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What is Diary Writing?


Diary Writing–  A Diary is a personal record of events and happenings in a person’s life. A person can develop the habit of keeping a personal diary. The writer can record incidents, feelings, reactions, conversations and any other memorable thing that happens during the day. 

As we know that a diary is a personal record, diary writing can be done in any language. Diary writing is the writing down of events, conversations and observations in a personalized manner.

It is a creative writing topic.


Generally, the happenings of the day are mentioned and described in a diary.

It is written in first person, in past tense.


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Diary Writing Topics/ Diary Entry Topics


The following are popular topics on diary entry – 

  1. Summer vacation trip
  2. Holidays at grandparents’ house
  3. Meeting an old friend.
  4. Lost a precious thing.
  5. Visiting an old friend.
  6. Getting scolded by mother for breaking phone.
  7. Getting scolded for failing in examinations.
  8. First day of online classes during the COVID Pandemic.
  9. Experience of visiting the zoo with school.
  10. School farewell day event


Diary Writing Format – How to Write a Diary 


How to Write a Diary – A Diary entry can have different formats depending on a preson’s choice. In general, the person making a diary entry mentions the date, day and place on the top right corner of the page.

A good diary composing contains the spot, the date, the day and even the hour of composing. For example, a diary entry can start like this – 


28 March 2022




This is followed by the diary entry content wherein the incident, happening or event is written down. At the end, the writer can give a salutation like “Bye dear diary” and his / her signature. 

Below is a sample format of diary entry as is accepted in CBSE Questions on Diary writing.


diary entry


Diary Writing for Class 8

Class 8 students can try to write small notes or paragraphs in the diary. They can express their feelings and plans for the future over there.

19th Jan, 2021


9 PM

Dear Diary,




Diary Writing for Class 9 


In Class 9 Term 2 exam of English, the question of diary entry will have the following specifications-


  • Internal choice – there will be internal choice in the question. Students have to attempt one out of diary writing and story writing.
  • The question of diary entry will carry 5 marks.
  • The answer has to be written in a word limit of 100 – 150 words.
  • The Format has to be followed.


A way of writing a diary is given with examples for Diary Writing Class 8 and Class 9 students.


19th Feb, 2022

9 PM

Dear Diary,





Diary Entry Questions/ Diary Writing Sample Questions 


Q.1- You went on a trip to Kerala. Write a diary entry describing the trip, how you went, itinerary, places visited and the overall experience.

Date, day


Trip to Kerala

Dear diary

On the 11th of march, I returned home from my vacation in Kerala. The trip was a memorable one and it was the second road trip that I had planned with my friends.

We started from Mumbai on the 4th. The route went along the western ghats and the scenic beauty left me spellbound. We crossed several rivers and rivulets and had a night stop at Goa too. We reached Kerala on the 6th of March. 

At Kerala, we stayed in the boats available on rent in the backwaters of the famous Malabar coast.

We also visited the tea and spice gardens. I took the famous Kerala massage also. It was such a relaxing experience.

The trip was a much needed respite from our hectic lives and we all made the most of it.

This is all for now.



Q.2- You attended a webinar hosted by your favourite writer. Write a diary entry describing the event and the speaker.

Date, day: ______

Place: _____

Webinar by Chetan Bhagat

Dear diary

Today I got a chance to attend a webinar. It was hosted by my favourite writer Chetan Bhagat and the topic was “How to establish World Peace”.

He is my favourite writer so I was very excited to attend the webinar. 

Mr. Bhagat told us about the impact of wars on the world economy and how the violence and bloodshed destroys families. 

He discussed the ongoing Russia Ukraine war and also made us aware of the role of the NATO countries and how important it is to avoid the onset of the third world war.

It was a great session and I am delighted on having made the best of this golden opportunity.

That’s all for today.



Q.3- You were a member of a team of students campaigning against the spread of smoking in your city. Make a diary entry describing your participation and success achieved in your mission.

Date, day: ______

Place: _____

Campaign against smoking

Dear diary

Today I got a chance to be a part of a volunteer group. We campaigned against smoke and spread awareness among the residents.

I had made two posters, one on “Smoking kills” and the other on “Trees are our saviour as they clean the air”. 

Today, air pollution is one of the biggest health hazard and the smoke from industries and vehicles is a major contributor in its increment. Thus we tried our best to reach the maximum number of people. 

We also distributed face masks to the pedestrians so that they breathe cleaner air. 

I hope our efforts will have a positive effect.

That’s all for today.



Q.4- You met your old friend in the market today after five years. Write a diary entry expressing your thoughts and emotions on the meeting.

Date, day: ______

Place: _____

Meeting with an old friend

Dear diary

Today, in the market I met Ridhima, a school friend after five years. It felt so good to see her. She has changed so much!! She has gained a lot of height and I could not recognize her at first.

It was only when I heard her voice that I found it familiar and called her.

Ridhima and I went by the same bus and studied together for ten years. Her brother and my brother were also in the same class. 

Now she is pursuing legal studies and is in the hostel. She was on her vacations and was in the mall when we bumped into each other.

I am still so excited because all my childhood memories were refreshed on seeing her. It was nice meeting her.

That’s all for now.



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