10 Examples of Poster Making Class 11


Are you looking for examples of Poster Making for Class 11, no worries, you’ve come to the right place! Our post provides 10 Poster Making samples based on previous years’ exam question papers. These examples of Poster Making can help you understand the format, tone, and language used in such writing skills. We offer detailed explanations for each sample and highlight the important features that make it effective. You can use these examples of Poster Making as a reference to write your own letters or as a guide to improve your writing skills. So, check out our blog post and learn all about the examples of Poster Making for Class 11!

Here we go….


Poster Making 10 Examples based on previous years question papers


Q1. On the occasion of Independence day, prepare a poster on the unity in diversity concept prevalent in India. Also, create awareness regarding the “Azadi Utsav” being organised by your organisation on this occasion.


azadi utsav

Q2. Design a poster on the importance of cracker-free Diwali.


Q3. You are the President of WICCI which is organising a health conclave focusing on women’s health. Draft a poster creating awareness about the event.


Q4. Design a poster on the theme of “Climate change and the world in 2050”.

Climate change

Q5. Your school is celebrating Science week. Prepare a poster to create awareness regarding the importance of science in our daily lives.


Q6. You are a fitness trainer in a college. Design a poster in not more than 50 words, to be put up on the college notice board, to emphasise the importance of yoga in maintaining mental and physical fitness. You are Vishal / Vishali.

importance of yoga

Q7. You are a member of the social awareness team of your school and you have to participate in an awareness drive regarding the importance of water. Prepare a poster highlighting the importance and ways of rainwater harvesting that can be implemented by the residents of the area.

rainwater harvesting

Q8. You are the school captain at Holy Heart school, Vasant Nagar Lucknow. Your school is organising a two-day fete and blood donation camp. Prepare a poster for the same, including all essential details.

blood donation camp

Q9. You are the Secretary of the local legal help unit of Janshakti. Prepare a poster to be put up outside the office, creating awareness and inviting residents to the legal awareness camp being organised at the unit. Include necessary details about the event.

awareness camp

Q10. Prepare a poster in not more than 50 words on kindness to animals to be displayed in the city at public places appealing to people to show kindness to animals. You are Secretary of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Mumbai.

society for prevention


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