Evans Tries an ‘O’ Level Question Answers


Evans Tries an O Level Question Answers CBSE Class 12 English Chapter 7  (1, 2 and 5 Marker ) from Vistas Book 

Evans Tries an O Level Question Answers (Important)– Here are the Evans Tries an O Level Question and Answers of 1, 2, and 5 markers for CBSE Class 12 English Poem 4. The important questions we have compiled will help the students to brush up on their knowledge about the subject.

Students can practice Class 12 English important questions to understand the subject better and improve their performance in the board exam. The solutions provided here will also give students an idea about how to write the answers. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 12.

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Evans Tries an O Level Question Answers (One Marker)

Q1. Why was Evans called ‘Evans the break’?

  1. because of his pleasing personality
  2. because he keeps hat on his head
  3. for escaping from prison thrice
  4. All these

Ans. (C)


Q2. Why did Evans drape a blanket around his shoulder?

  1. to conceal his efforts of changing dress to look like McLeery
  2. because he was feeling cold
  3. to hide himself from the police
  4. All these

Ans. (A)


Q3. What two purposes did the correction slip serve?

  1. to give correct name of hotel to Evans and exact date and time of exam to Evans
  2. to help Evan escape
  3. to inform Evan Gang his plan of escape
  4. All these

Ans. (A)


Q.4. Why was the Governor not ready to take risk?

  1. to bring a good name
  2. to stop Evan from taking exam
  3. to avoid any bad name
  4. none

Ans. (C)

Q5. Why did Evans request not to take off his hat?

  1. he was feeling cold
  2. to give a smart look
  3. he loved to wear
  4. Evans considered it lucky for himself

Ans. (D)

Q6. Why couldn’t Stephens identify Evans’ trick?

  1. because he was not trained
  2. he was a new recruit
  3. he was not experienced
  4. none

Ans. (C)


Q7. What was filled in the plastic ring in McLeery’s suitcase?

  1. red colour
  2. human blood
  3. pig’s blood
  4. goat’s blood

Ans. (C)

Q8. Who checked the cell thoroughly?

  1. The police
  2. The Governor
  3. Jackson and Stephens
  4. Stephens

Ans. (C)


Q9. What made Evan have his last laugh?

  1. his friend a prison officer opened his handcuffs and helped him to escape
  2. Evan was locked up
  3. Evan was released
  4. None

Ans. (A)

Q10. What did the Governor want Carter to do?

  1. he wanted him to check Evan
    B. he wanted him to go with Evan
    C. he wanted him to accompany him
    D. he wanted him to accompany injured Mcleery

Ans. (D)

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Q11-Name the author of the lesson.

  1. A) William Blake
  2. B) Sir Johnson
  3. C) H.L.Hegde
  4. D) Norman Colin Dexter

Ans. (D)

Q12- Why did Evan decide to take the O level exam?

  1. A) to keep his hat on his head
  2. B) to study
  3. C) to add to his academics
  4. D) to plan an escape from the prison

Ans. (D)

Q13- What kind of a person was Evans?

  1. A) Kleptomaniac
  2. B) pleasing personality and a tendency to mislead
  3. C) stealing habit
  4. D) All these

Ans. (D)

Q14- Why was Evans called ‘Evans the break?

  1. A) because of his pleasing personality
  2. B) because he keeps hat on his head
  3. C) for escaping from prison thrice
  4. D) All these

Ans. (C)

Q15- Why did Evans drape a blanket around his shoulder?

  1. A) to conceal his efforts of changing dress to look like MCleery
  2. B) bcause he was feeling cold
  3. C) to hide himself from the police
  4. D) All these

Ans. (A)

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Evans Tries an O Level Question and Answers 5 Marker (Important) 

Q16. What were the precautions taken for the smooth conduct of the examination?


What were the precautions taken by the prison officers to prevent Evans from escaping?


Important Point – 

– a lurking fear that he might make another attempt.

– all possible precautions were taken to see that the O-level German examination arranged in the prison did not provide him with any chance of escape.

– The Governor personally monitored all security arrangements and got the Recreational Block heavily guarded from where the prisoner could attempt an escape.

– cell was thoroughly checked by Jackson to ward off the possibility of the presence of any incriminating material which might hamper the smooth conduct of the examination

– nail-scissors, nail-file and razor were taken away; and to keep a strict watch on the activities of the cell during the examination, the Governor got it bugged

– Stephens, was posted to keep a constant vigil on his activities

– invigilator too was frisked to make sure that he carried no objectionable material with him.

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Q17. Reflecting on the story, what do you feel about Evans’s having the last laugh?


How does Evans outsmart the prison authorities and have the last laugh’?

Important Point – 

– habitual jail breaker outwits them and slips out of their hands

– Right from the German teacher’s entry into the prison to the last encounter of the Governor with Evans in the hotel, Evans outsmarts them and proves that they are a pack of ‘good-for-a-giggle’ officers; who are no match to his crafty scheming

– Neither do they verify the antecedents of the German teacher nor do they authenticate the identity of McLeery

– Thus, both the accomplices of Evans help him to have his last laugh by befooling the authorities

– Evans carries out all his plans right under the nose of the   prison officers without leaving any room for suspicion

– Even at the last moment, at the hotel, when the Governor feels that he has finally nabbed Evans, the prisoner dodges him and slips away thereby having the last laugh.

