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On the Face of it Important Subjective Questions


Q.1. The actual pain or inconvenience caused by a physical impairment is often much less than the sense of alienation felt by the person with disabilities. What is the kind of behaviour that the person expects from others?

Important Points – 

– Both Mr Lamb and Derry suffer from physical impairment. 

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– Mr Lamb has an artificial leg made of tin and Derry has a severely burnt face. 

– However, their respective physical impairment causes lesser pain than the sense of alienation experienced by them.  

– Derry suffers more from an acutely low self-regard, self rejection and his notion of how much people hate him for being ugly. 

– His suffering is aggravated by his feeling that nobody wants him. He suffers pangs of alienation within his family too.  

– He believes that his mother kisses him not because she loves him but because she is obliged to do so being a mother.

– This low self-esteem of Derry and the pain of alienation suffered by Mr Lamb stems from the indifferent attitude of the people around them. 

– Such victims do not want sympathy or pity but an equal space in mainstream life.  

– Concern and compassion will pave way for opportunities to lead a productive and meaningful life. 

– Kindness and sensitivity will alleviate their agony which they experience due to a continual reminder of their handicap.


Q.2. Will Derry get back to his old seclusion or will Mr Lamb’s brief association effect a change in the kind of life he will lead in the future?

Important Points – 

– Although Derry stays with Mr Lamb for a short while, their association has left an indelible imprint on his mind, drastically changing his attitude towards life. 

– From a shy, bitter and complex lad, he has transformed into a mature and confident individual. 

– He has already started considering Mr Lamb as his guide and philosopher and talks to his mother in Mr Lamb’s language – “You shouldn’t believe all you hear.” 

– He also talks of “Bees singing”. 

– For the first time in his life, he doesn’t care about how he looks and tells his mother that Mr Lamb talks of things, “nobody has ever said. Things I want to think about.”

– The transformation effected by Mr Lamb in Derry’s life is there to stay. 

– The manner in which he rushes back to Mr Lamb’s house shows that his negativity now is a matter of past and he will never go back to his old seclusion.


Q.3. What is the bond that unites the two- the old Mr Lamb and Derry, the small boy? How does the old man inspire the small boy? What is it that draws Derry towards Mr Lamb in spite of himself?

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Important Points – 

 – Derry and Mr Lamb come about as two starkly different people when we meet them first. 

– However, as the narrative unfolds we find that in spite of the age difference and the difference in attitude towards life, both Derry and Mr Lamb are quite similar.  

– Both have experienced the emotional trauma of being handicapped. 

– Mr Lamb’s age and larger outlook towards life make him accept his impairment and he tries his best to move on with life.

– Derry, on the other hand, has yet to come to terms with the bitter truth about his deformity and the subsequent pessimism associated with it. 

– Derry gets drawn towards Mr Lamb in spite of their differences because of empathy.  

– Mr Lamb, in Derry’s words, tells him things that matter. Things that nobody else has ever said. 

– Things he wants to think about. 

– It is hence the inspiration and guidance accorded by Mr Lamb to Derry that keeps the two together. 


Q.4. Who is Derry (Derek)?


Derry is a victim of an inferiority complex. How does it affect him as a person?


How does Derry’s acid spilling accident affect his personality? 

Important Points – 

– Derry is a young lad of fourteen who is a victim of an inferiority complex owing to accidental spilling of acid on one side of his face. 

– He always remains conscious of this handicap and is full of bitterness.  

– In the beginning of the play, Derry gives the impression of being a spoilt brat as he tries to intimidate Mr Lamb whose garden he has trespassed.  

– However, gradually Derry’s personality traits get unfolded. We learn that the most tortuous psychological block for Derry results from the excessive importance he gives to the comments of others. 

– He bears a grudge even against his mother who, instead of encouraging him, always keeps on pitying him.

– We learn that the most tortuous psychological block for Derry results from the excessive importance he gives to the comments of others. 

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– He bears a grudge even against his mother who, instead of encouraging him, always keeps on pitying him.

– However, Mr Lamb’s cryptic words of wisdom inspire Derry and he sheds his negative attitude towards life. 

– Soon he rushes back to Mr Lamb to adopt the path of universal fraternity shown by him.


Q.5. How do the contents of the play justify its title “On The Face Of It”? 

Important Points – 

– “On The Face Of It” is an informal expression indicating that the outward appearance of a thing may be in stark contrast to its real self. 

– The contents of the play justify this expression since Mr Lamb is revealed as kind, generous and loving instead of a mysterious, lame, old fellow who lives alone in a house with a huge garden. 

– Similarly, although Derry has a scary face, he is a fine lad of fourteen with a deep longing for love. 

– Both these characters guide us not to be judgmental and to view others by putting away our glasses of prejudice, hatred, hearsay and dislike.  

– The play also emphasizes that there may be so much diversity but underneath lays a similarity that stems from the fact that all beings are created by God and need to live in harmony.


Q.6. Both Derry and Mr Lamb are victims of physical impairment, yet each has a different attitude from the other. Comment.

Important Points – 

– Derry is a young boy of fourteen whose half-face has been scarred accidentally by acid. 

– Mr Lamb is an old man who has lost one of his legs in war. Both these characters are victims of physical impairment due to events beyond their control.  

– But their attitudes towards life are completely different partially because of their age difference and partially because it is not possible for Derry to hide his deformity the way Mr Lamb can.  

– The difference in their experiences regarding the responses they have received from other people has made Derry a pessimist while Mr Lamb has become an optimist. 

– Derry is demoralised by his notion that people find him ugly while Mr Lamb does not get offended when children call him Lamey-Lamb.  

