solution for most of the working executives and professionals, irrespective of their areas of work.

Despite being an academic program, MBA can be called an ‘applied science’ and the teaching has a very interesting blend of lectures and case-studies, based on real life business situations and problems. The inter-active process makes the teaching-learning interesting and enables the participants to use their real life organizational experiences in problem solving.

While in the initial semesters there are compulsory courses in Personnel Management, Marketing, Finance, Production, Accounts/Finance, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, the participants can subsequently specialize in areas of their choice and suiting their requirements.

The faculty members guide the students to understand their strengths, future needs, and relevance of the optional courses so that they can make the right choices.

The focus on analyzing and solving case-studies enables the participants to communicate with others. This helps to build confidence, imparts the patience and ability to understand different points of view, deal with groups and above all provides the satisfaction of being able to solve real world problems, which earlier had seemed so out of reach.

Moreover the program is not all about academic excellence and there is a healthy stress on developing other interests too, which make the experience wholesome and rewarding.

So go on and plan to enroll for an Executive MBA Program, Best of Luck.