Q18. What could the Governor have done to securely bring  back Evans to prison when he caught him at the Golden Lion? Does that final act of foolishness really  prove that he was just another good-for a-giggle, gullible Governor, that was all’?

Important Point – 

– After having recaptured Evans at Golden Lion, the Governor’s taking things casually was an atrocious blunder.

– He knew fully well that Evans was very clever and also had many friends who were in connivance with him.

– he should not have left him at the disposal of the ‘silent prison officer’ without verifying his credentials

– should have personally led Evans to the prison or should have handed him over to a known and trusted team. 

– He seemed so impressed by his success at recapturing ‘Evans the Break’ that he overlooked the possibility of another escape attempt.

Thus, the Governor’s overconfidence in himself made possible the final escape of Evans and proved him to be just another ‘good-for-a-giggle, gullible Governor’.


Q19. Give an account of the blunders committed by the prison authorities which resulted in making Evans’s escape-plan a success.


It was sheer negligence on the part of the prison staff that helped Evans to escape. Comment.

Important Point – 

– The hatching of the escape-plan started with the German tutor’s entry but nobody bothered to verify his antecedents or his activities in jail. 

– McLeery’s credentials too were not verified properly.

– Jackson did not get Evans’s ‘bobble hat’ removed

– had Stephens not been shifted from the cell, the escape-bid could have been foiled. 

– Jackson should have searched McLeery thoroughly and the rubber-ring should have been given a closer look. 

– Rather than getting flustered, a thorough examination of the wounded man would have checked Evans’s escape.

– After recapturing Evans, the Governor should have personally accompanied him to the jail rather than entrusting him to the unfamiliar van occupants.

Q20. As Stephens escorted the invigilator out of the cell to the main prison gate, what different suggestive hints were not given due significance by him and with what result?


Where did Stephens falter in assessing the gravity of the situation while escorting the invigilator out of the jail? What was the consequence?


Important Point – 

– Stephens did notice that the parson’s scot accent was ‘broader than ever; he looked ‘slimmer’; and even his long black overcoat almost touched his knees but he didn’t act accordingly.

– should have promptly brought all these observations to the notice of his superiors instead of letting the invigilator out.


Q21. What purpose did the question paper and the correction slip serve? How did they help both the criminal and the Governor?


How did the question paper and the correction slip help the prisoner and the Governor?

Important Point – 

– The actual purpose of the question paper and the correction slip was to pass on the details of the escape plan to Evans. 

– A photocopied sheet was superimposed on the question paper through which Evans got all the required information without anyone suspecting his intention to escape. 

– This ploy was purposely planted to trap the jail authorities into believing that the wounded man was McLeery himself who wanted to help the police in re-arresting Evans.

– The correction slip was later decoded by the Governor to find out the hotel where Evans was to hide after escaping from prison.

– Evans expected the Governor to follow him to the hotel. He wanted to befool him further and thus have the last laugh.


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    1. What do you know about the characters of Jackson and Stephens?ANSWER

      Jackson and Stephens are prison officers. They are deployed in the cell where Evans is lodged. They call him “Evans the break” because he has escaped from prison thrice.
      While Jackson is the senior prison officer in D – Wing, Stephens is a burly, surly-looking man who had been recently recruited. Jackson was a decorated officer of the second world war, he had a slight touch of compassion for Evans.
      Both the prison officers were being extra cautious to prevent another jail break by Evans.


    1. What is the theme of the story?ANSWER

      The theme of the story is that one should not underestimate the opponent.
      Evans is once again successful in executing a jail break. Once he gets caught but still, he has a backup plan which aids his escape.
      The sharp and young Evans puts all his intelligence in deivcing the escape plan. The plan is so complex and well executed that all top officers and policemen are befooled. Evans has a knack for jailbreaks. Perhaps he could use this intelligence in some better work rather can planning escape plans from jails.


    2. Character sketch of Evans.ANSWER

      Evans is different from other criminals. A young and intelligent boy, known as “Evans the break” for he had planned and successfully executed three jailbreaks in the past. As he is a criminal, the policemen catch him time and again. He expresses his desire to study German language. Tuitions are arranged for Evans in the cell. Now an O-Level German exam is arranged for him. Evans likes challenges and devices complex escape plans. He befools all the jail authorities.
      Evans has a pleasant personality. He is not a criminal but a lawbreaker. As he is a kleptomaniac by birth, often he lands in prison. He has won the sympathy of senior prison officer. His complex plans confuse everyone. The officers are tense because they do not want a fourth jailbreak.
      However, Evans achieves success. His cheerful behaviour camouflages his intentions and puts the officers off guard.


    1. Evans wants to appear in the O – Level exam. Why? 

      AnswerEvans wants to improve his qualification. He had been taking coaching in German language and later he wanted to appear in the O-Level exam. The governor of the prison wants to give him a chance and so, asks the Secretary of exam board to arrange the exam in the prison premises.
      However, for Evans, the motive is to escape from jail. The exam is another plan for Evans and he is successful in executing the complicated plan. He escapes from the jail for the fourth time.



  1. Justify the title of the chapter.ANSWER

    The story gives a detailed account of the O – Level exam conducted in the prison cell and the way in which Evans escaped from the prison while the examination was going on. The title ‘Evans tries an O- Level’ is apt because the entire escape plan is executed while the exam is on. The police officers and the governor want to help Evans in improving his qualification but Evans, a habitual offender and escapist cheats them and escapes.


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