– His hope is in contrast to Derry’s cynicism. He can counsel himself and find ways to digress from negative thoughts. 

– But Derry needs compassion and empathy. 

– So, his low self-esteem and Mr Lamb’s optimism make their respective attitudes different.


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On the Face of it Important MCQs


Q.7. Mr. Lamb claimed he had ______ friends

  1. hundreds of
  2. no
  3. two or three
  4. a couple of

Ans : (A)


Q.8. Derry didn’t like people

  1. being friendly
  2. being afraid of him
  3. being affectionate
  4. being sympathetic

Ans : (B)


Q.9. In what sense was friendship between Lamb and Derry was fruitful?

  1. he gave him fruit to eat
  2. his maturity
  3. both were good companions and Lamb’s mature experiences and words helped Derry to have a positive view of life
  4. none

Ans : (C)


Q.10. How does Mr. Lamb keep himself busy?

  1. by reading books
  2. by chatting with people
  3. by pulling down the ripe crab apples of his garden
  4. All these

Ans : (C)


Q.11. What specific things about Mr. Lamb does Derry notice?

  1. A man of firm resolution
  2. always remains happy inspite of his deformitY
  3. had a positive outlook
  4. All these

Ans : (D)


Q.12. Mr Lamb believed that Derry wanted to turn back because of he ___

  1. he had been caught
  2. he was ugly
  3. he was afraid of Mr Lamb
  4. he had something to hide

Ans : (C)


Q.13. Why did Derry share his fear with Mr. Lamb?

  1. because he had a garden
  2. because he was old
  3. because he understood him and was friendly
  4. none

Ans : (C)



  1. What is the common link between Derry and Mr Lamb?

    Both Derry and Mr Lamb suffer from isolation and alienation. The common link between the two is loneliness and the feeling of not being a part of the group on account of their physical disabilities. Derry’s half face has burn marks which gives him an ugly appearance. Mr Lamb lost one leg in the war which gives him an unsteady walk and children call him ‘Lamey Lamb’. The pain caused by social ostracisation is much more than the discomfort of the disability. We see a contrast between the two characters. Derry is disheartened by his disability while Mr Lamb has a positive approach towards life.


  3. How does the story ‘On the face of it’ end?

    The Story ‘On the face of it’ tells us the conversation between two differently-abled persons, Derry and Mr Lamb. Initially we see that Derry is disheartened with life and is hurt by the way people react to his ugly appearance. However, Mr Lamb has a positive approach towards life and he takes all the mockery in a lighter sense.
    We see how Mr Lamb tries to guide Derry and shares his positive thoughts with him. His words have an impact on Derry. The young boy gets inspired and wants to watch, listen and think. He wants to add meaning to his life, he wants to see life beyond the ugly appearance of his.
    Derry oges back home to inform his mother that he has to go back to Mr Lamb to help him pluck the apples. In the meantime Mr Lamb starts the work. As Derry reaches the garden he sees Mr Lamb lying on the ground. He had a bad fall from the ladder. Mr Lamb is motionless and Derry tries to move him. He realizes that Mr Lamb is dead and starts weeping at the loss of a dear friend.


  4. Describe the main characters in ‘On the face of it’.

    The story has two main characters. Derry is a young boy and Mr Lamb is an old man. Half of Derry’s face has burn marks, it was burned by acid. He is hurt by the people’s reactions to his ugly appearance. Mr. Lamb lost a leg in the war and got a tin leg. He walks lamely but he is not bothered by the children calling him “Lamey-Lamb”. We see a contrast between the two main characters – Derry is hurt, thinks bad about people and considers everyone to be his enemy. On the other hand, Mr Lamb loves life, is not bothered about what people say and considers everyone to be his friend. When Mr Lamb observes that Derry is heartbroken due to his ugly appearance and people’s reaction to it, he says that Derry has not lost anything. He has a healthy body with all parts intact, a good mind and so he can accomplish all that he desires.


  6. Write a character sketch of Derry.


    Derry is a young boy of fourteen years of age. Half of his face has burn marks due to acid spillage. He does not have friends because he dislikes everyone. For Derry everyone is his enemy. This is so because people dislike his appearance, even his mother does not kiss on the burnt part of his face. His parents pity him and think that he will not be able to do anything in life. He gets afraid of himself when he looks at his face in the mirror. He says that the acid ate his face, it ate him and now he will remain like that for ever.
    He does not want pity and wants to be treated like normal children. He is full of resistance and opposition but when he knows of Mr Lamb’s views, he gets convinced. He wants to have an aim in life and becomes happy on realizing that there is a lot that he can achieve.


  8. Who was Mr. Lamb?


    Mr Lamb is an old man. He walks limply because one of his legs is of tin. The real one got blown in the war. He lives alone but likes making friends. Everyone is allowed in his garden. He likes to read, likes sunshine and so does not have curtains on the windows. He does not mind children calling him Lamey Lamb. On the contrary, he feels that they are right in calling him so. He tells Derry that there is a lot that Derry can do with a healthy body and sane mind. He is willing to share all his possessions with others. His positive outlook changes Derry’s perception towards life and people. He becomes enthusiastic and happy.


  10. What social message does the chapter ‘on the face of it’ convey?

    The lesson ‘On the face of it’ carries a very vital message. It tells us a story of a conversation between two differently-abled people. We come to know that more than the disability, it is the people’s behaviour that hurts such people. They do not want pity and desire to be treated like normal people.
    As members of the society we learn to be inclusive and accept all people irrespective of their physical appearances. We should let them prove their worth on the basis of their qualities. Everyone has the right to explore one’s potential.


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